The redesign that I have been working on since the last update in August has been focused mainly on fixing little bugs I have run across over the last year. I still haven’t tackled the redesign of the detailed airport information page but that is definitely the next major update. That page is so complex and affects so many other areas of the site that I have to take the time to do it right or get it as close to perfect as I can get the first time through.

The one major enhancement I have made though has to do with updating fuel prices. On any detailed airport page you can scroll down to the FBO and fuel information. There you will see a bright green button to update any fuel prices. The process is now efficient, easy, and fast.

Let me ask a question of you. Is there anything you really like or dislike on the site right now? How is the navigation? Is it easy / difficult? Anything you feel should be on the site that you don’t see now? Is there too much information or not enough?
Please tell me so I can take these ideas into consideration as I keep enhancing it.