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ICAO ID ICAO Description
Issued by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO). The 4 letter ID issued by the ICAO.

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LAGJ Gjader Gjadri Lezhe Albania Airport
LA10 Gjirokaster (Gjirokastra) Gjirokaster Gjirokaster Albania Airport
LAKO Korce Northwest Korce Korce Albania Airport
LAKV Kucova Kucova Berat Albania Airport
LATI TIA Tirana Rinas Tirana Tirana Albania Airport
LASK Gjirokaster Gjirokaster Gjirokaster Albania Airport
LAKU Kukes Kukes Kukes Albania Airport
LAVL Vlore Air Base Vlore Vlore Albania Airport
LOXA Aigen Aigen Im Ennstall Styria Austria Airport
LOAR Altlichtenwarth Altlichtenwarth-Muhlberg Lower Austria Austria Airport
LOAB Dobersberg Dobersberg Lower Austria Austria Airport
LOLE Eferding Eferding Upper Austria Austria Airport
LOKF Feldkirchen Oss See Feldkirchen Carinthia Austria Airport
LOKG Ferlach Glainach Ferlach Carinthia Austria Airport
LOLF Freistadt Freistadt Upper Austria Austria Airport
LOGF Fuerstenfeld Furstenfeld Styria Austria Airport
LOLU Gmunden Gmunden Upper Austria Austria Airport
LOWG GRZ Graz Thalerhof Graz Styria Austria Airport
LOKH Hirt Friesach Friesach Carinthia Austria Airport
LOLH Hofkirchen Hofkirchen Upper Austria Austria Airport
LOIH HOH Hohenems Dornbirn Hohenems Vorarlberg Austria Airport
LOWI INN Innsbruck Kranebitten Innsbruck Tyrol Austria Airport
LOGK Kapfenberg Kapfenberg Styria Austria Airport
LOWK KLU Klagenfurt Woerthersee Klagenfurt Carinthia Austria Airport
LOAG Krems Langenlois Krems Lower Austria Austria Airport
LOIK Kufstein Langkampfen Kufstein Tyrol Austria Airport
LOGL Lanzen-Turnau Lanzen Styria Austria Airport
LOAL Leopoldsdorf Pochlarn Lower Austria Austria Airport
LOKL Lienz Nikolsdorf Lienz Tyrol Austria Airport
LOWL LNZ Linz Hoersching Linz Upper Austria Austria Airport
LOLO Linz Ost Linz Upper Austria Austria Airport
LOGM Mariazell Mariazell Styria Austria Airport
LOSM Mauterndorf Mauterndorf Salzburg Austria Airport
LOKM Mayerhofen Mayerhofen Bei Friesach Carinthia Austria Airport
LOLM Micheldorf Micheldorf Upper Austria Austria Airport
LOGO Niederoeblarn Niederoblarn Styria Austria Airport
LOKN Noetsch Im Gailtal Notsch Im Gailtal Carinthia Austria Airport
LOAA Ottenschlag Ottenschlag Lower Austria Austria Airport
LOGP Pinkafeld Pinkafeld Burgenland Austria Airport
LOGG Punitz Guessing Punitz Burgenland Austria Airport
LOIR Reutte - Hoefen Reutte Tyrol Austria Airport
LOLK Ried Kirchheim Ried Upper Austria Austria Airport
LOWS SZG Salzburg Maxglan Salzburg Salzburg Austria Airport
LOLS Schaerding Scharding Upper Austria Austria Airport
LOLC Scharnstein Scharnstein Upper Austria Austria Airport
LOLT Seitenstetten Seitenstetten Lower Austria Austria Airport
LOAS Spitzerberg Spitzerberg Lower Austria Austria Airport
LOLG St Georgen Ybbsfeld St. Georgen Am Ybbsfeld Lower Austria Austria Airport
LOIJ St Johann Tirol St. Johann Tyrol Austria Airport
LOAU Stockerau Stockerau Lower Austria Austria Airport
LOGT Timmersdorf Leoben Styria Austria Airport
LOGI Trieben Trieben Styria Austria Airport
LOXT Tulln Tulln Lower Austria Austria Airport
LOAD Voeltendorf Voltendorf Lower Austria Austria Airport
LOAV Voeslau Voslau Lower Austria Austria Airport
LOGW Weiz Unterfladnitz Weiz Styria Austria Airport
LOLW Wels Wels Upper Austria Austria Airport
LOWW VIE Wien Schwechat Wien (Vienna) Vienna Austria Airport
LOAN Wiener Neustadt Ost Wr. Neustadt Lower Austria Austria Airport
LOKW Wolfsberg Wolfsberg Carinthia Austria Airport
LOXN Wr Neustadt West Wr. Neustadt West Lower Austria Austria Airport
LOWZ Zell Am See Zell Am See Salzburg Austria Airport
LOXZ Zeltweg Zeltweg Styria Austria Airport
LOAC Kittsee Kittsee Burgenland Austria Heliport
LOAE Eisenstadt Eisenstadt Lower Austria Austria Heliport
LOAF Baden Baden Lower Austria Austria Heliport
LOAH Horn Horn Lower Austria Austria Heliport
LOAJ Oamtc Aspern Vienna Austria Heliport
LOAK Krems Krems Lower Austria Austria Heliport
LOAM Meidling Vienna Vienna Austria Heliport
LOAO Oberpullendorf Oberpullendorf Burgenland Austria Heliport
LOAP Waidhofen An Der Ybbs Waidhofen An Der Ybbs Lower Austria Austria Heliport
LOAQ Krankenhaus Amstetten Lower Austria Austria Heliport
LOAT Trausdorf Eisenstadt Burgenland Austria Airport
LOAW Oamtc Wiener Neustadt Lower Austria Austria Heliport
LOAX St. Polten St. Polten Lower Austria Austria Heliport
LOAY Kilb Kilb Lower Austria Austria Heliport
LOAZ Zwettl Zwettl Lower Austria Austria Heliport
LOBA Wien Vienna Vienna Austria Heliport
LOBM Mistelbach Mistelbach Lower Austria Austria Heliport
LODL Business Center Leitner Kirchberg An Der Raab Styria Austria Heliport
LOGA Bad Radkersburg Bad Radkersburg Styria Austria Heliport
LOGC Niederoblarn Niederoblarn Styria Austria Heliport
LOGH Graz Graz Styria Austria Heliport
LOGJ Judenburg Judenburg Styria Austria Heliport
LOGR Schwerpunkt Oberwart Burgenland Austria Heliport
LOIA Kitzbuehel Kitzbuehel Tyrol Austria Heliport
LOIB Horlahof Kitzbuehel Tyrol Austria Heliport
LOIC St. Anton Am Arlberg St. Anton Am Arlberg Vorarlberg Austria Heliport
LOID Kufstein Kufstein Tyrol Austria Heliport
LOIE Reutte Reutte Tyrol Austria Heliport
LOIG Ludesch Ludesch Vorarlberg Austria Heliport
LOII Hall In Tirol Hall In Tirol Tyrol Austria Heliport
LOIL Oamtc Zams Tyrol Austria Heliport
LOIM Langkampfen - Au Langkampfen Tyrol Austria Heliport
LOIN Feuerwehrschule Telfs Tyrol Austria Heliport
LOIO Solden Solden Tyrol Austria Heliport
LOIP Idalpe Ischgl Tyrol Austria Heliport
LOIQ Dr. Schenk Feldkirch Vorarlberg Austria Heliport
LOIS Swarovski Wattens Tyrol Austria Heliport
LOIT Bodenlandeplatz Ground Landing Area St Johann In Tirol Tyrol Austria Heliport
LOIU Uni Klinik Innsbruck Tyrol Austria Heliport
LOIV St. Vinzenz Zams Tyrol Austria Heliport
LOIW Waidring Waidring Tyrol Austria Heliport
LOIX Bregenz Bregenz Vorarlberg Austria Heliport
LOIY Sanatorium Dr. Schenk Schruns Vorarlberg Austria Heliport
LOIZ Schwaz Schwaz Tyrol Austria Heliport
LOJK Kaltenbach Kaltenbach Tyrol Austria Heliport
LOJM Mayrhofen Mayrhofen Tyrol Austria Heliport
LOJO Flugrettungszentrum Oamtc Innsbruck Tyrol Austria Heliport
LOJP Karres Karres Tyrol Austria Heliport
LOJT Hat Tux Madseit Tyrol Austria Heliport
LOJZ Zugspitzarena Ehrwald Tyrol Austria Heliport
LOKA Bodenlandeplatz/Ground-Landing Area Klagenfurt Carinthia Austria Heliport
LOKB Bad Kleinkircheim Bad Kleinkircheim Carinthia Austria Heliport
LOKC Glock Ferlach Tyrol Austria Heliport
LOKD Foderlach Villach Carinthia Austria Heliport
LOKI Wietersdorf Wietersdorf Carinthia Austria Heliport
LOKJ Lienz Lienz Tyrol Austria Heliport
LOKK Hallegg Halleg Carinthia Austria Heliport
LOKO Goldeck Talstation Goldeck Talstation Salzburg Austria Heliport
LOKP Deutsch-Ordens-Spital Friesach Carinthia Austria Heliport
LOKQ Oamtc Nikolsdorf Tyrol Austria Heliport
LOKS St. Andra Im Lavanttal St. Andra Carinthia Austria Heliport
LOKT Villach Villach Carinthia Austria Heliport
LOKU Dachlandeplatz 2 Klagenfurt Carinthia Austria Heliport
LOKV Febau Volkermarkt Carinthia Austria Heliport
LOKX Feldkirchen-Waiern Feldkirchen-Waiern Tyrol Austria Heliport
LOKY Landespolizeikommando Karnten Klagenfurt Carinthia Austria Heliport
LOKZ Zwatzhof Zwatzhof Carinthia Austria Heliport
LOLD Europa 3 Flugplatz Suben Upper Austria Austria Heliport
LOMP Patergassen Patergassen Carinthia Austria Heliport
LOMW Dachlandeplatz Wolfsberg Carinthia Austria Heliport
LOSJ St. Johann Im Pongau St. Johann Im Pongau Salzburg Austria Heliport
LOSL Dachlandeplatz Salzburg Salzburg Austria Heliport
LOSS Schwarzach Schwarzach Salzburg Austria Heliport
LOXH Hochfilzen Hochfilzen Tyrol Austria Heliport
LOXI Schwaz Military Schwaz Tyrol Austria Heliport
LOXS Schwarzenbergkaserne Military Salzburg Salzburg Austria Heliport
LQBK BNX Banja Luka Banja Luka Republika Srpska Bosnia and Herzegovina Airport
LQMO Mostar Mostar Federacija Bosna i Hercegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina Airport
LQSA SJJ Sarajevo Sarajevo Federacija Bosna i Hercegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina Airport
LQTZ Tuzla Tuzla Federacija Bosna i Hercegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina Airport
LQBI Biha? sportski aerodrom - Bihac sport Airfield Bihac Federacija Bosna i Hercegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina Airport
LQBZ Zaluzani Banja Luka Republika Srpska Bosnia and Herzegovina Airport
LQJL Tuzla Jegin Lug Sport Airfield Tuzla Federacija Bosna i Hercegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina Airport
LQLV Livno Brda Bosni Livno Federacija Bosna i Hercegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina Airport
LQPD Prijedor Urije Prijedor Republika Srpska Bosnia and Herzegovina Airport
LQVI Visoko Sport Airfield Visoko Federacija Bosna i Hercegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina Airport
LBWB Balchik Balchik Varna Province Bulgaria Airport
LBIA JAM Bezmer Bezmer Jambol Province Bulgaria Airport
LBBG BOJ Burgas Burgas (Bourgas) Burgas Province Bulgaria Airport
LB23 Cheshnegirovo Cheshnegirovo Plovdiv Province Bulgaria Airport
LB43 Dobrich Dobrich Varna Province Bulgaria Airport
LBPL Dolna Mitropoliya Dolna Mitropoliya Pleven Province Bulgaria Airport
LBMG Gabrovnitsa Gabrovnitsa Montana Province Bulgaria Airport
LBGO GOZ Gorna Oryahovitsa Gorna Oryakhovitsa Veliko Tarnovo Province Bulgaria Airport
LBPG Graf Ignatievo Air Base Graf Ignatievo Plovdiv Province Bulgaria Airport
LB39 Graf Ignatievo South Graf Ignatievo South Plovdiv Province Bulgaria Airport
LB42 Kamenets Kamenets Pleven Province Bulgaria Airport
LB32 Konush Konush Plovdiv Province Bulgaria Airport
LBSD Kumaritsa Dobroslavtsi Sofia Bulgaria Airport
LBHS Uzundzhovo Air Base Malevo Haskovo Province Bulgaria Airport
LB29 Maslarevo Maslarevo Veliko Tarnovo Province Bulgaria Airport
LB38 Mustrak Mustrak Haskovo Province Bulgaria Airport
LB45 Petrich Petrich Blagoevgrad Province Bulgaria Airport
LBPD PDV Plovdiv Plovdiv Plovdiv Province Bulgaria Airport
LB27 Podem Podem Pleven Province Bulgaria Airport
LB13 Radomir Dolni Rakovets Afld Radomir Dolni Rakovets Afld Pernik Province Bulgaria Airport
