Take a Flying Vacation with Your Family

You've put a lot work into getting that private pilot license. Now it's time to take your family on a vacation AND get flying time. Your spouse and kids will love the adventure, as it's definitely more fun than a long car ride or dealing with an airline's security lines. And what a view!

With a little planning, you can have your cake and eat it too!

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John Travolta and His Real Passion... Flying

When someone mentions John Travolta you may think of Vinnie Barbarino from Welcome Back Kotter, Danny Zuko from Grease, Tony Manero from Saturday Night Fever, and the list goes on. But what most people don't think of is John Travolta, Pilot Extraordinaire.

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How to Become a Pilot, Step by Step: Part 2

So you have figured out what you want to fly. Now let’s see how to accomplish this. In this second installment of How to Become a Pilot, Step by Step we will discuss taking an Introductory Training Flight Lesson, applying for a FAA Medical Certificate, and aplying for a FAA Student Pilot Certificate.

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How to Become a Pilot, Step by Step

For centuries, people have looked up to the sky and wanted to fly with the birds. Why is that? What is in us that beckons us to leave the safety of the ground to soar among the clouds? 

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Airport Guide for Pilots

The first app for iPhone and iPad, developed by Airport Guide, is here and aptly named Airport Guide for Pilots in the iTunes App Store.

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