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Airline Name IATA ID ICAO ID Alliance Country Country Code
Z-Aero Airlines KVZ Ukraine UA
Z-Avia RZV Armenia AM
Zaab Air AZB Ghana GH
Zagros Air Z4 GZQ Iran IR
Zagros Airlines Z4 IZG Iran IR
Zairean Airlines ZAR Democratic Republic of the Congo CD
Zambia Communications Flight GRZ Zambia ZM
Zambia Skyways K8 ZAK Zambia ZM
Zanair B4 TAN Tanzania TZ
Zanesville Aviation CIT United States US
Zapolyarye Airline Company PZY Russia RU
Zas Air AZJ Egypt EG
Zenith Aviation BZE United Kingdom GB
Zenith Aviation (Malta) MZE Malta MT
Zephyr Aviation MBG United Kingdom GB
Zephyr Express RZR United States US
Zetavia ZK* ZAV Ukraine UA
Zhejiang Airlines CJG China CN
Zhejiang Loong Airlines GJ CDC China CN
Zhersu Avia RZU Kazakhstan KZ
Zhetysu JTU Kazakhstan KZ
Zhez Air KZH Kazakhstan KZ
Zhongfei General Aviation CFZ China CN
Zimex Aviation XM IMX Switzerland CH
Zoom Airways 3Z ZAW Bangladesh BD
Zorex ORZ Spain ES
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