LBRS ROU [X] Ruse Ruse Ruse Province Bulgaria Airport
LBSS SLS Silistra Polkovnik Lambrinovo Airfield Silistra Silistra Province Bulgaria Airport
LBSL Sliven Sliven Jambol Province Bulgaria Airport
LBSF SOF Sofia Sofia Sofia Province Bulgaria Airport
LB36 Sokolovo Sokolovo Varna Province Bulgaria Airport
LB22 Stanke Dimitrov Stanke Dimitrov Kyustendil Province Bulgaria Airport
LB37 Stanke Dimitrov Highway Strip Stanke Dimitrov Highway Strip Kyustendil Province Bulgaria Airport
LBSZ SZR [X] Stara Zagora Stara Zagora Stara Zagora Province Bulgaria Airport
LB34 Stefanovo Stefanovo Varna Province Bulgaria Airport
LB18 Tenevo Tenevo Jambol Province Bulgaria Airport
LB11 Tsalapita Tsalapita Plovdiv Province Bulgaria Airport
LBTG TGV Bukhovtsi Airfield Turgovishte Bukhovtsi Targovishte Province Bulgaria Airport
LBHS Uzundzhovo Air Base Malevo Haskovo Province Bulgaria Airport
LBWN VAR Varna Aksakovo Varna Province Bulgaria Airport
LBVD VID Vidin Smurdan Vidin Smurdan Vidin Province Bulgaria Airport
LB19 Zimnitsa Zimnitsa Jambol Province Bulgaria Airport
LBSZ SZR [X] Stara Zagora Stara Zagora Stara Zagora Province Bulgaria Airport
LB30 LB30 Stryama Stryama Plovdiv Province Bulgaria Airport
LB33 LB33 Leskovo Leskovo Varna Province Bulgaria Airport
LB35 LB35 Golyama Smolnitsa Smolnitsa Varna Province Bulgaria Airport
LBBO Bohot Bohot Pleven Province Bulgaria Airport
LBBR [X] Ravnetz Air Base Ravnetz Burgas Province Bulgaria Airport
LBDB Dolna Banya Dolna Banya Sofia Province Bulgaria Airport
LBGR Grivitsa Grivitsa Pleven Province Bulgaria Airport
LBHT Ihtiman Ihtiman Sofia Province Bulgaria Airport
LBKJ Kainardzha Kainardzha Varna Province Bulgaria Airport
LBKL Kalvacha Kalvacha Stara Zagora Province Bulgaria Airport
LBLN Lozen Lozen Sofia Province Bulgaria Heliport
LBLS Lesnovo Lesnovo Sofia Province Bulgaria Airport
LBPR Primorsko Primorsko Burgas Province Bulgaria Airport
LBRD Erden Erden Montana Province Bulgaria Airport
LBSD [X] Dobroslavtsi Air Base Sofia Sofia Province Bulgaria Airport
LBST Stryama Stryama Plovdiv Province Bulgaria Airport
LBWV Izgrev Izgrev Varna Province Bulgaria Airport
LDSB Brac Brac Split-Dalmatia Croatia Airport
LDOC OSI Cepin Osijek Osijek-Baranja Croatia Airport
LDDU DBV Dubrovnik Dubrovnik Dubrovnik-Neretva Croatia Airport
LDRG Grobnicko Polje Grobnik Primorje-Gorski Kotar Croatia Airport
LDLO LSZ Mali Losinj Losinj Primorje-Gorski Kotar Croatia Airport
LDOS Osijek Osijek Osijek-Baranja Croatia Airport
LDDP Ploce Ploce Dubrovnik-Neretva Croatia Airport
LDPL PUY Pula Pula Istria Croatia Airport
LDRI RJK Rijeka Rijeka Primorje-Gorski Kotar Croatia Airport
LD57 Sepurine Training Base Sepurine Training Base Zadar Croatia Airport
LDSP SPU Split Split Split-Dalmatia Croatia Airport
LDZU Udbina Udbina Lika-Senj Croatia Airport
LDVA Varazdin Varazdin Varazdin Croatia Airport
LDZD ZAD Zadar Zadar Zadar Croatia Airport
LDZA ZAG Zagreb Zagreb Zagreb (city) Croatia Airport
LDOB Vukovar Borovo N Vukovar Vukovar-Srijem Croatia Airport
LDOR Slavonski Jelas Slavonski Brod-Posavina Croatia Airport
LDOV Vinkovci Sopot Vinkovci Vukovar-Srijem Croatia Airport
LDPM Medulin Campanoz Medulin Istria Croatia Airport
LDPN Unije Unije Island Primorje-Gorski Kotar Croatia Airport
LDPV Vrsar Crljenka Vrsar Istria Croatia Airport
LDRO Oto?ac Otocac Lika-Senj Croatia Airport
LDSH Hvar Private Hvar Island Split-Dalmatia Croatia Airport
LDSS Sinj Glider Sinj Split-Dalmatia Croatia Airport
LDVC Cakovec Cakovec Medimurje Croatia Airport
LDVD Daruvar Blagorod Daruvar Bjelovar-Bilogora Croatia Airport
LDVK [X] Koprivnica Danic Koprivnica Koprivnica-Krizevci Croatia Airport
LDZB Busevec Velika Glider Busevec Zagreb Croatia Airport
LDZC [X] Cazma Cazma Bjelovar-Bilogora Croatia Airport
LDZJ Bjelovar Brezova Bjelovar Bjelovar-Bilogora Croatia Airport
LDZL Lu?ko Zagreb Zagreb (city) Croatia Airport
LCRA AKT Akrotiri Akrotiri Limassol District Cyprus Airport
LCLK LCA Larnaca Larnaca Larnarca District Cyprus Airport
LCPH PFO Pafos International Paphos Paphos District Cyprus Airport
LCNC NIC [X] Nicosia International Nicosia Nicosia District Cyprus Airport
LCEN ECN Ercan International Nicosia Nicosia District Cyprus Airport
LKBC Bechyne Bechyne South Bohemian Region Czech Republic Airport
LKBE Benesov Benesov Central Bohemian Region Czech Republic Airport
LKBO Bohunovice Bohunovice Olomouc Region Czech Republic Airport
LKBA Breclav Breclav South Moravian Region Czech Republic Airport
LKBR Broumov Broumov Hradec Kralove Region Czech Republic Airport
LKBU Bubovice Bubovice Central Bohemian Region Czech Republic Airport
LKCV Caslav Caslav Central Bohemian Region Czech Republic Airport
LKCE Ceska Lipa Ceska Lipa Liberec Region Czech Republic Airport
LKCS Ceske Budejovice Ceske Budejovice South Bohemian Region Czech Republic Airport
LKCH Chomutov Chomutov Usti Nad Labem Region Czech Republic Airport
LKCT Chotebor Chotebor Vysocina Region Czech Republic Airport
LKCR Chrudim Chrudim Pardubice Region Czech Republic Airport
LKDK Dvur Kralove Dvur Kralove Hradec Kralove Region Czech Republic Airport
LKER Erpuzice Erpuzice Plzen Region Czech Republic Airport
LKFR Frydlant Frydlant Moravian-Silesian Region Czech Republic Airport
LKHB Havlickuv Brod Havlickuv Brod Vysocina Region Czech Republic Airport
LKHD Hodkovice Hodkovice Liberec Region Czech Republic Airport
LKHC Horice Horice Hradec Kralove Region Czech Republic Airport
LKHV Horovice Horovice Central Bohemian Region Czech Republic Airport
LKHS Hosin Hosin South Bohemian Region Czech Republic Airport
LKHR Hradcany Hradcany Liberec Region Czech Republic Airport
LKHK Hradec Kralove Hradec Kralove Hradec Kralove Region Czech Republic Airport
LKHN Hranice Hranice Olomouc Region Czech Republic Airport
LKJA Jaromer Jaromer Hradec Kralove Region Czech Republic Airport
LKJC Jicin Jicin Hradec Kralove Region Czech Republic Airport
LKJI Jihlava Jihlava Vysocina Region Czech Republic Airport
LKJH Jindrichuv Hradec Jindrichuv Hradec South Bohemian Region Czech Republic Airport
LKKV KLV Karlovy Vary Karlovy Vary Carlsbad Region Czech Republic Airport
LKKB Kbely Kbely Prague (capital city) Czech Republic Airport
LKKL Kladno Kladno Central Bohemian Region Czech Republic Airport
LKKT Klatovy Klatovy Plzen Region Czech Republic Airport
LKKO Kolin Kolin Central Bohemian Region Czech Republic Airport
LKKA Krizanov Krizanov Vysocina Region Czech Republic Airport
LKKC Krizenec Krizenec Plzen Region Czech Republic Airport
LKKR Krnov Krnov Moravian-Silesian Region Czech Republic Airport
LKKM Kromeriz Kromeriz Zlin Region Czech Republic Airport
LKKU Kunovice Kunovice Zlin Region Czech Republic Airport
LKKY Kyjov Kyjov South Moravian Region Czech Republic Airport
LKPL Letkov Letkov Plzen Region Czech Republic Airport
LKLT Letnany Letnany Prague (capital city) Czech Republic Airport
LKLB Liberec Liberec Liberec Region Czech Republic Airport
LKMR Marianske Lazne Marianske Lazne Carlsbad Region Czech Republic Airport
LKCM Medlanky Medlanky South Moravian Region Czech Republic Airport
LKMI Mikulovice Mikulovice Olomouc Region Czech Republic Airport
LKML Milovice Milovice Central Bohemian Region Czech Republic Airport
LKMB Mlada Boleslav Mlada Boleslav Central Bohemian Region Czech Republic Airport
LKMH Mnichovo Hradiste Mnichovo Hradiste Central Bohemian Region Czech Republic Airport
LKMK Moravska Trebova Moravska Trebova Pardubice Region Czech Republic Airport
LKMO Most Most Usti Nad Labem Region Czech Republic Airport
LKNA Namest Namest Vysocina Region Czech Republic Airport
LKNM Nove Mesto Nove Mesto Hradec Kralove Region Czech Republic Airport
LKNY Nymburk Nymburk Central Bohemian Region Czech Republic Airport
LKOL OLO Olomouc Olomouc Olomouc Region Czech Republic Airport
LKMT OSR Ostrava Mosnov Ostrava Moravian-Silesian Region Czech Republic Airport
LKOT Otrokovice Otrokovice Zlin Region Czech Republic Airport
LKPV [X] Pacov Vezna Vysocina Region Czech Republic Airport
LKPC Panensky Tynec Panensky Tynec Usti Nad Labem Region Czech Republic Airport
LKPD Pardubice Pardubice Pardubice Region Czech Republic Airport
LKPS Plasy Plasy Plzen Region Czech Republic Airport
LKLN Plzen - Line Plzen/Line Plzen Region Czech Republic Airport
LKPN Podhorany Podhorany Pardubice Region Czech Republic Airport
LKPA Policka Policka Pardubice Region Czech Republic Airport
LKPR PRG Praha - Ruzyne Praha (Prague) Prague (capital city) Czech Republic Airport
LKPO PRV Prerov Prerov Olomouc Region Czech Republic Airport
LKPM Pribram Pribram Central Bohemian Region Czech Republic Airport
LKPI Pribyslav Pribyslav Vysocina Region Czech Republic Airport
LKPJ Prostejov Prostejov Olomouc Region Czech Republic Airport
LKRK Rakovnik Rakovnik Central Bohemian Region Czech Republic Airport
LKRA Rana Rana Usti Nad Labem Region Czech Republic Airport
LKRY Rokycany Rokycany Plzen Region Czech Republic Airport
LKRO Roudnice Roudnice Usti Nad Labem Region Czech Republic Airport
LKSZ Sazena Sazena Central Bohemian Region Czech Republic Airport
LKSK Skutec Skutec Pardubice Region Czech Republic Airport
LKSN Slany Slany Central Bohemian Region Czech Republic Airport
LKSO Sobeslav Sobeslav South Bohemian Region Czech Republic Airport
LKSA Stankov Stankov Plzen Region Czech Republic Airport
LKSB Stichovice Stichovice Olomouc Region Czech Republic Airport
LKST Strakonice Strakonice South Bohemian Region Czech Republic Airport
LKSR Strunkovice Strunkovice South Bohemian Region Czech Republic Airport
LKSU Sumperk Sumperk Olomouc Region Czech Republic Airport
LKTA Tabor Tabor South Bohemian Region Czech Republic Airport
LKTD Tachov Tachov Plzen Region Czech Republic Airport
LKTC Tocna Tocna Prague (capital city) Czech Republic Airport
LKTO Touzim Touzim Carlsbad Region Czech Republic Airport
LKTB BRQ Turany Brno South Moravian Region Czech Republic Airport
LKUL Usti Nad Labem Usti Nad Labem Usti Nad Labem Region Czech Republic Airport
LKUO Usti Nad Orlici Usti Nad Orlici Pardubice Region Czech Republic Airport
LKVP Velke Porici Velke Porici Hradec Kralove Region Czech Republic Airport
LKVL Vlasim Vlasim Central Bohemian Region Czech Republic Airport
LKVO Vodochody Vodochody Central Bohemian Region Czech Republic Airport
LKVR Vrchlabi Vrchlabi Hradec Kralove Region Czech Republic Airport
