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Airline Name IATA ID ICAO ID Alliance Country Country Code
D&K Aviation DNK United States US
Daallo Airlines D3 DAO Djibouti DJ
Daimler-Chrysler DCX United States US
Daka DKA Kazakhstan KZ
Dala Air Services DLR Nigeria NG
Danaus Lineas Aereas NAU Mexico MX
Danbury Airways DSA United States US
Dancopter DOP Denmark DK
Danish Air Force DAF Denmark DK
Danish Army DAR Denmark DK
Danish Navy DNY Denmark DK
Danu Oro Transportas DNU Lithuania LT
DAP Helicopteros DHE Chile CL
Darwin Airline 0D DWT Switzerland CH
Dash Air Charter DSH United States US
Dash Aviation GOB United Kingdom GB
Dasnair DGX Switzerland CH
Dassault Aviation DAB France FR
Dassault Falcon Service DSO France FR
DAT Danish Air Transport DX DTR Denmark DK
Data International DTN Sudan SD
Daya Aviation DAY Sri Lanka LK
Deadalos Flugtbetriebs OE IAY Austria AT
Decatur Aviation DAA United States US
Deccan Charters DN DKN India IN
Deer Jet (Beijing) BDJ China CN
Deere and Company JDC United States US
Delaware Skyways DWR United States US
Delta Aerotaxi DEA Italy IT
Delta Air Charter SNO Canada CA
Delta Air Lines DL DAL SkyTeam United States US
Delta Private Jets DPJ United States US
Delta Private Jets ELJ United States US
Delta State University DSU United States US
Denim Air G6 DNM Netherlands NL
Denver Express FEC United States US
Denver Jet DJT United States US
DERA Boscombe Down EGDM United Kingdom GB
Deraya Air Taxi DRY Indonesia ID
Desarrollo Milaz MIZ Mexico MX
Desert Jet DJR United States US
Deutsche Bahn 2A Germany DE
Deutsches Zentrum fur Luft-und Raumfahrt EV LFO Germany DE
DGO Jet DGO Mexico MX
DHL Aero Expreso D5* DAE Panama PA
DHL Air D0 DHK United Kingdom GB
DHL Aviation DHV South Africa ZA
DHL de Guatemala L3 JOS Guatemala GT
DHL International ES DHX Bahrain BH
Di Air DIS Serbia RS
Didier Rousset Buy DRB Chile CL
Digital Equipment Corporation DGT United States US
Direct Flight DCT United Kingdom GB
Dispatch Services XDS United States US
Dixie Airways DEE United States US
Dniproavia Z6* UDN Ukraine UA
Dolphin Express Airlines IXX United States US
Dome Petroleum DPL Canada CA
Dominguez Toledo (Grupo Mayoral) MYO Spain ES
Don Avia DVB Kazakhstan KZ
Donair Flying Club DON United Kingdom GB
Donghai Airlines DZ EPA China CN
Dornier DOR Germany DE
Dornier Aviation Nigeria DAV Nigeria NG
DRB-HICOM dba Asiacargo Express 3G* CXM Malaysia MY
Dream Flyers Training Center DRF Spain ES
Dreamjet B0 DJT France FR
Druk Air KB DRK Bhutan BT
Drummond Island Air DRE United States US
DSWA RSK United States US
Dubai Airwing DUB United Arab Emirates AE
Ducair DUK Luxembourg LU
Duncan Aviation PHD United States US
Durango Jet DJE Mexico MX
Dynair Services XDY United States US
Dynamair Aviation DNR Canada CA
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