Ferry travel versus Airline travel

We have definitely been living in an age where people want things instantly: Instant information, instant products and a need to get to a destination as fast as possible. Recently however, we are seeing a trend of returning to a slower pace of life and that has certainly crossed over into the world of travel.

When you compare airline versus ferry travel, supporters of the former will undoubtedly point to the speed and convenience of jumping on a plane. While it may be true that travel time in a plane can be much quicker, is it really all that convenient? With stricter controls and more waiting around, delays are becoming more commonplace compared with ferries which have a far better record of punctuality.

On a ferry it is obviously easier to get up and move around. You aren`t constantly restricted by poor leg room and are generally free to travel around the ship whenever you want. If you have a noisy or awkward passenger near you, just get up and find another seat. Once you`re on the ferry, access is virtually unrestricted.

Meals too are a much more relaxed affair when it comes to ferries: You can eat when you want and as often as you desire. Compare that to an airplane when you are forced to eat at set times - occasionally whether you like it or not! Many passengers have even been woken up in the middle of the night and had food placed before them.

On a ferry, the slower, more relaxed atmosphere comes into its own with regard to food. Tasty meals and snacks are served at a time to suit you.

If you are intending to drive when you reach your destination then if you have the facility to take your own vehicle onto the ferry then that is another huge advantage. Firstly you will have the convenience of using your own vehicle and be able to drive a car that you are extremely familiar with. Additionally, it`s cheaper too as you won`t have to pay parking fees at the airport or rely on a friend to take you there. Once you arrive at your destination, why pay expensive car hire fees when you can make full use of your own car?

Far from being glamorous, airports can be crowded and noisy places and if there is any delay to your flight, they can be frustrating and uncomfortable places to wait in. Delays on ferries are much rarer and in many cases, if you do have to wait, you will still be able to board the ship and walk around at your leisure until it`s time to set off.

A slower pace of life can, in itself be an advantage: You are much more likely to reach your destination feeling relaxed and refreshed after using ferry travel than you are if you’ve flown. With fewer delays, more room to move around and relax, there are many reasons why it makes more sense to use a ferry than ever before. Why not take a ferry to Holland and see what we are talking about first hand? You won’t be disappointed.

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Flight Status Added

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