LKTV Vsechov Tabor Vsechov South Bohemian Region Czech Republic Airport
LKVY Vyskov Vyskov South Moravian Region Czech Republic Airport
LKVM Vysoke Myto Vysoke Myto Pardubice Region Czech Republic Airport
LKZA Zabreh Zabreh Moravian-Silesian Region Czech Republic Airport
LKZM Zamberk Zamberk Pardubice Region Czech Republic Airport
LKZD Zatec/Macerka Zatec/Macerka Usti Nad Labem Region Czech Republic Airport
LKZB Zbraslavice Zbraslavice Central Bohemian Region Czech Republic Airport
LKZN Znojmo Znojmo South Moravian Region Czech Republic Airport
LKCB Cheb Cheb Carlsbad Region Czech Republic Airport
LKCL Cernovice Cernovice South Moravian Region Czech Republic Airport
LKCO Chocen Chocen Pardubice Region Czech Republic Airport
LKHO GTW Holesov Holesov Zlin Region Czech Republic Airport
LFOI XAB Abbeville Abbeville Picardie France Airport
LFBA AGF Agen La Garenne Agen Aquitaine France Airport
LFDA Aire Sur L'adour Aire-Sur-L'adour Aquitaine France Airport
LF01 Aire Sur La Lys Aire Sur La Lys Nord-Pas-de-Calais France Airport
LFLB CMF Aix-Les-Bains Chambery Rhone Alpes France Airport
LFAQ Albert Bray Albert Picardie France Airport
LFKA XAV Albertville Albertville Rhone Alpes France Airport
LFOF XAN Alencon Valframbert Alencon Lower Normandy France Airport
LFXA Amberieu Amberieu Rhone Alpes France Airport
LFHT Ambert Le Poyet Ambert-Le-Poyet Auvergne France Airport
LFEF XAM Amboise Dierre Amboise Centre France Airport
LFAY QAM Amiens Glisy Amiens Picardie France Airport
LFFI Ancenis Ancenis Pays-de-la-Loire France Airport
LFCD Andernos-Les-Bains Andernos-Les-Bains Aquitaine France Airport
LFJR ANE Angers Marce Angers Pays-de-la-Loire France Airport
LFBU ANG Angouleme Brie Champniers Angouleme Poitou-Charentes France Airport
LFLP NCY Annecy Haute-Sovoie Mont Blanc Meythet Annecy Rhone Alpes France Airport
LFLI QNJ Annemasse Annemasse Rhone Alpes France Airport
LFCG Antichan Saint-Girons Midi-Pyrenees France Airport
LFXI Apt Saint Christol Saint-Christol Provence-Alpes-Cote-d'Azur France Airport
LFLK Arbent Oyonnax-Arbent Rhone Alpes France Airport
LFGD Arbois Arbois Franche-Comte France Airport
LFCH XAC Arcachon Arcachon Aquitaine France Airport
LFAJ Argentan Argentan Lower Normandy France Airport
LFEG Argenton Sur Creuse Argenton-Sur-Creuse Centre France Airport
LFNJ Aspres Sur Buech Aspres-Sur-Buech Provence-Alpes-Cote-d'Azur France Airport
LFHO OBS Aubenas Aubenas Rhone Alpes France Airport
LFEH Aubigny Sur Nere Aubigny-Sur-Nere Centre France Airport
LFDH Auch Lamothe Auch Midi-Pyrenees France Airport
LFLW AUR Aurillac Aurillac Auvergne France Airport
LFQF Autun Bellevue Autun Burgundy France Airport
LFLA AUF Auxerre Branches Auxerre Burgundy France Airport
LFGE Avallon Avallon Burgundy France Airport
LFOA Avord Avord Centre France Airport
LFCB Bagneres De Luchon Bagneres De Luchon Midi-Pyrenees France Airport
LFAO Bagnoles De L Orne Couterne Bagnole-De-L'orne Lower Normandy France Airport
LFFL Bailleau Armenonville Bailleau-Armenonville Centre France Airport
LFSB BSL EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg Basel Alsace France Airport
LFEU XBD Bar Le Duc Les Hauts De Chee Bar-Le-Duc Lorraine France Airport
LFFR Bar Sur Seine Bar-Sur-Seine Champagne-Ardenne France Airport
LFKB BIA Bastia Poretta Bastia Corsica France Airport
LFGF XBV Beaune Challanges Beaune Burgundy France Airport
LFOB BVA Beauvais-Tille Beauvais Picardie France Airport
LFNX Bedarieux La Tour Sur Orb Bedarieux-La-Tour-Sur-Orb Languedoc-Roussillon France Airport
LFGG Belfort Chaux Belfort Franche-Comte France Airport
LFSQ BOR Belfort Fontaine Belfort Franche-Comte France Airport
LFEA Belle Ile Belle-Ile Brittany France Airport
LFHW Belleville Villie Morgon Belleville-Villie-Morgon Rhone Alpes France Airport
LFKY Belley Peyrieu Belley-Peyrieu Rhone Alpes France Airport
LFIF Belmont Saint-Afrique-Belmont Midi-Pyrenees France Airport
LFIB Belves Saint Pardoux Belves-Saint-Pardoux Aquitaine France Airport
LFQL XLE Benifontaine Lens Nord-Pas-de-Calais France Airport
LFAM Berck Sur Mer Berck-Sur-Mer Nord-Pas-de-Calais France Airport
LFBE EGC Bergerac Roumaniere Bergerac Aquitaine France Airport
LFPD XBX Bernay Saint Martin Bernay Upper Normandy France Airport
LFQM Besancon La Veze Besancon-La Veze Franche-Comte France Airport
LFSA QBQ Besancon Thise Besancon Franche-Comte France Airport
LFPF Beynes Thiverval Beynes-Thiverval Ile-de-France France Airport
LFMU BZR Beziers Vias Beziers Languedoc-Roussillon France Airport
LFBZ BIQ Biarritz-Anglet-Bayonne Biarritz/Bayonne Aquitaine France Airport
LFBS Biscarosse Parentis Biscarosse Aquitaine France Airport
LFOQ XBQ Blois Le Breuil Blois Centre France Airport
LFCS Bordeaux Leognan Saucats Bordeaux Aquitaine France Airport
LFBD BOD Bordeaux Merignac Bordeaux Aquitaine France Airport
LFDY Bordeaux Yvrac Bordeaux Aquitaine France Airport
LFHS QBM Bourg Ceyzeriat Bourg St. Maurice Rhone Alpes France Airport
LFLD BOU Bourges Bourges Centre France Airport
LFRB BES Brest Bretagne Brest Brittany France Airport
LFPY Bretigny Sur Orge Bretigny-Sur-Orge Ile-de-France France Airport
LFEI Briare Chatillon Briare Centre France Airport
LFOJ ORE Bricy Orleans Centre France Airport
LFFN Brienne Le Chateau Brienne-Le-Chateau Champagne-Ardenne France Airport
LFHR Brioude Beaumont Brioude-Beaumont Auvergne France Airport
LFFB Buno Bonnevaux Buno-Bonnevaux Ile-de-France France Airport
LFRK CFR Caen Carpiquet Caen Lower Normandy France Airport
LFCC ZAO Cahors Lalbenque Cahors Midi-Pyrenees France Airport
LFAC Calais Dunkerque Calais Dunkerque Nord-Pas-de-Calais France Airport
LFQT HZB Calonne Hazebrouck Nord-Pas-de-Calais France Airport
LFNG Candillargues Montpellier-Candillargues Languedoc-Roussillon France Airport
LFMO XOG Caritat Ab Orange Provence-Alpes-Cote-d'Azur France Airport
LFNH Carpentras Carpentras Provence-Alpes-Cote-d'Azur France Airport
LFIG Cassagnes Begonhes Cassagnes-Begonhes Midi-Pyrenees France Airport
LFDQ Castelnau Magnoac Castelnau-Magnoac Midi-Pyrenees France Airport
LFMW Castelnaudary Villeneuve Castelnaudary-Villeneuve Languedoc-Roussillon France Airport
LFCX Castelsarrasin Moissac Castelsarrasin Midi-Pyrenees France Airport
LF02 Castillonnes Cavarc Castillonnes Cavarc Aquitaine France Airport
LFMV AVN Caumont Avignon Provence-Alpes-Cote-d'Azur France Airport
LFBC Cazaux Cazaux Aquitaine France Airport
LFIH Chalais Chalais Poitou-Charentes France Airport
LFLE Challes-Les-Eaux Chambery-Challes-Les-Eaux Rhone Alpes France Airport
LFLH XCD Chalon Champforgueil Chalon-Sur-Saone Burgundy France Airport
LFQK Chalons Ecury Sur Coole Chalons Champagne-Ardenne France Airport
LFOK Chalons Vatry Chalon Champagne-Ardenne France Airport
LFJY Chambley Chambley Lorraine France Airport
LFGX Champagnole Crotenay Champagnole Franche-Comte France Airport
LFQV XCZ Charleville Mezieres Charleville-Mezieres Champagne-Ardenne France Airport
LFOR QTJ Chartres Champol Chartres Centre France Airport
LFFH XCY Chateau Thierry Belleau Chateau-Thierry Picardie France Airport
LFTQ Chateaubriant Pouance Chateaubriant-Pouance Pays-de-la-Loire France Airport
LFOC Chateaudun Ab Chateaudun Centre France Airport
LFFU Chateauneuf Sur Cher Chateauneuf-Sur-Cher Centre France Airport
LFLX CHR Chateauroux Deols Chateauroux Centre France Airport
LFEJ Chateauroux Villers Chateauroux Centre France Airport
LFCA XCX Chatellerault Targe Chatellerault Poitou-Charentes France Airport
LFQH Chatillon Sur Seine Chatillon-Sur-Seine Burgundy France Airport
LFJA XCW Chaumont Semoutiers Chaumont Champagne-Ardenne France Airport
LFDW Chauvigny Chauvigny Poitou-Charentes France Airport
LFPX Chavenay Villepreux Chavenay Ile-de-France France Airport
LFPH Chelles Le Pin Chelles-Le Pin Ile-de-France France Airport
LFRC CER Cherbourg Maupertus Cherbourg Lower Normandy France Airport
LFOU CET Cholet Le Pontreau Cholet Pays-de-la-Loire France Airport
LFJC Clamecy Clamecy Burgundy France Airport
LFLC CFE Clermont-Ferrand_Auvergne Clermont-Ferrand Auvergne France Airport
LFXQ Coetquidan Coetquidan Brittany France Airport
LFBG CNG Cognac Chateau Bernard Cognac Poitou-Charentes France Airport
LFAD XCP Compiegne Margny Compiegne Picardie France Airport
LFDZ Condat Sur Vezere Condat-Sur-Vezere Aquitaine France Airport
LFAN Conde Sur Noireau Conde Sur Noireau Lower Normandy France Airport
LFID Condom Valence Sur Baise Condom-Valence-Sur-Baise Midi-Pyrenees France Airport
LFKT Corte Corte Corsica France Airport
LFGH Cosne Sur Loire Cosne-Sur-Loire Burgundy France Airport
LFDV Couhe Verac Couhe Poitou-Charentes France Airport
LFPK Coulommiers1 Coulommiers-Voisins Ile-de-France France Airport
LFME Courbessac Nimes-Courbessac Languedoc-Roussillon France Airport
LFLJ CVF Courchevel Courchevel Rhone Alpes France Airport
LFPC CSF Creil Ab Creil Picardie France Airport
LFYD Damblain Damblain Lorraine France Airport
LFBY XDA Dax Seyresse Dax Aquitaine France Airport
LFRG DOL Deauville Saint Gatien Deauville Lower Normandy France Airport
LFMS XAS Deaux Ales Languedoc-Roussillon France Airport
LFAV XVS Denain Valenciennes Nord-Pas-de-Calais France Airport
LFAB DPE Dieppe Saint Aubin Dieppe Upper Normandy France Airport
LFQZ Dieuze Gueblange Dieuze-Gueblange Lorraine France Airport
LFGI Dijon Darois Dijon Burgundy France Airport
LFSD DIJ Dijon Longvic Ab Dijon Burgundy France Airport
LFEB Dinantrelivan Dinan Brittany France Airport
LFRD DNR Dinard Pleurtuit-St Malo Dinard/Pleurtuit Brittany France Airport
LFGJ DLE Dole Tavaux Dole Franche-Comte France Airport
LFGR Doncourt Les Conflans Doncourt-Les-Conflans Lorraine France Airport
LFON XDR Dreux Vernouillet Dreux Centre France Airport
LFDE Egletons Egletons Limousin France Airport
LFQJ XME Elesmes Maubeuge Nord-Pas-de-Calais France Airport
LFFE Enghien Moisselles Enghien-Moisselles Ile-de-France France Airport
LFST SXB Entzheim Strasbourg Alsace France Airport
LFSW XEP Epernay Plivot Epernay Champagne-Ardenne France Airport
LFSE Epinal Dogneville Epinal-Dogneville Lorraine France Airport
LFSG EPL Epinal Mirecourt Epinal Lorraine France Airport
LFQI Epinoy Ba Cambrai Nord-Pas-de-Calais France Airport
LFOX Etampes Montdesir Etampes-Montdesir Ile-de-France France Airport
LFFY Etrepagny Etrepagny Upper Normandy France Airport
