Put Airport Guide Data On Your Site

Have you wondered how you can get airport or airline data and put it on your web site? The days of scraping (stealing) someone else's hard work is now over.

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Airport Terminal Maps number over 350

Airport Terminal Maps now number over 350 giving the largest selection of airport terminal maps available.

These maps are perfect for mobile and desktop applications as well as in-flight entertainment systems. All maps are geocoded with lat/long coordinates to allow use within mapping software such as an additional layer on a Google...

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Airport Guide for Pilots

The first app for iPhone and iPad, developed by Airport Guide, is here and aptly named Airport Guide for Pilots in the iTunes App Store.

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New Server Installed

Let me first apologize for the downtime on July 29; chalk it up to growing pains. Airport Guide has been growing so quickly that we outgrew our old shared server and were required to upgrade to a dedicated server.

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Aircraft For Sale

Airport Guide is pleased to offer Aircraft For Sale through the eBay network. Check it out for yourself. 

Whether you are looking for a Cessna, Piper, Beechcraft, Aviat, Lancair, Cirrus, Grumman, Diamond, or any other type of aircraft, you’ve come to the right place.

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Switched to a faster server

Two weeks ago I was on Twitter and posted a message that I was working on For the next hour, my site was flooded with people resulting in the site being brought to its knees. Since then I have moved the site over to a VPS server (KnownHost) and today I flipped the switch. Everything seems to be working well and the database response times are great!

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