Travelling through airports often means a lot of time spent waiting around for connecting flights – not to mention long delays – and some quality entertainment could really come in handy. From this perspective, slot machines sound like the ideal addition to any airport.

Despite the popularity and convenience of online slots, with their great free bets, free spins, bonuses deposit matches and more- avid gamblers look for the real, land-based casino experience while travelling. If this experience could begin from the moment they step out of the plane, it would be ideal. It makes sense – who doesn’t want to have some fun playing slot machines, and leave the airport with some extra cash? Here we delve into the top reasons airports should consider including slot machines, and why fliers should consider making use of them.


If you’re looking to go on a gambling holiday, the airport is a great place to start. While waiting around at the airport, you can make time go by faster and utilise it to win real money. Slot machines at airports are convenient, as they save you the time spent travelling to the nearest casino.

Vegas casino experience

When we think of airports with slot machines, we think Las Vegas airports. As the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas is a common destination for the sole purpose of gambling. So it comes as no surprise that McCarran International Airport is full of slot machines – over 13,000 of them, in fact. These are known to pay well, as one lucky passenger won a $933,080 jackpot at one of the airport’s slot machines.

Kills time

It is a well-known fact that having fun makes time go by faster, so when you’re stuck at the airport for hours, slot machines could be your saving grace. Slot machines are popular because they have the power to provide hours of entertainment, and are constructed specifically in order to be addictive and fun to play.

Better than online slots

Sure – you could always take out your mobile phone or tablet while at the airport and play some online games to pass the time – but there is nothing quite like playing a real slot machine. The clinking sounds of the machines, the crowd, and the overall atmosphere which emulates a traditional casino could never recreated by online slots. That said, if you are someone that would prefer to be discreet, or has a hectic schedule and cannot afford to take the time to sit down at a real slot machine, then online slots are the perfect solution for you!

A good airport is an entertaining one

 Restaurants, shops, and free Wi-Fi are all well and good, but the best airports around the world are the ones which go that extra mile to offer an enjoyable experience to travellers. Incorporating slot machines at airports has proven to be a great idea – with fliers all around the world reporting excellent payouts.