Travelpro® Essentials™ Large Expandable/Compressible Packing Cube

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When getting the most from luggage space matters the only thing better than our Large Packing Cube is our Travelpro® Essentials™ Large Expandable/Compressible Packing Cube. Offering ample room for several pieces of rolled or folded clothing–from t-shirts shorts and pants to dresses and button-down shirts our larger-sized expandable packing cube gets extra-efficient with an extra zipper designed to let you compress the air out of the cube’s contents to minimize volume and maximize what you can fit in your luggage. Expand to pack it full then compress it to condense space. Even expanded it fits well in a carry-on bag or checked luggage. Once you use our Travelpro® Essentials™ Packing Cubes you will wonder how you ever packed without them. Made from highly-durable tear-resistant and quick-drying polyester these nearly-weightless cubes are well-constructed with wrap-around zippers and tabbed zipper pulls for easy opening and secure closing. This expandable cube also features an additional compression zipper. Unzip for expansion to pack it full and then zip it up for compression to condense space by removing the air from what is packed inside. Soft tops facilitate maximum packability and feature a breathable peek-a-boo mesh section. Stackable when expanded and packed with contents these travel cubes double as wardrobe and accessory organizers even at your destination. Use different sized cubes to perfectly configure your luggage get more from your duffel checked or carry-on bag and keep items right where you want them.


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