LFAE Eu Mers Le Treport Eu-Mers Picardie France Airport
LFNE Eyguieres Salon-Eyguieres Provence-Alpes-Cote-d'Azur France Airport
LFAS Falaise Mont D Eraines Falaise-Monts-D'eraines Lower Normandy France Airport
LFOE EVX Fauville Evreux Upper Normandy France Airport
LFMF Fayence Fayence Provence-Alpes-Cote-d'Azur France Airport
LFLZ Feurs Chambeon Feurs-Chambeon Rhone Alpes France Airport
LFKF FSC Figari Sud Corse Figari Corsica France Airport
LFCF Figeac Livernon Figeac Midi-Pyrenees France Airport
LFOG Flers Saint Paul Flers-Saint Paul Lower Normandy France Airport
LFNO Florac Sainte Enimie Florac-Saint-Enimie Languedoc-Roussillon France Airport
LF04 Fontaine Simon Fontaine Simon Centre France Airport
LFFK Fontenay Le Comte Fontenay-Le-Conte Pays-de-la-Loire France Airport
LFPQ Fontenay Tresigny Fontenay-Tresigny Ile-de-France France Airport
LFBF Francazal Ab Toulouse Midi-Pyrenees France Airport
LFDX Fumel Montayral Fumel Aquitaine France Airport
LFDG Gaillac L Isle Sur Tarn Gaillac Midi-Pyrenees France Airport
LFTW FNI Garons Navy Nimes Languedoc-Roussillon France Airport
LF05 Geville Geville Lorraine France Airport
LFKG Ghisonaccia Alzitone Ghisonaccia-Alzitone Corsica France Airport
LFRF GFR Granville Granville Lower Normandy France Airport
LFEV Gray Saint Adrien Gray-Saint Adrien Franche-Comte France Airport
LFCE XGT Gueret Saint Laurent Gueret Limousin France Airport
LFES Guiscriff Scaer Guiscriff-Scaer Brittany France Airport
LFGB Habsheim Mulhouse Alsace France Airport
LFSH Haguenau Haguenau Alsace France Airport
LFGA CMR Houssen Colmar Alsace France Airport
LFEY IDY Ile D Yeu Ile D'yeu Pays-de-la-Loire France Airport
LFHA Issoire Le Broc Issoire Auvergne France Airport
LFEK Issoudun Le Fay Issoudun Centre France Airport
LFMI IFR Istres Le Tube Ba Istres Bouches-du-Rhone France Airport
LFIX Itxassou Itxassou Aquitaine France Airport
LFGK Joigny Joigny Burgundy France Airport
LFFJ Joinville Mussey Joinville-Mussey Champagne-Ardenne France Airport
LFCJ Jonzac Neulles Jonzac Poitou-Charentes France Airport
LFQX Juvancourt Juvancourt Champagne-Ardenne France Airport
LFOL L Aigle Saint Michel L'aigle-St-Michel Lower Normandy France Airport
LFHU AHZ L Alpe D Huez Alpe D'huez Rhone Alpes France Airport
LFBR L Herm Muret Midi-Pyrenees France Airport
LFTM La Batie Serres La Batie Montsaleon Provence-Alpes-Cote-d'Azur France Airport
LFRE LBY La Baule La Baule Pays-de-la-Loire France Airport
LFNR La Fare Berre-La-Fare Provence-Alpes-Cote-d'Azur France Airport
LFFQ La Ferte Alais La Ferte-Alais Ile-de-France France Airport
LFFG La Ferte Gaucher La Ferte-Gaucher Ile-de-France France Airport
LFAL La Fleche Thoree Les Pins La Fleche Pays-de-la-Loire France Airport
LFTN La Grand Combe La Grand'combe Languedoc-Roussillon France Airport
LFTZ La Mole La Mole Provence-Alpes-Cote-d'Azur France Airport
LFMG La Montagne Noire La Montagne Noire Languedoc-Roussillon France Airport
LFJE La Motte Chalancon Moulins Rhone Alpes France Airport
LFDR La Reole Floudes La Reole Aquitaine France Airport
LFRI EDM La Roche Sur Yon Les Ajoncs La Roche Sur Yon Pays-de-la-Loire France Airport
LFBH LRH La Rochelle Laleu La Rochelle/Ile De Re Poitou-Charentes France Airport
LFKP La Tour Du Pin La Tour-Du-Pin-Cessieu Rhone Alpes France Airport
LFFM Lamotte Beuvron La Motte-Beuvron Centre France Airport
LFRJ LDV Landivisiau Navy Landivisiau Finistere (Brittany) France Airport
LFHL Langogne Lesperon Langogne Rhone Alpes France Airport
LFSU Langres Rolampont Langres Rolampont Champagne-Ardenne France Airport
LFRO LAI Lannion Lannion Brittany France Airport
LFRL Lanveoc Poulmic Navy Lanveoc-Poulmic Brittany France Airport
LFAF XLN Laon Chambry Laon Picardie France Airport
LFHX Lapalisse Perigny Lapalisse-Perigny Auvergne France Airport
LFCL Lasbordes Toulouse Midi-Pyrenees France Airport
LFOV LVA Laval Entrammes Laval Pays-de-la-Loire France Airport
LFEL Le Blanc Le Blanc Centre France Airport
LFMC Le Cannet Le Luc-Le Cannet Provence-Alpes-Cote-d'Azur France Airport
LFMQ CTT Le Castellet Le Castellet Provence-Alpes-Cote-d'Azur France Airport
LFOY Le Havre Saint Romain Le Havre-Saint-Romain Upper Normandy France Airport
LFOH LEH Le Havre-Octeville Le Havre Upper Normandy France Airport
LFRM LME Le Mans Arnage Le Mans Pays-de-la-Loire France Airport
LFNZ Le Mazet De Romanin Le Mazet De Romanin Provence-Alpes-Cote-d'Azur France Airport
LFTH TLN Le Palyvestre Navy Toulon/Hyeres Provence-Alpes-Cote-d'Azur France Airport
LFPP Le Plessis Belleville Le Plessis-Belleville Picardie France Airport
LFHP LPY Le Puy Loudes Le Puy-En-Velay Auvergne France Airport
LFCI LBI Le Sequestre Albi Midi-Pyrenees France Airport
LFAT LTQ Le Touquet Paris Plage Le Touquet Nord-Pas-de-Calais France Airport
LFLG Le Versoud Grenoble Rhone Alpes France Airport
LFMA QXB Les Milles Aix-En-Provence Provence-Alpes-Cote-d'Azur France Airport
LFAK CQF Les Moeres Calais Nord-Pas-de-Calais France Airport
LFXU Les Mureaux Les Mureaux Ile-de-France France Airport
LFDJ PAW Les Pujols Pamiers Alpes-Maritimes France Airport
LFOO LSO Les Sables D'olonne Talmont Les Sables Pays-de-la-Loire France Airport
LFDU Lesparre Saint Laurent Medoc Lesparre Aquitaine France Airport
LFOM Lessay Lessay Lower Normandy France Airport
LFJU Levis Lurcy-Levis Auvergne France Airport
LFMZ Lezignan-Corbieres Lezignan-Corbieres Languedoc-Roussillon France Airport
LFDI XLR Libourne Libourne Aquitaine France Airport
LFQQ LIL Lille Lesquin Lille Nord-Pas-de-Calais France Airport
LFBL LIG Limoges Bellegarde Limoges Limousin France Airport
LFPL XLG Lognes Emerainville Lognes Ile-de-France France Airport
LFGS Longuyon Vilette Longuyon Lorraine France Airport
LFGL XLL Lons Le Saunier Courlaoux Lons-Le-Saunier Franche-Comte France Airport
LFRH LRT Lorient Lann-Bihoue Lorient Brittany France Airport
LFDL Loudun Loudun Poitou-Charentes France Airport
LFQC Luneville Luneville Lorraine France Airport
LFYL Lure Malbouhane Lure Malbouhane Franche-Comte France Airport
LFSX Luxeuil St Sauveur Ab Luxeuil-St-Sauveur Franche-Comte France Airport
LFKL Lyon Brindas Lyon-Brindas Rhone Alpes France Airport
LFLY LYN Lyon Bron Lyon Rhone Alpes France Airport
LFHJ Lyon Corbas Lyon Rhone Alpes France Airport
LFLL LYS Lyon Saint Exupery Lyon Rhone Alpes France Airport
LFLM QNX Macon Charnay Macon Burgundy France Airport
LFMD CEQ Mandelieu Cannes Provence-Alpes-Cote-d'Azur France Airport
LFFC Mantes Cherence Mantes-Cherence Ile-de-France France Airport
LFQO Marcq En Baroeul Lille-Marcq-En-Baroeul Nord-Pas-de-Calais France Airport
LFJI Marennes Le Bournet Marennes le Bournet Poitou-Charentes France Airport
LFYM Marigny Le Grand Marigny Le Grand Champagne-Ardenne France Airport
LFDM XMR Marmande Virazeil Marmande Aquitaine France Airport
LFML MRS Marseille Provence Marseille Provence-Alpes-Cote-d'Azur France Airport
LFJB Mauleon Mauleon Poitou-Charentes France Airport
LFCK DCM Mazamet Castres Midi-Pyrenees France Airport
LFPE Meaux Esbly Meaux-Esbly Ile-de-France France Airport
LFHM MVV Megeve Megeve Rhone Alpes France Airport
LFPM Melun Villaroche Melun Ile-de-France France Airport
LFNB MEN Mende Brenoux Mende Languedoc-Roussillon France Airport
LFKX MFX Meribel Meribel Rhone Alpes France Airport
LFSF MZM Metz Frescaty Metz Lorraine France Airport
LFJL ETZ Metz-Nancy-Lorraine Metz/Nancy Lorraine France Airport
LFSC Meyenheim Ab Colmar-Meyenheim Alsace France Airport
LFCM Millau Larzac Millau Midi-Pyrenees France Airport
LFCZ Mimizan Mimizan Aquitaine France Airport
LFVM MQC Miquelon Miquelon St Pierre and Miquelon France Airport
LFSM XMF Monbeliard Courcelles Montbelliard Franche-Comte France Airport
LFHZ XSN Mont Blanc Sallanches Rhone Alpes France Airport
LFBM XMJ Mont De Marsan Mont-De-Marsan Aquitaine France Airport
LF07 Mont Sur Meurthe Mont Sur Meurthe Lorraine France Airport
LFFW Montaigu Saint Georges Montaigu-Saint-Georges Pays-de-la-Loire France Airport
LFEM Montargis Vimory Montargis Centre France Airport
LFDB XMW Montauban Montauban Midi-Pyrenees France Airport
LFGM XCC Montceau Les Mines Le Creusot/Montceau-Les-Mines/Montchanin Burgundy France Airport
LFAR Montdidier Fignieres Montdidier Picardie France Airport
LFCQ Montdragon Graulhet Midi-Pyrenees France Airport
LFLQ XMK Montelimar Ancone Montelimar Rhone Alpes France Airport
LFDC Montendre Marcillac Montendre Aquitaine France Airport
LFNQ QZE Montlouis La Quillane Mont-Louis Languedoc-Roussillon France Airport
LFLT Montlucon Domerat Montlucon-Domerat Auvergne France Airport
LFBK MCU Montlucon Gueret Montlucon Limousin France Airport
LFYK Montmedy Marville Montmedy Marville Lorraine France Airport
LFMT MPL Montpellier/Mediterranee Montpellier Languedoc-Roussillon France Airport
LFHI Morestel Morestel Rhone Alpes France Airport
LFPU Moret Episy Moret Ile-de-France France Airport
LFRU MXN Morlaix Ploujean Morlaix Brittany France Airport
LFAX Mortagne Au Perche Mortagne-Au-Perche Lower Normandy France Airport
LFHY Moulins Montbeugny Moulins Auvergne France Airport
LFXM Mourmelon Mourmelon Champagne-Ardenne France Airport
LF34 Moussoulens Moussoulens Languedoc-Roussillon France Airport
LFEX Nancy Azelot Nancy-Azelot Lorraine France Airport
LFSN ENC Nancy Essey Nancy Lorraine France Airport
LFEZ Nancy Malzeville Nancy-Malzeville Lorraine France Airport
LFAI Nangis Les Loges Nangis Ile-de-France France Airport
LFRS NTE Nantes_Atlantique Nantes Pays-de-la-Loire France Airport
LFKJ AJA Ajaccio Napoleon Bonaparte Ajaccio Corsica France Airport
LFFT Neufchateau Rouceux Neufchateau-Roucaux Lorraine France Airport
LFQG NVS Nevers Fourchambault Nevers Burgundy France Airport
LFMN NCE Nice/Cote D'azur Nice Provence-Alpes-Cote-d'Azur France Airport
LFYG Niergnies Ba Cambrai Nord-Pas-de-Calais France Airport
LFBN NIT Niort Souche Niort Poitou-Charentes France Airport
LFNP Nizas Pezenas-Nizas Languedoc-Roussillon France Airport
LFCN Nogaro Nogaro Midi-Pyrenees France Airport
LFGZ Nuits_St_Georges Nuits-Saint-Georges Burgundy France Airport
LFSO Ochey_Ab Nancy-Ochey Lorraine France Airport
LFCO Oloron_Herrere Oloron Aquitaine France Airport
LFOZ Orleans Saint Denis Orleans-St-Denis De L'hotel Centre France Airport
LFEC Ouessant Ouessant Brittany France Airport
