Everyone has to wait endlessly for connecting flights at an airport at some point of time in his/her life! We’ve all been through it, and the wait can be excruciating to say the least! Apart from drinking one coffee after another, there’s not much you can do during a long layover.

However, nowadays some airports have started offering travellers one of the best ways to pass time - by playing casino games! Airports have been quick to notice and cater to this need of travellers world over! What better than playing a quick poker hand or some slot machine spins before boarding a long flight! On the other hand, if land-based casinos are not your thing, you can always indulge in games offered by reputed online casinos such as Gaming Club online casino and others.

Let’s now take you through the top 3 airports where you can enjoy a good variety of casino games!

McCarran Airport

Anyone who has visited Las Vegas valley would know that it forms a magnificent landscape in one of Nevada’s metropolitan areas. This valley also houses McCarran Airport, which is primarily a commercial airport of the region. Built in 1942, it went commercial 6 years later in 1948.

At present, McCarran Airport houses a good number of slot machines in every corner of its premises, enabling passengers to pass time playing slot machines before they board their flights. It also serves as an excellent gambling spot for people waiting for transport after deplaning. Any time you visit this airport, you’d see a good number of people at the airport entrance, waiting for their turn at the slot machines! Here’s more on what all you can do when in Las Vegas!

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS)

Counting amongst the biggest international airports of Netherlands, AMS sees tens of thousands of passengers passing through its gates each day. Serving over 50 destinations throughout the world, AMS is a thriving hub for many international flights. In fact, it’s considered the third-busiest airport of Europe, and is only 9 km away from the Amsterdam city.

Other than all these facts, what sets Amsterdam Airport Schiphol apart is the Holland Casino situated inside it. Although a comparatively smaller outfit, this casino offers a wide range of games to the players. You can indulge in some high-stakes slot machines, blackjack and roulette. Please don’t forget to check the rules (of blackjack in particular) before sitting down to play, as a push is treated as a loss in this casino.

Reno Tahoe International Airport (RNO)

An airport used for public travel as well as military purposes, Reno Tahoe International Airport is situated in the neighbourhood area of Reno, Nevada. It’s the second busiest Nevada airport (after McCarran) for international and domestic flights. The airport also has a dedicated terminal for Nevada Air National Guard. Just like other gambling friendly airports, this one also offers a wide range of slot machines to travellers. These machines are situated at different vantage points all over airport.