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Linhas Aéreas de Moçambique


LAM - Linhas Aéreas de Moçambique
Alameda do Aeropuerto de Mavalane - Avenida de Angola

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Linhas Aéreas de Moçambique Information

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Linhas Aéreas de Moçambique Routes

Departure Destination Stops Equipment
Departure Destination Stops Equipment
Nampula (APL) Beira (BEW) 0 EM2 ER4
Nampula (APL) OR Tambo International (JNB) 0 ER4
Nampula (APL) Maputo (MPM) 0 735 E90 ER4
Nampula (APL) Pemba (POL) 0 ER4 E90
Nampula (APL) Chingozi (TET) 0 EM2 ER4
Nampula (APL) Lichinga (VXC) 0 735 E90 EM2
Beira (BEW) Nampula (APL) 0 EM2 ER4
Beira (BEW) OR Tambo International (JNB) 0 DH4
Beira (BEW) Maputo (MPM) 0 E90 DH4 ER4 735
Beira (BEW) Pemba (POL) 0 EM2
Beira (BEW) Chingozi (TET) 0 EM2 ER4
Beira (BEW) Quelimane (UEL) 0 EM2
Julius Nyerere International (DAR) Pemba (POL) 0 E90
Inhambane (INH) OR Tambo International (JNB) 0 DH4
Inhambane (INH) Maputo (MPM) 0 DH4 EM2
Inhambane (INH) Vilankulo (VNX) 0 DH4 EM2
OR Tambo International (JNB) Nampula (APL) 0 ER4
OR Tambo International (JNB) Beira (BEW) 0 DH4
OR Tambo International (JNB) Inhambane (INH) 0 DH4
OR Tambo International (JNB) Maputo (MPM) 0 E90 ER4 735
OR Tambo International (JNB) Chingozi (TET) 0 ER4 DH4
OR Tambo International (JNB) Vilankulo (VNX) 0 DH4
Quatro de Fevereiro (LAD) Maputo (MPM) 0 E90
Maputo (MPM) Nampula (APL) 0 735 E90 ER4
Maputo (MPM) Beira (BEW) 0 E90 DH4 ER4 735
Maputo (MPM) Inhambane (INH) 0 EM2
Maputo (MPM) OR Tambo International (JNB) 0 E90 ER4 735
Maputo (MPM) Quatro de Fevereiro (LAD) 0 E90
Maputo (MPM) Pemba (POL) 0 E90 735
Maputo (MPM) Chingozi (TET) 0 EM2 E90 DH4 ER4
Maputo (MPM) Quelimane (UEL) 0 735 E90 DH4
Maputo (MPM) Vilankulo (VNX) 0 DH4 EM2
Maputo (MPM) Chimoio (VPY) 0 DH4 EM2
Jomo Kenyatta International (NBO) Pemba (POL) 0 E90 ER4
Pemba (POL) Nampula (APL) 0 ER4 E90
Pemba (POL) Beira (BEW) 0 EM2
Pemba (POL) Julius Nyerere International (DAR) 0 E90
Pemba (POL) Maputo (MPM) 0 E90 735
Pemba (POL) Jomo Kenyatta International (NBO) 0 E90 ER4
Chingozi (TET) Nampula (APL) 0 EM2 ER4
Chingozi (TET) Beira (BEW) 0 EM2 ER4
Chingozi (TET) OR Tambo International (JNB) 0 ER4 DH4
Chingozi (TET) Maputo (MPM) 0 E90 EM2 DH4 ER4
Chingozi (TET) Quelimane (UEL) 0 EM2
Chingozi (TET) Lichinga (VXC) 0 EM2
Quelimane (UEL) Beira (BEW) 0 EM2
Quelimane (UEL) Maputo (MPM) 0 735 E90 DH4
Quelimane (UEL) Chingozi (TET) 0 EM2
Vilankulo (VNX) Inhambane (INH) 0 DH4 EM2
Vilankulo (VNX) OR Tambo International (JNB) 0 DH4
Vilankulo (VNX) Maputo (MPM) 0 EM2
Chimoio (VPY) Maputo (MPM) 0 DH4 EM2
Lichinga (VXC) Nampula (APL) 0 735 E90 EM2
Lichinga (VXC) Chingozi (TET) 0 EM2

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