Travelling can be really fun, especially when you travel with a large group because you often have more people to talk to, creating a great experience. Of course, planning a trip for a large group can be incredibly difficult and stressful, especially if there are only a few people working on the planning.

The good news is that we have some great tips to help you travel effectively in a large group in the future. Whether you are heading to the USA or Paros in Greece, you’ll be sure to have a great trip. Keep reading to hear some of our top tips.

Plan In Advance

Our first tip for those who want to travel in a large group is to make sure that you start planning your trip well in advance. It can be very tricky to find a date that everyone is going to be able to make and this is going to be one of the hardest tasks you’ll come across. If you start planning early, you can make sure that all planning aspects are taken into consideration and that everyone can make the trip. Consider choosing a few members of the group to focus on the planning and then everyone else can contribute when help is needed. This should help you organise a trip that your entire group will enjoy.

Navigating The Airport

When you are travelling in a large group, navigating the airport can be quite tricky. You need to make sure that no-one gets left behind and this is difficult as airports can be rather large and busy. A good way to get around this is to make sure that you are organising for a meet-up place before the boarding time of your flight. Print out an airport terminal map or use the Airport Guide app for airport terminal maps on your iPhone. You should also give everyone their own travel documents and not keep them in a central place as this increases the risk. Let everyone be responsible for themselves as long as they can be trusted to. This should help you navigate the airport.

Stay In A Villa

Hotels can be great for large groups because there are plenty of rooms to stay in but they can also cause problems when you are all split up. This is why you should consider staying in a villa when you travel as a large group. Villas come in all shapes and sizes and you’ll usually find them in many of the top destinations for groups. For example, finding a villa based in Paros, Greece is easy if you look at a company like BlueVillas. With a villa, you’ll have your own space and you can even cook meals for the entire group if you want.

Book Restaurants And Bars

If you don’t feel like cooking your own meals when you go abroad to one of the Greek islands or further afield, you should make sure that you are booking tables in advance. Turning up to a busy restaurant with a large group of people can often be problematic and this can mean that you’ll struggle to find somewhere to eat. You should try to book any tables in a bar or restaurants before you go although you can do this in the daytime before the meal if you’d rather choose when you get there. You can usually find guides online of the best places to eat depending on where and when you are going so make sure to consider this.

Do Your Own Thing

Our final tip for those who are travelling in a large group is to make sure that you find time to do your own thing. Many people who travel in groups think that they need to do everything together but actually, this is not the case at all. If you give everyone some time to do their own thing then you’ll find that there will be fewer arguments and you can really enjoy your time there. There is no harm in doing some group activities and eating together but if you allow people to go off alone or in small groups on side trips and local private tours then everyone will probably be happier. 

Final Verdict

If you are planning on travelling in a large group in the coming year, you should make sure to heed some of the advice in this article. Think about when you will start planning your trip and ensure that you are doing it well in advance. You should also consider staying in a villa regardless of where you go because this can be more affordable and a better option for those staying in large groups.

Follow all of our tips and you should be able to have the best possible trip away with your group of friends or family.