LFJH Palaminy Cazeres-Palaminy Midi-Pyrenees France Airport
LFGN Paray Le Monial Paray Le Monial Burgundy France Airport
LFPG CDG Paris Charles De Gaulle Paris Ile-de-France France Airport
LFPI Paris Issy Les Moulineaux Paris Ile-de-France France Airport
LFPB LBG Paris Le Bourget Paris Ile-de-France France Airport
LFPO ORY Paris Orly Paris Ile-de-France France Airport
LFBP PUF Pau Pyrenees Pau - Pyrenees Aquitaine France Airport
LFBX PGX Perigueux Bassillac Perigueux Aquitaine France Airport
LFAG Peronne St Quentin Peronne Picardie France Airport
LFHC Perouges Meximieux Perouges Rhone Alpes France Airport
LFPA Persan Beaumont Persan-Beaumont Ile-de-France France Airport
LFQP Phalsbourg Bourscheid Army Phalsbourg-Bourscheid Lorraine France Airport
LFTF Pierrefeu Cuers-Pierrefeu Provence-Alpes-Cote-d'Azur France Airport
LFHD Pierrelate Pierrelate Rhone Alpes France Airport
LFFP Pithiviers Pithiviers Centre France Airport
LF51 Plan de Dieu Plan De Dieu Provence-Alpes-Cote-d'Azur France Airport
LFRP Ploermel Loyat Ploermel-Loyat Brittany France Airport
LFBI PIS Poitiers Biard Poitiers Poitou-Charentes France Airport
LFCP Pons Avy Pons Poitou-Charentes France Airport
LFGO Pont Sur Yonne Pont-Sur-Yonne Burgundy France Airport
LFND Pont-St Esprit Pont-St-Esprit Languedoc-Roussillon France Airport
LFSP Pontarlier Pontarlier Franche-Comte France Airport
LFED Pontivy Pontivy Brittany France Airport
LFPT POX Pontoise Cormeilles En Vexin Pontoise Ile-de-France France Airport
LFEP Pouilly Maconge Pouilly-Maconge Burgundy France Airport
LFKO PRP Propriano Propriano Corsica France Airport
LFTP Puimoisson Puimoison Provence-Alpes-Cote-d'Azur France Airport
LFNW Puivert Puivert Languedoc-Roussillon France Airport
LFNT Pujaut Avignon-Pujaut Languedoc-Roussillon France Airport
LFEQ Quiberon Quiberon Brittany France Airport
LFRQ UIP Quimper Pluguffan Quimper Brittany France Airport
LFER XRN Redon Bains Sur Oust Redon Brittany France Airport
LFQA Reims Prunay Reims Champagne-Ardenne France Airport
LFRN RNS Rennes St Jacques Rennes Brittany France Airport
LFAP Rethel Perthes Rethel-Perthes Champagne-Ardenne France Airport
LFIR Revel Montgey Revel-Montgey Midi-Pyrenees France Airport
LFIK Riberac Saint Aulaye Riberac-Saint-Aulaye Aquitaine France Airport
LFIL XRI Rion Des Landes Rion-Des-Landes Aquitaine France Airport
LFMP PGF Rivesaltes Perpignan Languedoc-Roussillon France Airport
LFLO RNE Roanne Renaison Roanne Rhone Alpes France Airport
LFDN RCO Rochefort Saint Agnant Rochefort Charente-Maritime France Airport
LFQD QRV Roclincourt Arras Nord-Pas-de-Calais France Airport
LFCR RDZ Rodez Marcillac Rodez Midi-Pyrenees France Airport
LFHE Romans Saint Paul Romans Rhone Alpes France Airport
LFQR Romilly Sur Seine Romilly-Sur-Seine Champagne-Ardenne France Airport
LFYR Romorantin Prunier Romorantin-Pruniers Centre France Airport
LFOP URO Rouen Vallee De La Seine Rouen Upper Normandy France Airport
LFQE Rouvres Etain Lorraine France Airport
LFCY RYN Royan Medis Royan Poitou-Charentes France Airport
LFHF Ruoms Ruoms Rhone Alpes France Airport
LFFD Saint Andre De L Eure Saint-Andre-De-L'eure Upper Normandy France Airport
LFRT SBK Saint Brieuc Armor Saint Brieuc Brittany France Airport
LFHG Saint Chamond L Horme Saint-Chamond Rhone Alpes France Airport
LFKZ XTC Saint Claude Pratz St.-Claude Franche-Comte France Airport
LFNC Saint Crepin Mont-Dauphin-Saint-Crepin Provence-Alpes-Cote-d'Azur France Airport
LFPZ Saint Cyr L Ecole Saint-Cyr-L'ecole Ile-de-France France Airport
LFGY XCK Saint Die Remomeix Saint-Die Lorraine France Airport
LFSI Saint Dizier Robinson Saint-Dizier-Robinson Champagne-Ardenne France Airport
LFMH EBU Saint Etienne Boutheon Saint-Etienne Rhone Alpes France Airport
LFGP Saint Florentin Cheu Saint-Florentin Burgundy France Airport
LFHQ Saint Flour Coltines Saint-Flour Auvergne France Airport
LFKM Saint Galmier Saint-Galmier Rhone Alpes France Airport
LFIM Saint Gaudens Montrejau Saint Gaudens Montrejeau Midi-Pyrenees France Airport
LFKH Saint Jean D Avelanne Saint-Jean-D'avelanne Rhone Alpes France Airport
LFIY Saint Jean D'angely Saint Denis Saint-Jean-D'angely Poitou-Charentes France Airport
LFBJ Saint Junien Saint-Junien Limousin France Airport
LFNL Saint Martin De Londres Saint-Martin-De-Londres Languedoc-Roussillon France Airport
LFRZ SNR Saint Nazaire Montoir Saint-Nazaire Pays-de-la-Loire France Airport
LFDP Saint Pierre D'oleron Saint-Pierre D'oleron Poitou-Charentes France Airport
LFMR BAE Saint Pons Barcelonnette Provence-Alpes-Cote-d'Azur France Airport
LFOW XQY Saint Quentin Roupy St.-Quentin-En-Yvelines Picardie France Airport
LFYT Saint Simon Clastres Saint-Simon-Clastres Picardie France Airport
LFOS Saint Valery Vittefleur Saint Valery-Vittefleur Upper Normandy France Airport
LFLN SYT Saint Yan Saint-Yan Burgundy France Airport
LFDF Sainte Foy La Grande Sainte-Foy-La-Grande Aquitaine France Airport
LFYS Sainte Leocadie Sainte-Leocadie Languedoc-Roussillon France Airport
LFXB Saintes Thenac Saintes-Thenac Poitou-Charentes France Airport
LFMY Salon Ab Salon Provence-Alpes-Cote-d'Azur France Airport
LFMK CCF Salvaza Carcassonne Languedoc-Roussillon France Airport
LFDS XSL Sarlat Domme Sarlat Aquitaine France Airport
LFQU Sarre_Union Sarre-Union Alsace France Airport
LFGT Sarrebourg Buhl Sarrebourg Lorraine France Airport
LFGU Sarreguemines Neunkirch Sarreguemines Lorraine France Airport
LFEW Saulieu Liernais Saulieu-Liernais Burgundy France Airport
LFOD XSU Saumur Faint Florent Saumur Pays-de-la-Loire France Airport
LFSJ XSW Sedan Douzy Sedan Champagne-Ardenne France Airport
LFGQ Semur En Auxois Semur-En-Auxois Burgundy France Airport
LFFZ Sezanne Saint Remy Sezanne-Saint-Remy Champagne-Ardenne France Airport
LFJS Soissons Courmelles Soissons-Courmelles Picardie France Airport
LFKS SOZ Solenzara Solenzara Corse-du-Sud_Corsica France Airport
LFKD Sollieres Sardieres Sollieres-Sardieres Rhone Alpes France Airport
LF50 Soucelle Soucelle Pays-de-la-Loire France Airport
LFDK Soulac Sur Mer Soulac-Sur-Mer Aquitaine France Airport
LFMX St Auban Chateau-Arnoux-St-Auban Provence-Alpes-Cote-d'Azur France Airport
LFKC CLY St Catherine Calvi Corsica France Airport
LFLS GNB St Geoirs Grenoble Rhone Alpes France Airport
LFIS St Inglevert Saint-Inglevert Nord-Pas-de-Calais France Airport
LFVP FSP St Pierre St. Pierre St Pierre and Miquelon France Airport
LFKE St_Jean_En_Royans Saint-Jean-En-Royans Rhone Alpes France Airport
LFLR St_Rambert_D'albon Saint-Rambert-D'albon Rhone Alpes France Airport
LFNA GAT Tallard Gap Provence-Alpes-Cote-d'Azur France Airport
LFDT TFR Tarbes Laloubere Tarbes Midi-Pyrenees France Airport
LFBT LDE Tarbes Ossun Lourdes Lourdes/Tarbes Midi-Pyrenees France Airport
LFNS Theze Sisteron-Theze Provence-Alpes-Cote-d'Azur France Airport
LFGV XTH Thionville Yutz Thionville Lorraine France Airport
LFCT Thouars Thouars Poitou-Charentes France Airport
LFET Til Chatel Til-Chatel Burgundy France Airport
LFBO TLS Toulouse Blagnac Toulouse Midi-Pyrenees France Airport
LFIT Toulouse Bourg Saint Bernard Toulouse Midi-Pyrenees France Airport
LFFX Tournus Cuisery Tournus-Cuisery Burgundy France Airport
LFEN Tours Sorigny Tours Centre France Airport
LFOT TUF Tours Val De Loire Ab Tours Centre France Airport
LFPN TNF Toussus-Le-Noble Toussus-Le-Noble Ile-de-France France Airport
LFQB QYR Troyes Barberey Troyes Champagne-Ardenne France Airport
LFCU Ussel Thalamy Ussel Limousin France Airport
LFNU Uzes Uzes Languedoc-Roussillon France Airport
LFRW Val Saint Pere Avranches-Le Val St Pere Lower Normandy France Airport
LFLU VAF Valence Chabeuil Valence Rhone Alpes France Airport
LFNV Valreas Visan Valreas-Visan Provence-Alpes-Cote-d'Azur France Airport
LFRV VNE Vannes Meucon Vannes Brittany France Airport
LFAU Vauville Vauville Lower Normandy France Airport
LFPV Velizy Villacoublay Ile-de-France France Airport
LFIV Vendays Montalivet Vendays-Montalivet Aquitaine France Airport
LFGW XVN Verdun Le Rozelier Verdun Lorraine France Airport
LFQW XVO Vesoul Frotey Vesoul Franche-Comte France Airport
LFLV Vichy Charmeil Vichy Charmeil Auvergne France Airport
LFHH XVI Vienne Reventin Vienne Rhone Alpes France Airport
LFFV XVZ Vierzon Mereau Vierzon Centre France Airport
LFCV Villefranche De Rouergue Villefranche-De-Rouergue Midi-Pyrenees France Airport
LFHV XVF Villefranche Tarare Villefranche-Sur-Saone Rhone Alpes France Airport
LFCW Villeneuve Sur Lot Villeneuve-Sur-Lot Aquitaine France Airport
LFAW Villerupt Villerupt Lorraine France Airport
LFNF Vinon Sur Verdon Vinon Provence-Alpes-Cote-d'Azur France Airport
LF10 Vitre Val d'Ize Vitre Val d'Ize Brittany France Airport
LFQS Vitry En Artois Vitry-En-Artois Nord-Pas-de-Calais France Airport
LFSK Vitry Le Francois Vitry-Le-Francois-Vauclerc Champagne-Ardenne France Airport
LFXC Vittel Auzainvilliers Vittel Auzainvilliers Lorraine France Airport
LFSZ VTL Vittel Champ De Courses Vittel Lorraine France Airport
LFHN XBF Vouvray Bellegarde Rhone Alpes France Airport
LFQN XSG Wizernes St.-Omer Nord-Pas-de-Calais France Airport
LF11 Yvetot Yvetot Upper Normandy France Airport
LFGC Neuhof Strasbourg Alsace France Seaplane Base
LFQY Steinbourg Saverne-Steinbourg Alsace France Seaplane Base
LFTR St Mandrier Navy Toulon Provence-Alpes-Cote-d'Azur France Heliport
LFBV BVE Brive La Roche Brive-La Gaillarde Limousin France Airport
LFSR Reims Champagne Reims Champagne Champagne-Ardenne France Airport
LFAH Soissons-Cuffies Soissons-Cuffies Picardie France Airport
LFDO Bordeaux Souge Rochefort Aquitaine France Airport
LFEO St Malo St Serva St Malo St Serva Brittany France Airport
LFIO [X] Montaudran Montaudran Midi-Pyrenees France Airport
LFIP Peyresourde Balestas Moulins Midi-Pyrenees France Airport
LFJD Corlier Moulins Rhone Alpes France Airport
LFJF Aubenasson Moulins Rhone Alpes France Airport
LFJM Chailley Metz-Nancy/Lorraine Burgundy France Airport
LFJT Tours Le Louroux Angers Centre France Airport
LFNY St Etienne En Devoluy Mende Provence-Alpes-Cote-d'Azur France Airport
LFPR [X] Guyancourt Guyancourt Ile-de-France France Airport
LFRA Angers Avrille Charleville-Mezieres Pays-de-la-Loire France Airport
LFSV Pont St Vincent Strasbourg Lorraine France Airport
LFSY Chaumont Chaumont Champagne-Ardenne France Airport
