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Communications - Neuburg Airport
Neuburg, Bavaria, Germany

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ETSN Airport Communication Frequencies: Neuburg Airport

ETSN Airport Communications

CTAF:  122.4
CTAF:  127.1
CTAF:  126.7
CTAF:  124.8
CTAF:  119.5
CTAF:  120.7
CTAF:  125.7
CTAF:  122.6
CTAF:  118.8
DONAU TWR:  24.04
DONAU TWR:  122.1
MISC:  125.7
MISC:  119.8
MISC:  125.7
MISC:  118.15
MISC:  114.2
MISC:  118.15
MISC:  120.6
MISC:  122.3
MISC:  120.6
MISC:  122.3
MISC:  120.6
MISC:  122.3
MUNCHEN CON:  136.525
MISC:  128.6
MISC:  121.3

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