In honor of the Royal Air Force’s (RAF) 100th anniversary, a large concentration of military aircraft, including the RAF’s beloved Red Arrows, will fly over Southeastern England, Central London and Buckingham Palace at around 1PM this Tuesday, July 10.

Thunderbirds Demonstration at Air F...
Thunderbirds Demonstration at Air Force Academy Graduation

Here’s what you need to know about what aircraft are participating and where to watch the event…

What aircraft will be in the flyby?

The draft list from the RAF has helicopters like the Puma and Chinook, Hercules and C-17 transport aircraft, WWII aircraft featuring the Spitfire and Hurricane, and featuring the newest generation Lightning. To showcase the excellent piloting skills and aircraft, the RAF’s own Red Arrows will be participating. This is a show you don’t want to miss!

RAF100 Flypast aircraft

Here is the order of aircraft direct from the RAF.

  • Puma HC2 
  • Chinook HC4 
  • Juno H135 
  • Jupiter H145 
  • Dakota 
  • Lancaster 
  • Spitfire Hurricane 
  • Prefect T1 
  • Tucano T1 
  • Shadow R1 
  • Hercules C-130J 
  • A400M Atlas 
  • C-17 Globemaster 
  • BAE146
  • Sentinel 
  • Voyager 
  • Rivet Joint RC-135W 
  • E-3D Sentry 
  • Hawk T1 
  • Hawk T2 
  • Tornado GR4 
  • Lightning 
  • Typhoon FGR4 
  • Red Arrows

Are there other events including the aircraft?

Yes! Starting at 11:25AM, ahead of the flypast, there will be a parade of 1,000 RAF personnel and another 300 lining the route from Horse Guards Road and The Mall towards Buckingham Palace.

So where can I watch this flyby?

With this many aircraft participating, the planning needs to start a bit earlier with aircraft forming up. They will start this form up over Suffolk to the west of Ipswich around 12:45PM, pass to the south of Ipswich, and head over towards Colchester, Chelmsford, and then The Mall and Palace at 1:00PM.

After leaving central London, they formation will break into three smaller formations. Larger aircraft like Sentinel and Voyager will pass over Runnymede at 1:08PM, training aircraft will fly over Hendon at 1:05PM, and the faster, fighter aircraft will fly over Heathrow at 1:10PM before heading over to Windsor and Maidenhead.

Take a look at the RAF graphic showing the full route. If you are not on the route, don’t despair, the BBC will have live coverage of the event.

RAF100 Flypast Route

Will there be an aircraft static display?

Yes, the RAF100 Aircraft Tour will feature a range of aircraft spanning their 100 year history. The public is welcome to view and photograph these aircraft from July 6th through July 9th on Horse Guards Parade.