LFTU Frejus Hyeres Provence-Alpes-Cote-d'Azur France Airport
LFXG Bitche St Pierre I Lorraine France Airport
LFXH Le Valdahon Air Base St Pierre I Franche-Comte France Airport
LFXR Rochefort Soubise St Pierre I Poitou-Charentes France Airport
LFYH Broye Les Pesmes St Pierre I Franche-Comte France Airport
LGAG AGQ Agrinion Agrinion, Aetolia-Acarnania West Greece Greece Airport
LGPZ PVK Aktio Preveza/Lefkas Epirus Greece Airport
LGAX Alexandria Alexandria, Imathia Central Macedonia Greece Airport
LGAL AXD Alexandroupolis Dimokritos Alexandroupolis, Evros East Macedonia and Thrace Greece Airport
LGKM Amigdhaleon Kavala East Macedonia and Thrace Greece Airport
LGAD PYR Andravida Andravida, Elis West Greece Greece Airport
LGRX GPA Araxos Araxos/Patras, Achaia West Greece Greece Airport
LGKA KSO Aristotelis Kastoria West Macedonia Greece Airport
LGPL JTY Astypalaia Astypalaia Island, Dodecanese South Aegean Greece Airport
LGAV ATH Athens International Airport Elefterios Venizel Athens (Athinai) Attica Greece Airport
LGHI JKH Chios Chios North Aegean Greece Airport
LGRP RHO Diagoras Rhodos (Rhodes), Dodecanese South Aegean Greece Airport
LGZA ZTH Zakinthos Dionysios Solomos Zakynthos Ionian Islands Greece Airport
LGEL Elefsis Elefisis Attica Greece Airport
LGKZ KZI Filippos Kozani West Macedonia Greece Airport
LGIK JIK Ikaria Ikaria, Samos North Aegean Greece Airport
LGIO IOA Ioannina Ioannina Epirus Greece Airport
LGKR CFU Ioannis Kapodistrias International Kerkyra, Corfu Ionian Islands Greece Airport
LGIR HER Iraklion - Nizos Kazantzakis Heraklion Crete Greece Airport
LGKL KLX Kalamata Kalamata, Messenia Peloponnese Greece Airport
LGKP AOK Karpathos Karpathos, Dodecanese South Aegean Greece Airport
LGKS KSJ Kasos Kasos Island, Dodecanese South Aegean Greece Airport
LGTL Kasteli Kasteli, Heraklion Crete Greece Airport
LGKV KVA Kavala Megas Alexandros Kavala East Macedonia and Thrace Greece Airport
LGKF EFL Kefallinia Kefalonia (Kefallinia), Kefalonia And Ithaka Ionian Islands Greece Airport
LGSA CHQ Khania Souda Chania Crete Greece Airport
LGKC KIT Alexandros A. Onassis Kithira, Piraeus Attica Greece Airport
LGKO KGS Kos Kos, Dodecanese South Aegean Greece Airport
LG53 Lamia Phthiotis Central Greece Greece Airport
LGLR LRA Larisa Larisa Thessaly Greece Airport
LGLE LRS Leros Leros, Dodecanese South Aegean Greece Airport
LGLM LXS Limnos Lemnos (Limnos), Lesbos North Aegean Greece Airport
LG03 Maleme Maleme, Chania Crete Greece Airport
LGRD Maritsa Rhodos (Rhodes), Dodecanese South Aegean Greece Airport
LGMG Megara Megara, West Attica Attica Greece Airport
LGMK JMK Mikonos Mikonos, Cyclades South Aegean Greece Airport
LGML MLO Milos Milos, Cyclades South Aegean Greece Airport
LGMT MJT Mitilini Mytilene (Mitilini), Lesbos North Aegean Greece Airport
LGNX JNX Naxos Naxos, Cyclades South Aegean Greece Airport
LGBL Nea Anchialos Nea Anchialos, Magnesia Thessaly Greece Airport
LG56 Olimboi Olimboi North Aegean Greece Airport
LGPA PAS Paros Paros, Cyclades South Aegean Greece Airport
LGSM SMI Samos Samos North Aegean Greece Airport
LGSR JTR Santorini Santorini, Cyclades South Aegean Greece Airport
LGST JSH Sitia Sitia, Lasithi Crete Greece Airport
LGSK JSI Skiathos Alexandros Papadiamantis Skiathos, Magnesia Thessaly Greece Airport
LGSY SKU Skiros Skiros, Euboea Central Greece Greece Airport
LGSP SPJ Sparti Sparta, Laconia Peloponnese Greece Airport
LGSV Stefanovikion Stefanovikio Thessaly Greece Airport
LGSO JSY Syros Syros Island, Cyclades South Aegean Greece Airport
LGTG Tanagra Tanagra, Boeotia Central Greece Greece Airport
LGTT Tatoi Dekelia Attica Greece Airport
LGTS SKG Thessalonik Makedonia Thessaloniki (Saloniki) Central Macedonia Greece Airport
LG55 Triodhon Triodos Peloponnese Greece Airport
LGTP Tripolis Tripolis, Arcadia Peloponnese Greece Airport
LG54 Tympaki Tympaki, Heraklion Crete Greece Airport
LGAM Amphiali Salamis Island Attica Greece Heliport
LGAT HEW Athen Helenikon Athens Attica Greece Airport
LGEP Epitalion Pyrgos Ilia Greece Airport
LGHL PKH Porto Cheli Porto Cheli Argolis Greece Airport
LGKJ KZS Kastelorizo Kastelorizo Island Dodecanese Greece Airport
LGKN Marathon Kotroni Marathon Attica Greece Airport
LGKY Kalymnos Kalymnos Island Dodecanese Greece Airport
LGLX Piraeus El Pireo Port Attica Greece Heliport
LGSD Sedes Sedes Thessaloniki Greece Airport
LGVO [X] Volos Army Volos Magnesia Greece Airport
LHSM SOB Balaton Sarmellek Zala Hungary Airport
LH58 Csakvar Csakvar Fejer Hungary Airport
LHDC DEB Debrecen Debrecen Hajdu-Bihar Hungary Airport
LHBP BUD Ferihegy (Budapest) Budapest Pest Hungary Airport
LHFM Fertoszentmiklos Fertoszentmiklos Gyor-Moson-Sopron Hungary Airport
LHPR QGY Gyor Per Gyor Gyor-Moson-Sopron Hungary Airport
LHKE Kecskemet Kecskemet Bacs-Kiskun Hungary Airport
LHNY YIR Nyiregyhaza Nyiregyhaza Szabolcs-Szatmar-Bereg Hungary Airport
LHOY Ocseny Oscseny Tolna Hungary Airport
LHPP QPJ Pecs South Pecs Baranya Hungary Airport
LHSA Szentkiralyszabadja Szentkiralyszabadja Veszprem Hungary Airport
LHSN Szolnok Szolnok Jasz-Nagykun-Szolnok Hungary Airport
LHTL Tokol Air Base Tokol Air Base Pest Hungary Airport
LHZA Zalaegerszeg-Andrashida Zalaegerszeg-Andrashida Zala Hungary Airport
LHBA Balassagyarmat Balassagyarmat Nograd Hungary Airport
LHBC Bekescsaba Glider Bekescsaba Bekes Hungary Airport
LHBS Budaors Glider Budaors Budapest Hungary Airport
LHDK Dunakeszi Dunakeszi Pest Hungary Airport
LHDV Dunaujvaros Glider Dunaujvaros Fejer Hungary Airport
LHEC Ersekcsanad Ersekcsanad Bacs-Kiskun Hungary Airport
LHEM Esztergom Esztergom Komarom-Esztergom Hungary Airport
LHFH Farkashegy Farkashegy Pest Hungary Airport
LHGD Godoll? Godollo Pest Hungary Airport
LHGM Gyomai Gyomai Bekes Hungary Airport
LHGY Gyongyos Pipishegy Gyongyos Pipishegy Heves Hungary Airport
LHHH Harmashatarhegy Budapest Budapest Hungary Airport
LHHO Hajduszoboszlo Hajduszoboszlo Hajdu-Bihar Hungary Airport
LHJK Jakabszallas Jakabszallas Bacs-Kiskun Hungary Airport
LHKC Kecel Kecel Bacs-Kiskun Hungary Heliport
LHKD Kecsked Kecsked Komarom-Esztergom Hungary Airport
LHKH Kiskunfelegyhaza Kiskunfelegyhaza Bacs-Kiskun Hungary Airport
LHKK Kiskunlachaza-airport Budapest Pest Hungary Airport
LHKV Kaposvar Kaposujlak Glider Kaposujlak Somogy Hungary Airport
LHMC MCQ Miskolc Miskolc Borsod-Abauj-Zemplen Hungary Airport
LHMR Eger Maklar Eger Heves Hungary Airport
LHNK Nagykanizsa Nagykanizsa Zala Hungary Airport
LHPA Papa Papa Veszprem Hungary Airport
LHSK Siofok-Kiliti Siofok-Kiliti Somogy Hungary Airport
LHSS Szolnok-Szandasz?l?s Sport Szolnok-Szandaszolos Jasz-Nagykun-Szolnok Hungary Airport
LHSY Szombathely Info Szombathely Vas Hungary Airport
LHSZ Szentes Aerodrome Szentes Csongrad Hungary Airport
LHTA TZR Taszar Air Base Taszar Somogy Hungary Airport
LHUD QZD Szeged Glider Szeged Csongrad Hungary Airport
LL1B Arad Arad South District Israel Airport
LLET ETH Eilat Eilat South District Israel Airport
LLEY EIY En Yahav Eyn-Yahav South District Israel Airport
LLES Eyn Shemer Eyn-Shemer North District Israel Airport
LLHA HFA Haifa Haifa Haifa District Israel Airport
LL62 Hatzerim Hatzerim South District Israel Airport
LL1A Hatserim Northwest Hatserim Northwest South District Israel Airport
LLHS Hatzor Hatzor South District Israel Airport
LLHZ Herzelia Herzlia Tel Aviv District Israel Airport
LLMZ MTZ I Bar Yehuda Masada(Metzada)/Arad South District Israel Airport
LLIB RPN Mahanaim I Ben Yaakov Rosh Pinna/Zefat North District Israel Airport
LLMG Megiddo Meggido North District Israel Airport
LLNV Nevatim Ab Nevatim South District Israel Airport
LL60 Nizzana West Nizzana West South District Israel Airport
LLOV VDA Ovda Ovda South District Israel Airport
LL59 Palmachim Air Base Palmachim Center District Israel Airport
LLRD Ramat David Ramat-David North District Israel Airport
LLRM Ramon Ramon South District Israel Airport
LLSD SDV Sde Dov Tel Aviv/Yafo Tel Aviv District Israel Airport
LLBG TLV Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Tel Aviv/Yafo Center District Israel Airport
LLEK Tel Nov Tel-Nof Center District Israel Airport
LLBS BEV Teyman Beer Sheba South District Israel Airport
LL63 Yotvata Yotvata South District Israel Airport
LLFK Fiq Airfield Katzrin North District Israel Airport
LLKS KSW Kiryat Shmona Kiryat Shmona North District Israel Airport
LLMR Mitzpe Ramon Airfield Mitzpe Ramon South District Israel Airport
LIAP QAQ Aeroporto Dei Parchi L'aquila Abruzzi Italy Airport
LIMG ALL Albenga Albenga Liguria Italy Airport
LILA QAL Alessandria Alessandria Piedmont Italy Airport
LIEA AHO Alghero Alghero Sardinia Italy Airport
LILB Alzate Brianza Alzate Brianza Lombardy Italy Airport
LIBA Amendola Amendola Apulia Italy Airport
LIQS SAY Ampugnano Siena Tuscany Italy Airport
LIMW AOT Aosta Aosta Valle d'Aosta Italy Airport
LIAQ Aquino Aquino Lazio Italy Airport
LIQB QZO Arezzo Arezzo Tuscany Italy Airport
LIDA Asiago Asiago Veneto Italy Airport
LIPA AVB Aviano Ab Aviano Friuli-Venezia Giulia Italy Airport
LIBD BRI Bari Palese Macchie Bari Apulia Italy Airport
LIDB BLX Belluno Belluno Veneto Italy Airport
LIME BGY Bergamo Orio Al Serio Bergamo Lombardy Italy Airport
LILE Biella Cerrione Biella Cerrione Piedmont Italy Airport
LICP Boccadifalco Palermo Sicily Italy Airport
LIPE BLQ Bologna Bologna Emilia-Romagna Italy Airport
LIPB BZO Bolzano Bolzano (Bozen) Trentino-Alto Adige Italy Airport
LIMB Bresso Milano (Milan) Lombardy Italy Airport
LIBR BDS Brindisi/Casale Brindisi Apulia Italy Airport
LIDC Ca' Negra Ca Negra Veneto Italy Airport
LIEE CAG Cagliari Elmas Cagliari Sardinia Italy Airport
LILC Calcinate Del Pesce Calcinate Del Pesce Lombardy Italy Airport
LIMN Cameri Cameri Piedmont Italy Airport
LIAU Capua Capua Campania Italy Airport
LIDU Carpi Budrione Carpi Emilia-Romagna Italy Airport
LILM Casale Monferrato Casale Moferrato Piedmont Italy Airport
LIDK Casarsa Casarsa della Delizia Friuli-Venezia Giulia Italy Airport
LICC CTA Catania Fontanarossa Catania Sicily Italy Airport
LIPC Cervia Cervia Emilia-Romagna Italy Airport
LIRA CIA Ciampino Roma (Rome) Lazio Italy Airport
LILR Cremona Migliaro Cremona Lombardy Italy Airport
LIBC CRV Crotone Crotone Calabria Italy Airport
LIED DCI Decimomannu Decimomannu Sardinia Italy Airport
