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Flight West Airlines Information

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ICAO Callsign: UNITY
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Flight West Airlines Routes

Departure Destination Stops Equipment
Departure Destination Stops Equipment
Barnaul (BAX) Domodedovo International (DME) 0 735
Domodedovo International (DME) Barnaul (BAX) 0 735
Domodedovo International (DME) Noyabrsk (NOJ) 0 735
Domodedovo International (DME) Novy Urengoy (NUX) 0 320
Domodedovo International (DME) Nadym (NYM) 0 735
Domodedovo International (DME) Salekhard (SLY) 0 735 320
Domodedovo International (DME) Tivat (TIV) 0 320 321
Domodedovo International (DME) Roshchino International (TJM) 0 CR2 735
Domodedovo International (DME) Ufa International (UFA) 0 CR2
Zvartnots International (EVN) Roshchino International (TJM) 0 320
Kogalym International (KGP) Koltsovo (SVX) 0 CR2
Yemelyanovo (KJA) Koltsovo (SVX) 0 CR2
Pulkovo (LED) Roshchino International (TJM) 0 CR2
Nizhnevartovsk (NJC) Tolmachevo (OVB) 0 CR2
Noyabrsk (NOJ) Domodedovo International (DME) 0 735
Noyabrsk (NOJ) Salekhard (SLY) 0 CR2
Noyabrsk (NOJ) Koltsovo (SVX) 0 CR2
Noyabrsk (NOJ) Roshchino International (TJM) 0 CR2
Noyabrsk (NOJ) Ufa International (UFA) 0 CR2
Novy Urengoy (NUX) Domodedovo International (DME) 0 320
Novy Urengoy (NUX) Salekhard (SLY) 0 CR2
Novy Urengoy (NUX) Roshchino International (TJM) 0 735 CR2
Novy Urengoy (NUX) Ufa International (UFA) 0 CR2
Nyagan (NYA) Koltsovo (SVX) 0 CR2
Nyagan (NYA) Roshchino International (TJM) 0 CR2
Nadym (NYM) Domodedovo International (DME) 0 735
Nadym (NYM) Salekhard (SLY) 0 L4T
Nadym (NYM) Koltsovo (SVX) 0 CR2
Nadym (NYM) Roshchino International (TJM) 0 735 CR2
Nadym (NYM) Ufa International (UFA) 0 CR2
Tolmachevo (OVB) Nizhnevartovsk (NJC) 0 CR2
Tolmachevo (OVB) Koltsovo (SVX) 0 CR2
Tolmachevo (OVB) Roshchino International (TJM) 0 CR2
Salekhard (SLY) Domodedovo International (DME) 0 320 735
Salekhard (SLY) Noyabrsk (NOJ) 0 CR2
Salekhard (SLY) Novy Urengoy (NUX) 0 CR2
Salekhard (SLY) Nadym (NYM) 0 L4T
Salekhard (SLY) Koltsovo (SVX) 0 CR2
Salekhard (SLY) Roshchino International (TJM) 0 735 320 CR2
Salekhard (SLY) Tarko-Sale (TQL) 0 L4T
Koltsovo (SVX) Kogalym International (KGP) 0 CR2
Koltsovo (SVX) Yemelyanovo (KJA) 0 CR2
Koltsovo (SVX) Noyabrsk (NOJ) 0 CR2
Koltsovo (SVX) Nyagan (NYA) 0 CR2
Koltsovo (SVX) Nadym (NYM) 0 CR2
Koltsovo (SVX) Tolmachevo (OVB) 0 CR2
Koltsovo (SVX) Salekhard (SLY) 0 CR2
Tivat (TIV) Domodedovo International (DME) 0 320 321
Roshchino International (TJM) Domodedovo International (DME) 0 735 CR2
Roshchino International (TJM) Zvartnots International (EVN) 0 320
Roshchino International (TJM) Pulkovo (LED) 0 CR2
Roshchino International (TJM) Noyabrsk (NOJ) 0 CR2
Roshchino International (TJM) Novy Urengoy (NUX) 0 735 CR2
Roshchino International (TJM) Nyagan (NYA) 0 CR2
Roshchino International (TJM) Nadym (NYM) 0 735 CR2
Roshchino International (TJM) Tolmachevo (OVB) 0 CR2
Roshchino International (TJM) Salekhard (SLY) 0 320 CR2 735
Tarko-Sale (TQL) Salekhard (SLY) 0 L4T
Ufa International (UFA) Domodedovo International (DME) 0 CR2
Ufa International (UFA) Noyabrsk (NOJ) 0 CR2
Ufa International (UFA) Novy Urengoy (NUX) 0 CR2
Ufa International (UFA) Nadym (NYM) 0 CR2

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