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LogTen Pro X for Mac, iPad & iPhone

LogTen Pro X, The world's most advanced pilot logbook, evolved.

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  • Easily import existing data and customize to your needs
  • Automatically track currency and duty limits, as well as filter using powerful Smart Groups
  • Print stunning reports and logbooks for most official formats
  • LogTen Pro X for Mac works seamlessly with LogTen Pro for iPhone and iPad
  • Automatic processing of airline schedules
  • Customer service second to none
  • Free for student pilots*
  • and a lot more …

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If you are looking for the ultimate logbook that you can take anywhere, then look no further than the

LogTen Pro X for Macintosh,
LogTen Pro X Pilot Logbook for iPhone,
LogTen Pro X Pilot Logbook for iPad.

VortexLog Online Pilot Logbook

Vortex Log Online Pilot Logbook

If you prefer to only work in an online environment so your logbook is as close as the nearest web browser then Vortex Log is for you.
Some of the features include:

  • The Career Wizard helps you start off right on the money by giving you the most likely logbook fields you might need.
  • An aesthetically pleasing interface makes your experience ever so easy and fun, in addition it saves you that much needed eyesight to do what's really important... Flying ofcourse!
  • The Flight Time Filter allows you to search for whatever flight it is you're looking for. You'll see the beauty of this when you begin stacking up thousands of hours over the years.
  • The custom Currency Warning creator lets you create warnings that pop up when you go over or under a certain criteria that you specify. It's tough to keep track (or maybe it isn't) of all regulations, this is just another way that Vortex Log makes your flying days simple, and legal... but most importantly, safer.
  • Highly customized interface, change anything from colors to columns. It's your logbook, and there shouldn't be two like it.
  • Our line and pie charts can help you gain a great deal of awareness of your experience as well as make an excellent selling point for a future employer.
  • Upload scans of your logbook pages or photos from your last flight. The File Manager is a convenient and secure place to store your data in different formats.
  • Flight experience reports.

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