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Canadian Western Airlines


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Canadian Western Airlines Information

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Canadian Western Airlines Routes

Departure Destination Stops Equipment
Departure Destination Stops Equipment
Málaga-Costa del Sol (AGP) Melilla (MLN) 0 AT4
Alicante International (ALC) Keflavik International (KEF) 0 320
Stockholm-Arlanda (ARN) Baghdad International (BGW) 0 320
Stockholm-Arlanda (ARN) Erbil International (EBL) 0 320
Stockholm-Arlanda (ARN) Sveg (EVG) 0 J31
Stockholm-Arlanda (ARN) Hagfors (HFS) 0 J31
Stockholm-Arlanda (ARN) Sulaymaniyah International (ISU) 0 320
Stockholm-Arlanda (ARN) Kristianstad (KID) 0 ER4
Stockholm-Arlanda (ARN) Mora (MXX) 0 J31
Baghdad International (BGW) Stockholm-Arlanda (ARN) 0 320
Bremen (BRE) Münster Osnabrück (FMO) 0 J32
Bremen (BRE) Zürich (ZRH) 0 J32
Charles de Gaulle International (CDG) Keflavik International (KEF) 0 320
Copenhagen Kastrup (CPH) Keflavik International (KEF) 0 320
Erbil International (EBL) Stockholm-Arlanda (ARN) 0 320
Erbil International (EBL) Gothenburg-Landvetter (GOT) 0 320
Sveg (EVG) Stockholm-Arlanda (ARN) 0 J31
Sveg (EVG) Mora (MXX) 0 J31
Münster Osnabrück (FMO) Bremen (BRE) 0 J32
Münster Osnabrück (FMO) Stuttgart (STR) 0 J32
Münster Osnabrück (FMO) Zürich (ZRH) 0 J32
Gothenburg-Landvetter (GOT) Erbil International (EBL) 0 320
Helsinki Vantaa (HEL) Pori (POR) 0 SF3
Heraklion International Nikos Kazantzakis (HER) Riga International (RIX) 0 320
Heraklion International Nikos Kazantzakis (HER) Tallinn (TLL) 0 320
Heraklion International Nikos Kazantzakis (HER) Vilnius International (VNO) 0 320
Hagfors (HFS) Stockholm-Arlanda (ARN) 0 J31
Hagfors (HFS) Torsby (TYF) 0 J31
Sulaymaniyah International (ISU) Stockholm-Arlanda (ARN) 0 320
Keflavik International (KEF) Alicante International (ALC) 0 320
Keflavik International (KEF) Charles de Gaulle International (CDG) 0 320
Keflavik International (KEF) Copenhagen Kastrup (CPH) 0 320
Keflavik International (KEF) London Gatwick (LGW) 0 320
Keflavik International (KEF) Berlin-Schönefeld International (SXF) 0 320
Kristianstad (KID) Stockholm-Arlanda (ARN) 0 ER4
London Gatwick (LGW) Keflavik International (KEF) 0 320
Luleå (LLA) Pajala (PJA) 0 J31
Mannheim-City (MHG) Berlin-Tegel International (TXL) 0 D38
Melilla (MLN) Málaga-Costa del Sol (AGP) 0 AT4
Mora (MXX) Stockholm-Arlanda (ARN) 0 J31
Mora (MXX) Sveg (EVG) 0 J31
Pajala (PJA) Luleå (LLA) 0 J31
Pajala (PJA) Tallinn (TLL) 0 J31
Pori (POR) Helsinki Vantaa (HEL) 0 SF3
Riga International (RIX) Heraklion International Nikos Kazantzakis (HER) 0 320
Riga International (RIX) Tenerife South (TFS) 0 320
Stuttgart (STR) Münster Osnabrück (FMO) 0 J32
Berlin-Schönefeld International (SXF) Keflavik International (KEF) 0 320
Tenerife South (TFS) Riga International (RIX) 0 320
Tallinn (TLL) Heraklion International Nikos Kazantzakis (HER) 0 320
Tallinn (TLL) Pajala (PJA) 0 J31
Tallinn (TLL) Torsby (TYF) 0 J31
Tallinn (TLL) Kuressaare (URE) 0 J31
Ben Gurion International (TLV) Vinnytsia/Gavyryshivka (VIN) 0 320
Berlin-Tegel International (TXL) Mannheim-City (MHG) 0 D38
Torsby (TYF) Hagfors (HFS) 0 J31
Torsby (TYF) Tallinn (TLL) 0 J31
Kuressaare (URE) Tallinn (TLL) 0 J31
Vinnytsia/Gavyryshivka (VIN) Ben Gurion International (TLV) 0 320
Vilnius International (VNO) Heraklion International Nikos Kazantzakis (HER) 0 320
Zürich (ZRH) Bremen (BRE) 0 J32
Zürich (ZRH) Münster Osnabrück (FMO) 0 J32

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