Travel Engine Upgraded has just rolled out a new travel booking engine. One of the biggest benefits is that we now have over 300,000 Hotels, Motels, Resorts, and B&Bs available for you at extremely low prices. You can book directly from the home page OR go to any of our 34,000+ airport pages (also heliport, seaplane base, glider port, etc.) and click on the Flights/Hotels button. A listing of the nearest 25 places to stay will be listed with a link to more information and booking options.

But wait, that’s not all. In that listing, there is a Pet Friendly column next to the hotel name so you can easily find hotels that will accept you furry friend.

This just rolled out and is still in Beta so you will be seeing tweaks over the coming months.

Safe travels!

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How To Find A Secret Hotel

For some travelers it is a bargain, for others it is a bit of fun. Over the last few years, four and five star hotels in capital cities have been offering what appear to be superb deals. Online booking agents provide a brief description of anonymous hotels in various locations. Take a gamble, book into a hotel that appears to suit your needs and receive a discount of between 35% and 50% on the room price. You find out the name of the hotel only after your booking is accepted.

Secret hotel deals work on customer and seller psychology. Hotels can`t cut their room prices like a high street discount store is able to. They have fixed costs whatever their room occupancy. They don`t want to have unsalable, empty rooms, but if they fill their rooms at deeply cut prices, their running costs increase and they stand to make a loss.

Four and five star hotels build a reputation on the back of quality and service, rather than price. Customers gambling on a secret deal are looking for this service. Those travelers who just want to find a cut price hotel for the night tend to opt for a budget chain hostelry in a less elegant part of town. If the secret hotel offers a free bottle of wine on arrival, their customers may be tempted to use the hotel`s restaurant rather than going out for dinner.

Major city hotels depend highly on business traveller trade and tend to adjust room prices to reflect this. Prices are higher during the week than at weekends. If a city centre hotel has weekend rooms on offer via an online agency, the discount may not be as great in cash terms as its seems as a percentage of the perceived room price. Customers, for their part, can easily find out the name of a hotel from the booking agency`s online description, hotel websites in the city in question and a variety of search engines. So they may not be opting for too secret a deal, but they keep the perception that they are buying value for money.

Mystery hotel deals began as weekend room offers by capital city-based hotels. The business is spreading to regional cities, as well as countryside and beach resort hotels that have greater mid-week room availability than at weekends. Booking times vary. Customers may be able to reserve a room up to three months ahead in some hotels, or just a day ahead in others to take advantage of a sudden cancellation. Just fill in the online booking form and sites such as will arrange your bargain break.

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Finding the Right Accommodation

Holidays are the high point of most people’s year, however finding the right accommodation can be stressful to say the least. There is an almost bewildering range of accommodation options out there so the question is how do you go about finding the right accommodation for your needs.

Finding the right accommodation depends very much on what you want from your holiday. If you want to spend your break lounging around in the lap of luxury then a youth hostel is definitely not the right option for you. However if you are young and traveling on a budget with a group of friends a youth hostel can be an ideal, low cost option.

Hotels are a popular choice for the vast majority of people. They can offer a wide range of facilities to ensure that your stay is both relaxing and indulgent and the chances are that you can get at least some of your meals included in the tariff. Hotels also tend to have regular tours and excursions departing from their lobbies which can provide you with a great opportunity to see all the sites and attractions of your holiday destination.

If you are traveling in a small group or as a couple, hotels can be a very cost effective place to stay with a wide range of facilities. For larger groups of friends or for family holidays, however, staying in a hotel can have its drawbacks.

Not only can they be expensive for larger groups, but it can also be more difficult to really enjoy the freedom of your holiday when you are staying in a hotel. If your friends want to have a late night of partying in your room, or if you have young children who want the freedom to run around and be noisy but need peace and quiet to get to sleep, staying in a hotel surrounded by other guests can make for a stressful vacation.

A far better option for this kind of group is to stay in a private villa. They can be found at a wide variety of different locations which makes it possible to choose accommodation with everything you need to enjoy your holiday right on your doorstep.

A private villa gives you the option to spend an evening in with your friends or family without being disturbed by other people. They are a great option for larger groups and you will often find that they have additional facilities such as private swimming pools and meals that can be pre cooked to order. A wide variety of all the different options on offer can be found at so you will be able to find exactly the right accommodation to help you get the most out of your holiday.

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