I have created a dynamic, direct linking mechanism so you can direct link to your favorite airport in Airport Guide from your website. Below are some examples:

To link to John F Kennedy airport in New York use the following:


If you are at a smaller airport with only three letters as the identifier such as Hendersonville, North Carolina’s 0A7 just type the following:


The airport ID is the IATA ID you see on your airline tickets. If there is no IATA ID then use the ICAO ID. This is the 4-letter ID issued by the ICAO for airports around the world. If there is no ICAO ID then use the local ID which can be the FAA ID in the US, TC ID in Canada, etc. For very small airports, AirportGuide.com uses its own ID since no others exist. In this case just search on the site for the airport and you will now have the ID for future use.

Now for the caveats. There are none. This is all free and no subscriptions are required.



* A brief explanation of the IDs used:
ICAO (International 4-letter ID),
FAA (3 or 4-letter ID for the US and it’s territories),
IATA (the 3 letter ID used by the airline association that you see on your airline tickets)