After a long and tiring flight, the last thing you want to worry about is the possibility of being defrauded by greedy, illegal and unscrupulous taxi drivers. Airports in unfamiliar countries are often vast and confusing places, even for seasoned travelers. It’s wise to learn as much about the value of the currency as possible, so look online to check the latest exchange rates and try to become familiar with the terminology. Looking after your spending money will obviously be one of your main priorities as a traveller, after securing your most affordable airfare, and sourcing the best possible accommodation for your money.

Groups of persistently hustling taxi drivers are to be found at all busy places, even at the world’s best airports and the most secured ones. It’s a good idea to avoid them at all costs, for your personal safety. Ask airport officials for location of the main taxi ranks. At Miami, for example, official advice is to find a taxi cab that is clearly marked with the words “taxi” or “taxicab” prominently displayed on both sides of the vehicle. The licence number must also be clearly visible in at least six locations within the car, as should the driver’s identification documents. This advice is valid for taxis in most cities, in the west.

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Knowledge is power. It’s a good idea to prepare for the trip by reading accounts on popular travel websites, where other people review and write about their experiences. They can provide you with a wealth of useful information, such as how much to expect to pay for your journey. Most taxi firms are metered, although sometimes it can be a good idea to agree a flat rate at the start of your journey if it is some distance. Make sure you have plenty of cash in the local currency as your driver will find it annoying if you don’t have any, and you will find it stressful. Be polite and don’t forget to give a tip if you think he or she has done a good job. How much will depend on the location, but between five and ten percent should be adequate. Lastly, relax and enjoy your stay!