Took a flight on a B-17 out of Zamperini Field (KTOA) in Torrance, CA!!! What a rush that was. We had to take off sitting on the floor with these old seat belts due to FAA regulations. As soon as the plane lifted off we were free to explore the plane. The 2 highlights of this flight were:

1) Standing in the radio room with my head sticking out of the plane and taking that picture looking back at the tail on climb out and

2) Climbing on all fours underneath the pilots into the bombardier station in the nose of the plane and looking through the Norden bombsight. You are sitting in this glass bubble in front of the plane and the visibility is amazing.

I highly recommend this to everyone. It’s a bit pricy but it is these funds that helps pay for the restoration and keep the planes flying. You can get more information at the Collings Foundation.