Tuesday 27 October 2020
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Tuesday 27 October 2020     UTC: 09:19:36 GMT (Zulu)   Local:

Piel Urban Messenger Brief Black

Piel Black Flap double magnetic opening revealing large main compartment. Front and back zip-pockets. Adjustable strap.Material: Naked Leather Laptop Messengers,Men's Leather Cases,Women's Laptop Messenger Bags,Business Cases,Flapovers and Messenger Bags,Leather Briefcases,Laptop Messenger Bags,Men's Messenger Bags,Cool Messenger Bags,Men's Classic Messengers,Leather Cases,Messenger Bags,Leather Messengers,Non-Laptop Bags,Women's Laptop Messengers,Leather Laptop Messengers,Men's Messengers,Lea

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