Many airports today feature casinos close by, or even within the airport itself. This is somewhat of a blessing especially when you arrive to your airport early, or have an hour or two to kill in-between flights. Browsing through souvenirs and magazines at airport shops can only take so much time, while casino games make you wonder where your time went.

While the most famous airport-casinos are found in places like Las Vegas – with over 1,300 slot machines to be played at McCarran International Airport alone – if you’re flying to and from Canada, the good news is that many of the best Canadian casinos are situated relatively nearby. Now you can easily take a break from online casino games and experience an authentic, land-based casino experience while travelling. Whilst online slots are great with their free spins, bonuses, deposit matches, special offers, and great and varied selection of games, sometimes you want to kill time with a real slot!

Read on to find out about the best casinos situated near Canadian airports.

River Rock Casino Resort

While it is true that less and less people have an interest in brick-and-mortar casinos, River Rock Casino is always busy. Only a few minutes away by train from Vancouver International Airport, it would be a shame to miss the opportunity to play at this casino. The relaxing resort has everything you need, including the most important ingredient: high-quality casino machines for a top-notch experience.

Caesars Windsor

Caesars Windsor is a 20-minute drive from Windsor airport, but it is definitely worth it. Taxi arrangements are extremely simple to make, and casino staff will be delighted to assist you in your trip. This casino goes to great lengths to emulate a Vegas-type experience – and succeed at it, too. Being relatively close to the Windsor airport, this hotel-casino is ideal for an enjoyable and relaxed getaway which doesn’t involve a lot of travelling. 

View Royal Casino

Following a major expansion, View Royal Casino is the place to be for those looking to have an exciting time and earn some cash. Featuring 35,000 square feet of slot machines, slot lovers cannot go wrong with this one. For those looking to have a casino vacation, View Royal – which is situated close to the harbour – is ideally located for holiday and tourist activities aside from gambling. What’s more is that it is only half an hour away from Victoria International Airport.

Casino Calgary

Located in Calgary, Alberta – an attractive holiday destination to begin with – Casino Calgary is only 20 minutes away from Calgary International Airport. The lobbies in this casino are all about luxury, especially the newly added high limit room for VIP guests. With over 700 slot games and a customizable experience, this casino is a must-visit if you’re travelling to or from Calgary Airport.

Visit the best casinos close by

 Clearly, in Canada you don’t have to wander far from your airport to find a good casino, no matter the area. Don’t miss the chance to experience superior service at some of Canada’s finest.