Airports aren’t the most exciting places to be at, with their long lines and inconvenient security checks. However there’s a commonly overlooked aspect of air travel that can make your travelling experience a little more fun - gambling.

Gambling at airports offers you the perfect opportunity to make the endless wait on your next layover a little more tolerable. While these airports do not offer an immense variety of games as compared to online gambling websites such as All Slots casino, they still offer a pretty cool way to spend your time while travelling. Here, we’ve looked at the top airports around the world where you can have some gambling fun.

McCarran International Airport (LAS), Nevada, US

No surprises when it comes to the top airport for gambling in the world, located in the gambling capital of the world - Last Vegas. The modernized McCarran airport carries the Las Vegas vibe right into the terminal area, with over 1300 slot machines for players arriving or departing from the city. The airport witnesses the transit millions of travellers each year, so it was natural that the Nevada Gaming Control Board decided to give them the go-ahead to make slot machines available at the entrance to Las Vegas.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS)

If McCarran is known for its slot machines, it is Amsterdam Airport which takes the throne for the most authentic all-round casino experience, with its large variety of games including poker, roulette and blackjack. At AMS, you can kick back and relax at the Holland Casino, located within the airport itself, with the classic Dutch charm lending an unparalleled grandeur to the entire casino.

Reno-Tahoe International Airport (RNO), Nevada, USA

For the next airport on our list, we’re back to the good old USA. This airport exemplifies why Nevada sets the example for the entire nation when it comes to gambling. The casino within Reno-Tahoe boasts of a sprawling 4100 square feet of area, with over 230 slot machines, and several titles such as Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy and Elvis. You might even get as lucky as this Pennsylvania man, who (guessed a three word answer on Wheel of Fortune after just one letter had been revealed on the board.

The slot machines at Reno have been designed by IGT, offering vibrant, exciting interfaces which are incredibly fun to use. Mix your gambling with some good old American food at the Brew’s Brothers restaurant, a great way to relax between your slot sessions.

Heathrow (LHR), London, UK

Located in a country that is well known for its relaxed approach towards gambling, it is no surprise that Heathrow offers gambling opportunities to travellers in the form of fruit and slot machines. These machines have been spread out all over the airport, and while the airport does not have an on-site casino unlike Schiphol or Reno-Tahoe, it’s still a fun experience to try your luck at gambling when you’re tired of waiting for your flight. Better still, winnings in the UK aren’t subject to the country’s tax laws, ensuring that you are able to take home all your winnings.

While travelling may appear dull and tiresome in most cases, it’s definitely a fun packed and thrilling experience at these airports.