Redesign Update

Hi all,

The first thing I would like to say is thanks for sticking with me. I haven’t communicated nearly enough but I have been working hard on the site. Unfortunately, I have not yet implemented a lot of what I’m planning to do. Work and family commitments have slowed this process down.

AIRPORT GUIDE ON YOUR SITE - At my own peril with the search engines, I have decided to redo my link structure to make it easier for you to add links to your favorite airport right on your web site. The new linking is where XXXX is the ICAO, IATA, or FAA ID. You can read more about direct linking in the development blog.

BAD LINK FIX - I started working again on the site today and noticed that the video and Buy Now link for the LogTen Pro logbook for Mac, iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad was not working. I have fixed it now so you can try out the LogTen Pro links.

AIRPORT SEARCH UPDATE - I have updated the Airport Search Form search capabilities. This search is found in the top left area of the main content on most every screen. Anyway, the search is really cool now in that it will take any number of words or portions of words and perform an AND search on them. So what does this mean to you? In the past you could only search on a single word and use wild card characters on either end of the word to find something. Now you can type something like Angeles heli and find two records that contain both words in any combination of the ICAO ID, FAA ID, IATA ID, Name, City, State, Country, and Type.

You will also notice that the headers are links. Clicking on any of them will sort the list by that column. A column heading in green, like Country shown below, is the column sorted on.



Everest & Jennings Helistop Nr 1
Los Angeles
United States

R I Ai Canoga Park B/2 Helistop
Los Angeles
United States

- I just updated the airmen certificated database. It’s such a massive database that I have been letting it slide for the other items above. Well, it was time so have fun searching.

DETAILED AIRPORT PAGE - This is next on my list. I want to completely update the layout of the detailed airport pages. I have received feedback saying thanks for having all of the information in one place BUT I have also received feedback saying too much information. Here’s my take on this. All of the information is important but to different sets of people, therefore, the goal is to maintain all of the information but display it so it is right there but out of the way. You will see what I’m talking about when I get around to this page.

There are so many more items on my plate here that I don’t want to mention them for fear of my well-funded and well-staffed (at least 1 full time person) competitors implementing before me. Stay tuned as there is much coming……

If there is anything you would like to see or any changes to the site to make it easier to use, please tell me about it.

Happy flying and remember to keep the dirty side down,


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