You’ve started working for yourself online, and now, you’re ready to pack up your laptop and hit the road as a digital nomad. From Airport Guide, here are a few cities you might want to visit on your journey, as well as tips on marketing your company and choosing ideal rentals.

Before Setting Off

Deciding whether to sell or rent out your home is a significant consideration as you prepare to embrace the digital nomad lifestyle. Selling your home can provide a lump sum of money upfront, potentially funding your travels and giving you a sense of financial freedom without the responsibilities of home ownership.

On the other hand, renting out your property can offer a steady stream of passive income, supporting your lifestyle while keeping your options open for returning in the future. This decision hinges on your long-term goals, financial needs, and willingness to manage property from afar. Evaluating both options in light of your aspirations as a digital nomad and consulting with a financial advisor can help you make an informed choice that aligns with your new, adventurous path.

Monitoring Your Home

Smart home devices have revolutionized the way we monitor our homes while away, providing peace of mind for travelers, digital nomads, and anyone spending significant time out of the house. Devices like smart security cameras and doorbells allow you to see who's at your door or moving around your property in real-time, directly from your smartphone.

Smart locks offer the ability to lock and unlock doors remotely, ensuring you never have to worry if you forgot to secure your home. Additionally, smart sensors can detect water leaks, smoke, and carbon monoxide levels, alerting you immediately to potential hazards. Together, these smart home technologies offer a comprehensive solution to keep your home safe and secure, no matter where in the world you might be.

Market Your Business to Fund Your Travels

In order to keep growing your client base so that you can travel without stressing over your cash flow, you’ll need to implement a continuous marketing strategy for your business. As part of your strategy, you can create an aesthetically pleasing logo that reflects your brand and positions your business as a strong competitor in your niche.

Right now, you might be running your startup on a fairly tight budget. If you’re hesitant to spend money on hiring a graphic designer, you can learn how to create a logo using a free tool. With an online logo maker, you can design an image that represents your brand all on your own! You’ll be prompted to pick out a style and icon and add the specific text you need. Next, you’ll be able to view a wide range of logos and adjust the fonts and color scheme to your liking.

Phoenix, AZ

If you feel like the desert is calling your name, why not spend a little time exploring Phoenix, Arizona? Pods states that you can typically find rentals in this city for around $1,550 per month on average. You’ll be able to enjoy warm weather all year round, which makes Phoenix the perfect destination to enjoy hiking, golfing, kayaking, and other outdoor activities.

You can use an online rental search platform to browse local listings in the area. Make sure to filter your search by your monthly budget, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you’ll need, and the type of property you’re looking for. You can also look for listings that include virtual tours so that you can choose a rental that suits you from afar.

New York City, NY

Yes, staying in New York City comes with a hefty price tag, but the city that never sleeps is worth a visit! Moving recommends budgeting about $3,237 for a studio apartment rental. Make the most of your time by attending professional events, exploring the different boroughs, finding budget-friendly eats, and checking out world-famous museums.

Savannah, GA 

If you’d prefer to head south, swing by Savannah, Georgia for a temporary stay in a romantic city! The cost of living is affordable, and you should be able to book a rental for $1,148 per month. Spend your days wandering the historic streets, trying tasty Southern cuisine, and catching live events. While you’re there, you can also hit the beach on nearby Tybee Island.

New Orleans, LA

There is nowhere else truly like New Orleans, which is why you can’t skip this unique city on your digital nomad journey! While in New Orleans, you’ll usually be able to find rentals hovering around $1,360 per month. You may want to plan your visit around some of the city’s famous events, like Mardi Gras! Don’t forget to pack some fun costumes and accessories so that you’re always ready for a special occasion or surprise event. In New Orleans, fun is always just around the corner!

Working online opens up endless travel possibilities. By freelancing, starting a business, or earning an income through gig work, you can see the country! With these tips, you’ll be able to book your rentals and advertise your business.


Jesse Clark is a traveler, so she’s no stranger to experiencing wanderlust and that strong desire to travel. She created Soulful Travel because she believes that travel is good for the soul - getting lost is often the best way to find yourself.