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      The Airport Guide Basic Search allows searching by airport ID, name, city, state, and country from one field. For a more involved search try the Advanced or Radius Searches.

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      The Advanced Airport Search will find all landing facilities meeting your search criteria.
      Airport IDs
      Landing Facility Use & Type (optional)
      Lat / Long Coordinates
      Instrument Approach? (U.S. only)
    • Radius Search

      The Airport Radius Search will find all landing facilities meeting your search criteria within a certain distance from your home airport or any latitude/longitude combination.

      Hint: This is useful when planning cross country flights.

      STEP 1: Choose your Starting Location
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      Lat / Long Coordinates
      STEP 2: Enter the Search Radius Distance from your Step 1 Location
      STEP 3: Enter Your Search Criteria
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    We at AirportGuide.com are pilots that love to travel. Since pilots and travelers have different needs, we proudly present our Travel Store and Pilot Store.

    Between both stores, you should be able to find anything you need related to traveling whether you are flying the plane yourself or just a passenger.
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  • Airlines

    Search the airline database by name, IATA ID, ICAO ID, frequent flyer program, and/or airline alliance.

    Enter any combination of search criteria and click Search Airlines.
    Partial entry is allowed in searches. For example, a search in the Name field for "can" would return records with American Airlines as well as Air Canada.

  • Airmen

    To have your name removed from AirportGuide.com and any other web sites, you must contact the FAA to have your name removed from the public listing. At the next FAA database update, your name will be removed from AirportGuide.com. For immediate removal from this site, send an email to support(at)airportguide.com with the URL of the page and/or your full name and city.
    Click here to be taken to the FAA site where you can start the process to remove your name.
    The Airmen Search will search the FAA's Airmen Certification database by name, location, rating, medical class, and more.

    Enter any combination of search criteria and click Search Airmen.
    Partial entry is allowed in searches. For example, a search in the City field for "Los" would return records with Los Alamos as well as Los Angeles.

    * Foreign Based refers to pilots not based in the United States
  • FBOs & Fuel

    The FBO Search will search airport Fixed Based Operators by airport, fuel, services, and more.

    Airport IDs
    FBO Services
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  • iPhone App

    ag-app-logo-100pxUnlike other apps, Airport Guide for Pilots is designed by and for pilots to aid in flight planning by answering questions such as

    "what airport has a paved runway at least 4000 feet long, above 3000 feet MSL, in the state of California, and between 100 and 150 miles of Los Angeles."

    Only 1 public airport meets that criteria, Yucca Valley (L22)


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