Crew™ VersaPack™ Laundry Organizer (Global Size Compatible)

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Finally perfectly-designed integrated storage for your laundry workout clothes beachwear and more! The Travelpro® Zip-in Laundry Organizer features a water-resistant lining that keeps damp or dirty items away from the rest of your packed contents to protect clean garments from migrating moisture and odors. Specifically designed to zip into the interior lid of the Crew™ Versa
Pack™ Global Carry-on the Laundry Organizer also works as a free-floating organizer in the main compartment of your carry-on or in larger Crew™ Versa
Pack™ check-in models. Pack the way your lifestyle demands and keep everything organized in a zip with the entire line of interchangeable Travelpro® patent-pending Zip-in Organizers. Backed by our Built For a Lifetime Limited Warranty with the Trusted Companion Promise.


Condition: new
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