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Lufttaxi Fluggesellschaft Routes

Departure Destination Stops Equipment
Departure Destination Stops Equipment
Aktobe (AKX) Almaty (ALA) 0 735
Aktobe (AKX) Domodedovo International (DME) 0 735
Aktobe (AKX) Aktau (SCO) 0 CRJ 735
Aktobe (AKX) Astana International (TSE) 0 CRJ
Almaty (ALA) Aktobe (AKX) 0 735
Almaty (ALA) Shymkent (CIT) 0 735
Almaty (ALA) Taraz (DMB) 0 CRJ
Almaty (ALA) Zhezkazgan (DZN) 0 CRJ
Almaty (ALA) Sary-Arka (KGF) 0 CRJ
Almaty (ALA) Kokshetau (KOV) 0 CRJ
Almaty (ALA) Kostanay West (KSN) 0 CRJ
Almaty (ALA) Semipalatinsk (PLX) 0 CRJ
Almaty (ALA) Petropavlosk South (PPK) 0 AN4
Almaty (ALA) Aktau (SCO) 0 735
Almaty (ALA) Astana International (TSE) 0 CRJ 735
Almaty (ALA) Ust-Kamenogorsk (UKK) 0 CRJ
Astrakhan (ASF) Aktau (SCO) 0 CRJ
Flamingo International (BON) Hato International (CUR) 0 BNI
Shymkent (CIT) Almaty (ALA) 0 735
Shymkent (CIT) Domodedovo International (DME) 0 735
Shymkent (CIT) Aktau (SCO) 0 735
Shymkent (CIT) Astana International (TSE) 0 735
Hato International (CUR) Flamingo International (BON) 0 BNI
Taraz (DMB) Almaty (ALA) 0 CRJ
Taraz (DMB) Astana International (TSE) 0 CRJ
Domodedovo International (DME) Aktobe (AKX) 0 735
Domodedovo International (DME) Shymkent (CIT) 0 735
Domodedovo International (DME) Aktau (SCO) 0 735
Zhezkazgan (DZN) Almaty (ALA) 0 CRJ
Zvartnots International (EVN) Aktau (SCO) 0 CRJ
Atyrau (GUW) Aktau (SCO) 0 CRJ
Atyrau (GUW) Astana International (TSE) 0 CRJ
Heydar Aliyev International (GYD) Aktau (SCO) 0 CRJ
Sary-Arka (KGF) Almaty (ALA) 0 CRJ
Sary-Arka (KGF) Kzyl-Orda Southwest (KZO) 0 AN4
Sary-Arka (KGF) Ust-Kamenogorsk (UKK) 0 AN4
Kokshetau (KOV) Almaty (ALA) 0 CRJ
Krasnodar International (KRR) Aktau (SCO) 0 CRJ
Kostanay West (KSN) Almaty (ALA) 0 CRJ
Kzyl-Orda Southwest (KZO) Sary-Arka (KGF) 0 AN4
Kzyl-Orda Southwest (KZO) Aktau (SCO) 0 AN4
Uytash (MCX) Aktau (SCO) 0 CRJ
Mineralnyye Vody (MRV) Aktau (SCO) 0 CRJ
Semipalatinsk (PLX) Almaty (ALA) 0 CRJ
Semipalatinsk (PLX) Astana International (TSE) 0 CRJ
Semipalatinsk (PLX) Ust-Kamenogorsk (UKK) 0 AN4
Petropavlosk South (PPK) Almaty (ALA) 0 AN4
Petropavlosk South (PPK) Astana International (TSE) 0 AN4
Aktau (SCO) Aktobe (AKX) 0 CRJ 735
Aktau (SCO) Almaty (ALA) 0 735
Aktau (SCO) Astrakhan (ASF) 0 CRJ
Aktau (SCO) Shymkent (CIT) 0 735
Aktau (SCO) Domodedovo International (DME) 0 735
Aktau (SCO) Zvartnots International (EVN) 0 CRJ
Aktau (SCO) Atyrau (GUW) 0 CRJ
Aktau (SCO) Heydar Aliyev International (GYD) 0 CRJ
Aktau (SCO) Krasnodar International (KRR) 0 CRJ
Aktau (SCO) Kzyl-Orda Southwest (KZO) 0 AN4
Aktau (SCO) Uytash (MCX) 0 CRJ
Aktau (SCO) Mineralnyye Vody (MRV) 0 CRJ
Aktau (SCO) Tbilisi International (TBS) 0 CRJ
Aktau (SCO) Astana International (TSE) 0 735
Aktau (SCO) Uralsk (URA) 0 AN4
Zaysan (SZI) Ust-Kamenogorsk (UKK) 0 AN4
Tbilisi International (TBS) Aktau (SCO) 0 CRJ
Astana International (TSE) Aktobe (AKX) 0 CRJ
Astana International (TSE) Almaty (ALA) 0 735 CRJ
Astana International (TSE) Shymkent (CIT) 0 735
Astana International (TSE) Taraz (DMB) 0 CRJ
Astana International (TSE) Atyrau (GUW) 0 CRJ
Astana International (TSE) Semipalatinsk (PLX) 0 CRJ
Astana International (TSE) Petropavlosk South (PPK) 0 AN4
Astana International (TSE) Aktau (SCO) 0 735
Astana International (TSE) Ust-Kamenogorsk (UKK) 0 CRJ
Ust-Kamenogorsk (UKK) Almaty (ALA) 0 CRJ
Ust-Kamenogorsk (UKK) Sary-Arka (KGF) 0 AN4
Ust-Kamenogorsk (UKK) Semipalatinsk (PLX) 0 AN4
Ust-Kamenogorsk (UKK) Zaysan (SZI) 0 AN4
Ust-Kamenogorsk (UKK) Astana International (TSE) 0 CRJ
Uralsk (URA) Aktau (SCO) 0 AN4