LIVD Dobbiaco Dobbiaco Trentino-Alto Adige Italy Airport
LIPY AOI Falconara Ancona Marche Italy Airport
LIDF Fano Fano Marche Italy Airport
LIPF Ferrara Ferrara Emilia-Romagna Italy Airport
LIRQ FLR Firenze Firenze (Florence) Tuscany Italy Airport
LIBF FOG Foggia Gino Lisa Foggia Apulia Italy Airport
LIAF Foligno Foligno Umbria Italy Airport
LIPK FRL Forli Forli Emilia-Romagna Italy Airport
LIDJ Fraforeano Ronchis Rivignano Friuli-Venezia Giulia Italy Airport
LIRH QFR Frosinone Frosinone Lazio Italy Airport
LIMJ GOA Genova Sestri Genova (Genoa) Liguria Italy Airport
LIPL Ghedi Ghedi Lombardy Italy Airport
LIBV Gioia Del Colle Gioia Del Colle Apulia Italy Airport
LIPG QGO Gorizia Gorizia Friuli-Venezia Giulia Italy Airport
LIRM Grazzanise Grazzanise Campania Italy Airport
LIRS GRS Grosseto Grosseto Tuscany Italy Airport
LIBG TAR Grottaglie Taranto Apulia Italy Airport
LIRG Guidonia Guidonia Lazio Italy Airport
LIPS Istrana Treviso Veneto Italy Airport
LICA SUF Lamezia Terme Lamezia Calabria Italy Airport
LICD LMP Lampedusa Lampedusa Lampedusa Island Italy Airport
LIRL QLT Latina Latina Lazio Italy Airport
LIBN Lecce Lecce Apulia Italy Airport
LINL LCC Lecce Lepore Lecce Apulia Italy Airport
LIDL Legnago Legnano Veneto Italy Airport
LIMZ CUF Levaldigi Cuneo Piedmont Italy Airport
LIQL LCV Lucca Tassignano Lucca Tuscany Italy Airport
LIDG Lugo Di Romagna Lugo Di Romagna Emilia-Romagna Italy Airport
LICB Magliocco Magliocco Sicily Italy Airport
LIDM Mantova Mantova Lombardy Italy Airport
LIRJ EBA Marina Di Campo Marina Di Campo Tuscany Italy Airport
LILQ Massa Cinquale Massa Cinquale Tuscany Italy Airport
LIDT ZIA Mattarello Trento Trentino-Alto Adige Italy Airport
LIML LIN Milano Linate Milano (Milan) Lombardy Italy Airport
LIMC MXP Milano Malpensa Milano (Milan) Lombardy Italy Airport
LIPM ZMO Modena Marzaglia Modena Emilia-Romagna Italy Airport
LIPO VBS Montichiari Brescia Lombardy Italy Airport
LIRN NAP Naples Capodichino Napoli (Naples) Campania Italy Airport
LIMR Novi Ligure Novi Ligure Piedmont Italy Airport
LIEO OLB Olbia Costa Smeralda Olbia Sardinia Italy Airport
LIER QOS Oristano Fenosu Oristano Sardinia Italy Airport
LIPU QPA Padova Padova Veneto Italy Airport
LICJ PMO Palermo Palermo Sicily Italy Airport
LICG PNL Pantelleria Pantelleria Pantelleria Island Italy Airport
LIMP PMF Parma Parma Emilia-Romagna Italy Airport
LIDP Pavullo Pavullo Emilia-Romagna Italy Airport
LIRZ PEG Perugia Perugia Umbria Italy Airport
LIBP PSR Pescara Pescara Abruzzi Italy Airport
LIMS QPZ Piacenza Piacenza Emilia-Romagna Italy Airport
LIRP PSA Pisa Pisa Tuscany Italy Airport
LIRI QSR Pontecagnano Salerno Campania Italy Airport
LIDV Prati Vecchi Di Aguscello Prati Vecchi D'aguscello Emilia-Romagna Italy Airport
LIRE QEZ Pratica Di Mare Pomezia Lazio Italy Airport
LIDR RAN Ravenna Ravenna Emilia-Romagna Italy Airport
LICR REG Reggio Calabria Reggio Di Calabria Calabria Italy Airport
LIDE Reggio Emilia Reggio Emilia Emilia-Romagna Italy Airport
LIQN QRT Rieti Rieti Lazio Italy Airport
LIPR RMI Rimini Mil Rimini Emilia-Romagna Italy Airport
LIPI Rivolto Rivolto Friuli-Venezia Giulia Italy Airport
LIRF FCO Roma Fiumicino Leonardo Da Vinci Roma (Rome) Lazio Italy Airport
LIPQ TRS Trieste ? Friuli Venezia Giulia Ronchi dei Legionari Friuli-Venezia Giulia Italy Airport
LIDW Salgareda Aviosuperficie Carrer Salgareda Veneto Italy Airport
LIQW Sarzana Luni Sarzana Liguria Italy Airport
LICZ NSY Sigonella Sigonella Sicily Italy Airport
LILO Sondrio Caiolo Caiolo Lombardy Italy Airport
LIDH Thiene Thiene Veneto Italy Airport
LIMA Torino Aeritalia Torino (Turin) Piedmont Italy Airport
LIMF TRN Torino Caselle Torino (Turin) Piedmont Italy Airport
LIET TTB Tortoli Tortoli Sardinia Italy Airport
LICT TPS Trapani Birgi Trapani Sicily Italy Airport
LIPH TSF Treviso Treviso Veneto Italy Airport
LIPD UDN Udine Campoformido Udine Friuli-Venezia Giulia Italy Airport
LIRU Urbe Roma (Rome) Lazio Italy Airport
LILV Valbrembo Valbrembo Lombardy Italy Airport
LILN QVN Venegono Varese Lombardy Italy Airport
LIPV Venezia San Nicolo Venezia (Venice) Veneto Italy Airport
LIPZ VCE Venezia Tessera Venezia (Venice) Veneto Italy Airport
LILI Vercelli Vercelli Piedmont Italy Airport
LIPN VRN Verona Boscomantico Verona Veneto Italy Airport
LIBJ Vibo Valentia Vibo Valentia Calabria Italy Airport
LIPX Villafranca Verona Veneto Italy Airport
LIRV Viterbo Viterbo Lazio Italy Airport
LILH Voghera Voghera Rivanazzano Lombardy Italy Airport
LI91 Cto Hospital Torino Torino (Turin) Piedmont Italy Heliport
LI89 Fiat Pista Di Prova Lingotto Torino Torino (Turin) Piedmont Italy Heliport
LI90 Fiat Pista Di Prova Mirafiori Torino Torino (Turin) Piedmont Italy Heliport
LI88 Fiat Pista Di Prova Rivalta Torino Torino (Turin) Piedmont Italy Heliport
LIBX Martina Franca Air Force Base Martina Franca Apulia Italy Airport
LIDI CDF Cortina Cortina D'Ampezzo Veneto Italy Airport
LILG Vergiate Milano Lombardy Italy Airport
LILS Clusone Clusone Lombardy Italy Heliport
LILY Como (Idroscalo - Water Ad) Hidroport Como Lombardy Italy Seaplane Base
LYBS Camp Bondsteel Army Camp Bondsteel Camp Bondsteel Kosovo Heliport
LYPT Batlava-Donja Penduha Airfield Batlava Batlava Kosovo Airport
LSXB Balzers Balzers Balzers Liechtenstein Heliport
LW75 Brazda Brazda Strumica Macedonia Airport
LW69 Dolneni Dolneni Dolneni Macedonia Airport
LW67 Kumanovo Kumanovo Kumanovo Macedonia Airport
LW74 Logovardi Logovardi Bitola Macedonia Airport
LW72 Negotino Negotino Negotino Macedonia Airport
LWOH OHD Ohrid Ohrid Ohrid Macedonia Airport
LW66 Prilep Prilep Prilep Macedonia Airport
LWSK SKP Skopje Skopje Strumica Macedonia Airport
LW68 Srpci Srpci Strumica Macedonia Airport
LW73 Stip Stip Stip Macedonia Airport
LW71 Sveti Nikole Sveti Nikole Sveti Nikole Macedonia Airport
LW70 Titov Veles Titov Veles Veles Macedonia Airport
LMML MLA La Valette Luqa Malta Luqa Malta Airport
LMMG GZM Xewkija Gozo Xewkija Malta Heliport
LUBL BZY Balti International Balti Rascani Moldova Airport
LUKK KIV Chisinau International Chisinau (Form. Kishinev) Chisinau Moldova Airport
LU65 Marculesti International Marculesti Floresti Moldova Airport
LUCH Cahul International Cahul Balti Moldova Airport
LUCL Chadyr Lunga Ceadir-Lunga Gagauzia Moldova Airport
LUTR Tiraspol Tiraspol Tiraspol Moldova Airport
LNMC MCM Monaco Fontvieille Fontvieille Fontvieille Monaco Heliport
LYPG TGD Podgorica Podgorica Podgorica Municipality Montenegro Airport
LYTV TIV Tivat Tivat Tivat Municipality Montenegro Airport
LYBR IVG Berane Berane Berane Municipality Montenegro Airport
LYNK Niksi? Niksic Niksic Municipality Montenegro Airport
LYPO Gemovsko Polje Podgorica Podgorica Municipality Montenegro Airport
LVGZ GZA Gaza International. Gaza City Rafah Palestinian Territory Airport
LLAZ GHK [X] Gush Katif Gush Katif Gush Katif Palestinian Territory Airport
LLJR JRS [X] Atarot Jerusalem Jerusalem Palestinian Territory Airport
LPJO Alijo Airstrip Alijo Vila Real District Portugal Airport
LPAR Alverca Alverca Lisbon District Portugal Airport
LPAV ZAV Aveiro Aveiro Aveiro District Portugal Airport
LPBJ Beja Beja Beja District Portugal Airport
LPBE Beja Airstrip Beja Beja District Portugal Airport
LPBR BGZ Braga Braga Braga District Portugal Airport
LPBG BGC Braganca Braganca Braganca District Portugal Airport
LPCS Cascais Cascais Lisbon District Portugal Airport
LPCH CHV Chaves Airfield Chaves Vila Real District Portugal Airport
LPCO CPB Coimbra Coimbra Coimbra District Portugal Airport
LPCV COV Covilha Covilha Castelo Branco District Portugal Airport
LPEV Evora Evora Evora District Portugal Airport
LPFR FAO Faro Faro Faro District Portugal Airport
LPFC Figueira dos Cavaleiros Ferreira do Alentejo Beja District Portugal Airport
LPFL FLW Flores Santa Cruz (Flores Island) Autonomous Region of Azores Portugal Airport
LPGR GRW Graciosa Graciosa Island Autonomous Region of Azores Portugal Airport
LPHR HOR Horta Horta (Faial Island) Autonomous Region of Azores Portugal Airport
LPLG Lagos Lagos Faro District Portugal Airport
LPLA TER Lajes Terceira Autonomous Region of Azores Portugal Airport
LPJF QLR Leiria Airstrip Leiria Leiria District Portugal Airport
LPPT LIS Lisboa Lisboa (Lisbon) Lisbon District Portugal Airport
LPMA FNC Madeira Funchal Madeira Portugal Airport
LPVL Maia Airfield Vilar Da Luz Oporto District Portugal Airport
LPMI Mirandela Airstrip Mirandela Braganca District Portugal Airport
LPMF Monfortinho Airstrip Monfortinho Castelo Branco District Portugal Airport
LPMR Monte Real Monte Real Leiria District Portugal Airport
LPMT Montijo Montijo Setubal District Portugal Airport
LPOV Ovar Ovar Aveiro District Portugal Airport
LPIN Paramos Airfield Espinho Aveiro District Portugal Airport
LPPI PIX Pico Pico Island Autonomous Region of Azores Portugal Airport
LPPD PDL Ponta Delgada Ponta Delgada (Sao Miguel Island) Autonomous Region of Azores Portugal Airport
LPPM PRM Portimao Portimao Faro District Portugal Airport
LPPR OPO Porto Porto (Oporto) Oporto District Portugal Airport
LPPS PXO Porto Santo Porto Santo Madeira Portugal Airport
LPPV Praia Verde Airstrip Praia Verde Faro District Portugal Airport
LPSC Santa Cruz Airstrip Santa Cruz (Flores Island) Lisbon District Portugal Airport
LP77 Santa Margarida Santa Margarida Santarem District Portugal Airport
LPAZ SMA Santa Maria Santa Maria Autonomous Region of Azores Portugal Airport
LPSJ SJZ Sao Jorge Sao Jorge Autonomous Region of Azores Portugal Airport
LPSI SIE Sines Airstrip Sines Setubal District Portugal Airport
LPST Sintra Sintra Lisbon District Portugal Airport
LPTN Tancos Tancos Santarem District Portugal Airport
LPVR VRL Vila Real Vila Real Vila Real District Portugal Airport
LPVZ VSE Viseu Viseu Viseu District Portugal Airport
LPCR CVU Corvo Corvo Autonomous Region of Azores Portugal Airport
LPLZ Lousa Private Lousa Coimbra District Portugal Airport
LPMO Montargil Montargil Portalegre District Portugal Airport
LPMU Mogadouro Mogadouro Braganca District Portugal Airport
LPOT Ota Ota Lisbon District Portugal Airport
LPSR Santarem Santarem Santarem District Portugal Airport
LRAR ARW Arad Arad Arad Romania Airport
LRBC BCM Bacau Bacau Bacau Romania Airport
LR82 Boboc Boboc Buzau Romania Airport
