Crew™ VersaPack™ Packing Cubes Organizer (Max Size Compatible)

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Customize your luggage and stay ultra-organized wherever you land. The Travelpro® Zip-in Packing Cubes Organizer features two built-in zippered packing cubes–great for packing everything from shorts and shirts to undergarments accessories grooming tools cords and more. Plus a zippered full-length rear pocket protects shirts and blouses from wrinkling. Specifically designed to zip into the interior lid of the Crew™ Versa
Pack™ Max Carry-on the Packing Cubes Organizer also works as a free-floating organizer in the main compartment of your carry-on or larger Crew™ Versa
Pack™ check-in models. Pack the way your lifestyle demands and keep everything organized in a zip with the entire line of interchangeable Travelpro® patent-pending Zip-in Organizers. Backed by our Built For a Lifetime Limited Warranty with the Trusted Companion Promise.


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