Choose Dallas: 4 Types of Trips to Take in the Big D

Choose Dallas- 4 Types of Trips to Take in the Big D

Going away on business or planning a couples retreat? Either way, Dallas has something for everyone. If you’re heading to the land of big hair, big egos and big guns, here’s a few ideas of where (and how) to spend time.

For a Relaxing Retreat:

If wouldn’t be Texas without rustic beauty, hunting and luxurious amenities. Nestled on 11,000 acres in the foothills of Texas Hill Country, Rough Creek Lodge and Resort is equipped with 57-guest rooms and suites with exclusive cabins and guest houses. The resort is equipped with fine dining, a spa and facilities for shooting, fishing, golf, horseback riding and more. The lodge resort is located about 70 miles (90 minutes) from Dallas, but Toyota rental cars are available around the city and airport.

If traveling outside of the city isn’t what you have in mind, look to stay closer to the heart of Dallas by reserving a room at the Maple Manor Hotel. It’s rated the ’#1 romantic hotel in Dallas,’ and with all the weddings held there, the five-suite bed and breakfast oasis is sure to be conducive to love.

For Those Away on Business:

One of the most recognizable landmarks and unofficial symbols of Dallas, Reunion Tower offers sight-seers a 360-degree view of Dallas and the surrounding areas. The tower stands 561-feet tall, according to, a global provider of building information, and houses an observation deck and revolving restaurant Five Sixty by Wolfgang Puck. Though it should be noted, the tower opens at 5:30 PM and is only available for those to participate in the (rather expensive) lounge and dining experience, while taking in the view.

For Relationship Training:

If a relaxing retreat isn’t enough and it often isn’t enjoy Dallas while helping your relationship heal at a couples counseling camp. According to, director Jim Carroll designed the program to help couples work through issues using games, drills, competitions and skits. Focusing on application instead of lecture, the purpose of the intense four-day camp is to help couples solve root problems and decide “whether to stay and heal or make peace with the outcome,” according to the site.

*In 2013, Marriage Boot Camp will be held in Dallas on the following dates: Jan 23-26, March 6-9, April 10-13, June 12-15, July 17-20, Sept 11-13 and Nov. 13-16.

For History Buffs:

Housed in the building where the (in)famous shots were fired, the Sixth Floor Museum is a historic exhibition of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The museum is located on the sixth floor of the Dallas County Administration Building, formerly the Texas School Book Depository. Using footage, audio clips and eyewitness accounts to reconstruct the tragic event, museum-goers can get a good idea of what happened the day of, and even see the exact window Lee Harvey Oswald opened fire upon the motorcade. If you have doubts about Oswald being the true shooter don’t worry, a travel review guide, Lonely Planet, noted the museum doesn’t shy away from conspiracy theories. Open daily except for Thanksgiving and Xmas day, adult admission is $16 with discounts for seniors, youth and children.

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