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The Airport Search allows you to search our entire database of over 45,000 airports using only an IATA ID, ICAO ID, FAA ID, Airport Name, City, State, or Country.

Partial entry is also allowed in searches if, for example, you only know part of a city name.

For example, a search in the City field for Los would return records with Los Alamos as well as Los Angeles.
A wildcard character, %, may also be used. A search for %gel% would also turn up Los Angeles as a result but may also turn up any name or ID also containing gel in it.

Feel free to experiment with different searches.

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Airmen Quick Search Help
Enter any combination of search criteria and click Get Airmen Information.

Partial entry is allowed in searches. For example, a search in the City field for "Los" would return records with Los Alamos as well as Los Angeles.

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