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28 Items FoundRed text in the Airport Type indicates a Private landing facility
Name (Airport IDs) City State Country Type
Name (Airport IDs) City State Country Type
Aboyne Airfield
Heugh-head Scotland United Kingdom Airport
Gigha Airfield
Gigha Island Scotland United Kingdom Airport
Glenforsa Airfield
Glenforsa Scotland United Kingdom Airport
Badminton Airfield
Badminton England United Kingdom Airport
Bidford Airfield
Bidford England United Kingdom Airport
Skye Bridge Ashaig
Isle Of Skye Scotland United Kingdom Airport
Dornoch Scotland United Kingdom Airport
Hinton-in-the-Hedges Airfield
Hinton In The Hedges England United Kingdom Airport
Bada Air Base
Bada Zabaykalsky Krai Russia Airport
Domna Air Base
Domna Zabaykalsky Krai Russia Airport
Chindant Air Base
Chindant Zabaykalsky Krai Russia Airport
Step Air Base
Step Zabaykalsky Krai Russia Airport
Kashtak Airfield
Kashtak Zabaykalsky Krai Russia Airport
Dzhida Air Base
Dzhida Republic of Buryat Russia Airport
Oyok Airfield
Irkutsk Irkutsk Oblast Russia Airport
Ulan-Ude East
Ulan-Ude Vostochny Republic of Buryat Russia Airport
Plestsy Airport
Plesetsk Arkhangelsk Oblast Russia Airport
Soltsy-2 Air Base
Soltsy Novgorod Oblast Russia Airport
Kasimovo Airfield
St. Petersburg Leningrad Oblast Russia Airport
Severomorsk-3 Naval Air Base
Severomorsk Murmansk Oblast Russia Airport
Ostrov Naval Air Base
Ostrov Pskov Oblast Russia Airport
Lodeynoye Pole Air Base
Lodeynoye Pole Leningrad Oblast Russia Airport
Fedotovo Naval Air Base
Kipelovo Vologda Oblast Russia Airport
Trufanovo Airfield
Vologda Vologda Oblast Russia Airport
Plockton Airstrip
Plockton Scotland United Kingdom Airport
Lebyazhye Air Base
Kamyshin Volgograd Oblast Russia Airport
Vyazma Airport
Vyazma Smolensk Oblast Russia Airport
Sosnovka Airfield
Penza Penza Oblast Russia Airport
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