Put Airport Guide Data On Your Site

Have you wondered how you can get airport or airline data and put it on your web site? The days of scraping (stealing) someone else's hard work is now over.

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Airport Info Popup for Your Site

I just realized that when I put up the direct linking blog post last summer, I forgot to tell you about another little popup feature I created for YOUR websites. It’s a small popup screen with basic airport info. This will keep visitors on your site and if they want more info they can just click a link.

So here is how it all works.

where XXXX is any 3 or 4 letter airport id (ICAO, FAA, or IATA)

To link to John F Kennedy airport in New York use the following:

If you are at a smaller airport with only three letters as the identifier such as Hendersonville, North Carolina’s 0A7 just type the following:

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International Airports Now Online

After many months scrubbing data, I am finally confident enough to put the international airports online alongside the US data. There is not as much information out there for the international community so bear with me as the airport pages are modified and tweaked over the coming months.

If you have a good source of data for any international area such as the UK or France, I would be more than willing to talk about an arrangement to get this data supplied on an ongoing basis.

If you see any issues with the data please let me know. Otherwise, enjoy!

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International Airports Being Added

Ever since the United States government stopped releasing the DAFIF data to the public, it has been very hard to build a complete list of international airports. I apologize for the time it is taking to get the international airports up on but I want to let everyone know that each airport’s codes are being verified prior to posting them on the site. There are over 10,000 airports outside of the FAA’s jurisdiction so this will take a while but as I always say ‘don’t waste your time doing it if you don’t plan on doing it right.’

To that end, as the international airports are released onto the site, I will be adding the links to the countries on the Browse Airports by Country page. Initially, the list of airports will not be complete for a country but you will be able to watch the list grow over time as I release more and more airports into the database.

If you have any questions about what I am doing, have suggestions on how to speed this process along, or just have a recommendation for the site, please feel free to contact me.

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International Airport Update#2

I have been working many long hours on cleaning up the international airport data and unfortunately it was much worse than I thought. Ever since the US government stopped publishing the international data in 2006, it has been a very tedious and laborious process.

So here are the plans for the release. As soon as I can I will be releasing the basic airport data with the name, location, etc. Definitely no frills here but it will be enough to get you the basic airport data. The one thing I must verify first is that the ICAO and IATA identifiers are correct. There have been quite a few changes over the years and I want to make sure this is accurate.

In the meantime, I will be building up the database in the background and slowly adding items such as airport diagrams, approach charts, and other detailed information to the website so check back often.

If anyone reading this has a good for international data that is known to be clean please tell me.

And as always, if you have an aviation product that you think would integrate well with this site, such as a flight planner, please contact me so we can discuss it. I’m always looking for ideas to make this site the best aviation site on the web.


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Runway Data Available

The United States runway, waterway, and helipad data is now available. International airports will appear after I finish baselining all of the U.S. data.

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Direct Linking

I have created a dynamic, direct linking mechanism so you can direct link to your favorite airport in Airport Guide from your website. Below are some examples:

To link to John F Kennedy airport in New York use the following:

If you are at a smaller airport with only three letters as the identifier such as Hendersonville, North Carolina’s 0A7 just type the following:

The airport ID is the IATA ID you see on your airline tickets. If there is no IATA ID then use the ICAO ID. This is the 4-letter ID issued by the ICAO for airports around the world. If there is no ICAO ID then use the local ID which can be the FAA ID in the US, TC ID in Canada, etc. For very small airports, uses its own ID since no others exist. In this case just search on the site for the airport and you will now have the ID for future use.

Now for the caveats. There are none. This is all free and no subscriptions are required.



* A brief explanation of the IDs used:
ICAO (International 4-letter ID),
FAA (3 or 4-letter ID for the US and it’s territories),
IATA (the 3 letter ID used by the airline association that you see on your airline tickets)

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