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Make the most of your next trip by knowing where to go to and what to avoid.

Trust ZAGAT, the undisputed world authority for ratings and reviews for over 40,000 Restaurants, Nightspots, Hotels, and Attractions.

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Trusted Ratings & Reviews
Get online access to Ratings & Reviews for over 40 Zagat Guides covering over 99 U.S. & International cities.
News & Updates
Stay up-to-date on recently opened restaurants and nightspots, as well as other dining news and events.
Powerful Search
Search by name or keyword and/or browse our handy lists, including Most Popular, Top Food, Noteworthy Newcomers, Best Buys and more!
Useful Tools
Use online menus, maps & directions and other useful tools to help you find the perfect spot for any occasion.
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Save 25% on ZAGAT merchandise from our online Shop and save.
Personalize ZAGAT.com with favorite restaurants, save searches, set your location to your home or office and more!
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