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Airline Name IATA ID ICAO ID Alliance Country Country Code
F Air FAP Czech Republic CZ
Facts Air FCS Mexico MX
FAI Air Service F3 IFA Germany DE
Fairoaks Flight Centre FFC United Kingdom GB
Falcon Air FAR Slovenia SI
Falcon Airline FAU Nigeria NG
Falcon Aviation Services FVS United Arab Emirates AE
Falcon Jet Centre FJC United Kingdom GB
Falwell Aviation FAW United States US
Far Eastern Air Transport FE EFA Taiwan TW
Farmingdale State University FDL United States US
Farnas Aviation Services RAF Sudan SD
Farwest Airlines FRW United States US
Faso Airways F3 FSW Burkina Faso BF
Fast Air PBR Canada CA
Fastjet FN FTZ Tanzania TZ
Fayban Air Services FAY Nigeria NG
Fayetteville Flying Service and Scheduled Skyways System SKM United States US
Federal Air FDR South Africa ZA
Federal Armed Forces DCN Germany DE
Federal Armored Service FRM United States US
Federal Aviation Administration NHK United States US
Federal Express FX FDX United States US
Feniks Airline FNK Kazakhstan KZ
Feria Aviación FER Spain ES
Fiji Airways FJ FJI Fiji FJ
Fiji Link FJ FJA Fiji FJ
Fika Salaama Airlines N8 HGK Uganda UG
Financial Airxpress FAK United States US
FINFO Flight Inspection Aircraft FLC United States US
Finist'air FTR France FR
Finnair AY FIN oneworld Finland FI
Finnish Air Force FNF Finland FI
Firefly FY FFM Malaysia MY
First Air 7F FAB Canada CA
First Air Transport JRF Japan JP
First City Air MBL United Kingdom GB
First Flying Squadron GGA United States US
First Sabre FTS Mexico MX
FitsAir 8D EXV Sri Lanka LK
Five Forty Aviation 5H FFV Kenya KE
Flagship Express Services FSX United States US
Flair Airlines F8 FLE Canada CA
Flamenco Airways United States US
Flamingo Air FMR United States US
Flamingo Air-Line FLN Kazakhstan KZ
Fleet Requirements Air Direction Unit BWY United Kingdom GB
Fleetair FLR South Africa ZA
Flexflight W2 FXT Denmark DK
Flight Alaska TUD United States US
Flight Calibration Service FCK Germany DE
Flight Centre Victoria FCV Canada CA
Flight Dispatch Services FDP Poland PL
Flight Express, Inc. FLX United States US
Flight Inspections and Systems LTS Russia RU
Flight International IVJ United States US
Flight Line MIT United States US
Flight Line ACT United States US
Flight Ops International FOI United States US
Flight Options OPT United States US
Flight Support Sweden FSU Sweden SE
Flight Trac CCK United States US
Flight West Airlines YC FWQ Australia AU
Flightcraft CSK United States US
Flightexec FEX Canada CA
Flightlink Air Charters Tanzania TZ
Flightworks KDZ United States US
Flightworks FWK United States US
Flint Aviation Services FAZ United States US
Florida Aerocharter KWX United States US
Florida Air OJY United States US
Florida Air Cargo FAS United States US
Florida Coastal Airlines PA FCL United States US
Florida Department of Agriculture FFS United States US
Florida Jet Service FJS United States US
Florida West International Airways RF FWL United States US
FLowair Aviation FLW France FR
FLTPLAN DCM United States US
Flugschule Basel FLU Switzerland CH
Flugschule Eichenberger EZB Switzerland CH
Fly Advance VNX United States US
Fly Excellent FXL Sweden SE
Fly International Airways NVJ Tunisia TN
Fly Jamaica Airways OJ FJM Jamaica JM
Fly Line FIL Spain ES
Fly One 5F FIA Moldova MD
Fly Rak FRB United Arab Emirates AE
FlyAsianXpress D7 XFA Malaysia MY
Flybaboo F7 BBO Switzerland CH
Flybe BE BEE United Kingdom GB
Flycolumbia FCE Spain ES
Flycom FLO Slovenia SI
Flydubai FZ FDB United Arab Emirates AE
Flygaktiebolaget Gota Vingar GVG Sweden SE
Flygprestanda FPA Sweden SE
Flyguppdraget Backamo INU Sweden SE
Flying Fast FLS Mexico MX
Flying Group Luxembourg FYL AirClub Luxembourg LU
Flying Service FYG Belgium BE
Flying-Research Aerogeophysical Center FGP Russia RU
Flynas XY KNE Saudi Arabia SA
Flyteam Aviation FTM United Kingdom GB
FMI Air FMI Myanmar MM
Fonnafly NOF Norway NO
Force Aerienne Francaise FAF France FR
Ford Motor Company FOB United Kingdom GB
Formula One Management FOR United Kingdom GB
Fort Aero FRX Estonia EE
Forward Air International Airlines BN United States US
Foster Aviation FSA United States US
Foster Yeoman JFY United Kingdom GB
Fotografia F3 FTE Spain ES
Four Island Air FIA Antigua and Barbuda AG
Four Winds Aviation WDS United States US
Foxair FXR Italy IT
France Douanes FDO France FR
France Marine Nationale FNY France FR
Freebird Airlines FH FHY Turkey TR
Freedom Air FP FRE United States US
Freedom Air Services FFF Nigeria NG
Freight Runners Express FRG United States US
Fresh Air Aviation BZY United States US
Friendship Air Alaska FAL United States US
Friendship Airlines FLF Uganda UG
Froggy Corporate Aviation FGY Australia AU
Frontier Airlines F9 FFT United States US
Frontier Commuter ITR United States US
Frontier Flying Service 2F FTA United States US
Frontier Guard FNG Finland FI
Fujairah Aviation Centre FUJ United Arab Emirates AE
Fuji Dream Airlines JH FDA Japan JP
Fujian Airlines CFJ China CN
Full Express GAX United States US
Fumigación Aérea Andaluza FMA Spain ES
Fundació Rego ROG Spain ES
Fuxion Line Mexico FUM Mexico MX
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