LRBS BBU Bucarest Baneasa Bucharest (Bucuresti) Bucuresti Romania Airport
LROP OTP Bucarest Otopeni International Bucharest (Bucuresti) Bucuresti Romania Airport
LRCT Campia Turzii Campia Turzii Cluj Romania Airport
LRCS CSB Caransebes Caransebes Caras-Severin Romania Airport
LRTC TCE Cataloi Tulcea Tulcea Romania Airport
LRCL CLJ Cluj Napoca Cluj-Napoca Cluj Romania Airport
LRCK CND Constanta - Mihail Kogalniceanu Constanta Constanta Romania Airport
LRCV CRA Craiova Craiova Dolj Romania Airport
LR81 Deveselu Deveselu Olt Romania Airport
LR80 Fetesti Fetesti Ialomita Romania Airport
LR79 Ianca Ianca Braila Romania Airport
LRIA IAS Iasi Iasi Iasi Romania Airport
LROD OMR Oradea Oradea Bihor Romania Airport
LRSM SUJ Satu Mare Satu Mare Satu Mare Romania Airport
LRSB SBZ Sibiu Sibiu Sibiu Romania Airport
LRSV SCV Stefan Cel Mare Suceava Suceava Romania Airport
LRBM BAY Tautii Magheraus Baia Mare Maramures Romania Airport
LRTR TSR Traian Vuia Timisoara Timis Romania Airport
LRTM TGM Transilvania Targu Mures Tirgu Mures Mures Romania Airport
LRTZ Tuzla Romania Tuzla Romania Constanta Romania Airport
LYBT BJY Batajnica Beograd (Belgrade) Srem District Serbia Airport
LYBE BEG Belgrade Belgrade (Beograd) Beograd Serbia Airport
LY89 Bor Bor Bor District Serbia Airport
LY90 Gjakoves Gjakove (Dakovica) Pec District Serbia Airport
LY87 Kovin Kovin South Banat District Serbia Airport
LYNI INI Nis Nis Nisava District Serbia Airport
LY88 Ponikve Ponikve Zlatibor District Serbia Airport
LYVR Vrsac Vrsac Vojvodina District Serbia Airport
LYBJ LJB Airport Lisicji Jarak Belgrade Beograd Serbia Airport
LYKI KID Kikinda Kikinda Central Banat District Serbia Airport
LYKV Ladevci Kraljevo Sumadija District Serbia Airport
LYNS QND Cenej Novi Sad South Backa District Serbia Airport
LYSM Veliki Radinci Airfield Sremska Mitrovica Srem District Serbia Airport
LYSO [X] Sombor Sombor West Backa District Serbia Airport
LYSP Rudine airfield Smederevska palanka Podunavlje District Serbia Airport
LYSU Subotica Subotica North Backa District Serbia Airport
LYTR Trstenik Trstenik Rasina District Serbia Airport
LYVA QWV Divci Valjevo Kolubara District Serbia Airport
LYZR ZRE Zrenjanin Zrenjanin Central Banat District Serbia Airport
LYSO [X] Sombor Sombor West Backa District Serbia Airport
LYSO [X] Sombor Sombor West Backa District Serbia Airport
LZIB BTS Bratislava Mr Stefanik Bratislava Bratislava Slovakia Airport
LZKZ KSC Kosice Kosice Kosice Slovakia Airport
LZMC Malacky Malacky Bratislava Slovakia Airport
LZPP PZY Piestany Piestany Trnava Slovakia Airport
LZTT TAT Tatry Poprad Kosice Slovakia Airport
LZRY Letisko Raznany Sabinov Slovakia Airport
LZSL SLD Sliac Zvolen/Banska Bystrica Banska Bystrica Slovakia Airport
LZTN Trencin Trencin Trencin Slovakia Airport
LZZI ILZ Zilina Zilina Zilina Slovakia Airport
LZDB Dubnica Glider Dubnica nad Vahom Trencin Slovakia Airport
LZHL Holi? Holic Trnava Slovakia Airport
LZKC Kamenica nad Cirochou Kamenica nad Cirochou Presov Slovakia Airport
LZKS Kralova pri Senci Senec Bratislava Slovakia Airport
LZLU LUE Lu?enec Lucenec Banska Bystrica Slovakia Airport
LZMA Martin Glider Martin Zilina Slovakia Airport
LZNI Nitra Glider Nitra Nitra Slovakia Airport
LZPE Prievidza Glider Prievidza Trencin Slovakia Airport
LZPT Male Bielice Glider Partizanske Trencin Slovakia Airport
LZPW POV Presov Air Base Presov Presov Slovakia Airport
LZSE Senica Senica Trnava Slovakia Airport
LZSK Svidnik Svidnik Presov Slovakia Airport
LZSV Spisska Nova Glider Spisska Nova Ves Kosice Slovakia Airport
LZTR Letisko Boleraz Trnava Slovakia Airport
LZVB [X] Vajnory Slovaki Bratislava Bratislava Slovakia Airport
LJCE Cerklje Cerklje Krsko Slovenia Airport
LJDI Divaca Divaca Divaca Slovenia Airport
LJLJ LJU Ljubljana Ljubljana Ljubljana Slovenia Airport
LJMB MBX Maribor Maribor Maribor Slovenia Airport
LJPZ POW Portoroz Portoroz Piran Slovenia Airport
LJSG Slovenj Gradec Slovenj Gradec Slovenj Gradec Slovenia Airport
LJAJ Ajdovs?ina Ajdovscina Ajdovscina Slovenia Airport
LJBL Lesce Bled Glider Bled Bled Slovenia Airport
LJBO Bovec Letalisce Bovec Bovec Slovenia Airport
LJCL Celje Glider Celje Celje Slovenia Airport
LJMS Murska Sobota Murska Sobota Murska Sobota Slovenia Airport
LJNM Novo Mesto Novo mesto Nova mesto Slovenia Airport
LJPO Postojna Airfield Postojna Postojna Slovenia Airport
LJPT Ptuj Ptuj Ptuj Slovenia Airport
LJVE Velenje Velenje Velenje Slovenia Airport
LECO LCG A Coruna Culleredo Galicia Spain Airport
LEVB Aerodrom - Villafranca De Bonany Aerodrom - Villafranca De Bonany Castilla y Leon Spain Airport
LEAB ABC Albacete Albecete Los Llanos Castilla-La Mancha Spain Airport
LERI Alcantarilla Murcia Murcia Spain Airport
LEAT Alfes Lerida Catalonia Spain Airport
LEAL ALC Alicante Alicante Valencia Spain Airport
LEAM LEI Almeria Almeria Andalucia Spain Airport
LEAP Ampuriabrava-Gerona Girona Catalonia Spain Airport
LEAS OVD Asturias Oviedo/Aviles Asturias Spain Airport
LE01 Avinyonet Avinyonet Catalonia Spain Airport
LEMD MAD Barajas Madrid Madrid Spain Airport
LEBL BCN Barcelona El Prat Barcelona Catalonia Spain Airport
LEBE ENM Beas De Segura Jaen Andalucia Spain Airport
LEBB BIO Bilbao Bilbao Basque Country Spain Airport
LEBG Burgos Burgos Castilla y Leon Spain Airport
LEWL Cala'n Blanes Menorca Cala'n Blanes Menorca Baleares Spain Airport
LECF Calaf Barcelona Catalonia Spain Airport
LECX Castell De Castell Helo Segovia Castilla y Leon Spain Airport
LE03 Castella Del Valles Sabadell Catalonia Spain Airport
LEDS Castellon-Costa Azahar Castellon de la Plana Castellon Spain Airport
LECQ Ciudad Quesada Alic. Ciudad Quesada Valencia Spain Airport
LEBA ODB Cordoba Cordoba Andalucia Spain Airport
LEVS Cuatro Vientos Madrid Madrid Spain Airport
LETI El Tietar Toledo Castilla-La Mancha Spain Airport
LEFM Fuentemilanos Segovia Castilla y Leon Spain Airport
LEGT Getafe Madrid Madrid Spain Airport
LEGE GRO Girona Girona Catalonia Spain Airport
LEGR GRX Granada Granada Andalucia Spain Airport
LEGA Granada Armilla Granada Andalucia Spain Airport
LEHO Hosp. Marina Alta Pego Valencia Spain Airport
LENA Benabarre Huesca Aragon Spain Airport
LEHC Huesca/Pirineos Monflorite/Alcala del Obispo Aragon Spain Airport
LEIB IBZ Ibiza Ibiza Balearic Islands Spain Airport
LEIG Igualada Barcelona Catalonia Spain Airport
LE84 Jayena Jayena Andalucia Spain Airport
LEJR XRY Jerez Jerez de La Frontera Andalucia Spain Airport
LELA La Calderera Ciudad Real Castilla-La Mancha Spain Airport
LECD La Cerdanya Girona Catalonia Spain Airport
LEMR La Morgal Asturias Asturias Spain Airport
LEIZ La Perdiz Ciudad Real Castilla-La Mancha Spain Airport
LELN Leon Leon Castilla y Leon Spain Airport
LEAX La Axarquia-Leoni Benabu Trapiche Andalusia Spain Airport
LE06 Lladurs Lladurs Catalonia Spain Airport
LEDA Lleida Lleida Catalonia Spain Airport
LERJ RJL Logrono Logrono La Rioja Spain Airport
LEMP Los Martinez Del Puerto Murcia Murcia Spain Airport
LEMB Madrigalego Burgos Madrigalego Burgos Castilla y Leon Spain Airport
LEMG AGP Malaga Malaga Andalucia Spain Airport
LEMH MAH Menorca Mahon (Menorca) Balearic Islands Spain Airport
LE04 Moia 1 Moia Catalonia Spain Airport
LE83 Mojados Mojados Castilla y Leon Spain Airport
LEMO OZP Moron Ab Sevilla/Moron De La Frontera Andalucia Spain Airport
LEMU Muchamiel Alicante Muchamiel Alicante Valencia Spain Airport
LELC MJV Murcia San Javier Murcia Murcia Spain Airport
LEOC Ocana Ocana Castilla-La Mancha Spain Airport
LE05 Palafolls Palafolls Catalonia Spain Airport
LEPA PMI Palma de Mallorca Palma de Mallorca Balearic Islands Spain Airport
LEPP PNA Pamplona Pamplona Navarra Spain Airport
LECN Lecn Castellon De La Plana Castellon Valencia Spain Airport
LEPZ Pozuelos De Calatrava Ciudad Real Castilla-La Mancha Spain Airport
LERE Requena Requena Valencia Spain Airport
LERS REU Reus Reus Catalonia Spain Airport
LERM Robledillo De Mohernando Guadalajara Castilla-La Mancha Spain Airport
LERT ZXA Rota Ns Rota Andalucia Spain Airport
LERO Rozas Lugo Galicia Spain Airport
LELL QSA Sabadell Sabadell Catalonia Spain Airport
LESA SLM Salamanca Salamanca Castilla y Leon Spain Airport
LESL San Luis San Luis (Menorca) Balearic Islands Spain Airport
LESO EAS San_Sebastian San Sebastian Basque Country Spain Airport
LEXJ SDR Santander Santander Cantabria Spain Airport
LEST SCQ Santiago Santiago De Compostela Galicia Spain Airport
LESU LEU Seo De Urgel Lerida Catalonia Spain Airport
LEZL SVQ Sevilla Sevilla Andalucia Spain Airport
LESB Son Bonet Palma de Mallorca Balearic Islands Spain Airport
LEGY Soria-Garray Soria Castilla y Leon Spain Airport
LE85 Tablada Tablada Andalucia Spain Airport
LEBZ BJZ Talavera La Real Badajoz Extremadura Spain Airport
LETZ Torozos Valladolid Valladolid Castilla y Leon Spain Airport
LETO TOJ Torrejon Madrid Madrid Spain Airport
LE96 Ulm_Albalat_1 Albalat de la Ribera Valencia Spain Airport
LE95 Ulm_Albalat_2 Albalat de la Ribera Valencia Spain Airport
LE98 Ulm_Alcocer Alcocer de Planes Valencia Spain Airport
LE99 Ulm_Balica Benicolet Valencia Spain Airport
LE97 Ulm_Castello_De_Rugat Ulm_Castello_De_Rugat Valencia Spain Airport
LEVC VLC Valencia Valencia Valencia Spain Airport
LEVD VLL Valladolid - Villanubla Valladolid Castilla y Leon Spain Airport
LE07 Vallmoll Vallmoll Catalonia Spain Airport
LEVX VGO Vigo Vigo Galicia Spain Airport
LEVT VIT Vitoria Vitoria Basque Country Spain Airport
LEZG ZAZ Zaragoza Ab Zaragoza Aragon Spain Airport
LEGV Campo Gaviota Bermeo Basque Spain Heliport
L001 Comandancia Guardia Civil Bilbao Bilbao Basque Spain Heliport
LEHS Hospital Cruces de Baracaldo Barakaldo Basque Spain Heliport
LEIU Iurreta Durango Basque Spain Heliport
L002 Plataforma Petrolifera Fulmar-1 Plataforma Petrolifera Fulmar Basque Spain Heliport
L003 Plataforma Petrolifera Pelicano-1 Plataforma Petrolifera Pelicano Basque Spain Heliport
L004 Torre Iberdrola Torre Iberdrola Basque Spain Heliport
LEAG AEI AEI Algeciras Algeciras Cadiz Spain Heliport
LETJ Trebujena Airfield Trebujena Andalucia Spain Airport
LEAE Alcolea Alcolea Andalucia Spain Airport
LEBC Costa Brava-Centro Costa Brava-Centro Catalonia Spain Heliport
LEBI Sa Sabina Formentera Island Baleares Spain Heliport
LEBP BP Oil Espana Castellon de La Plana Valencia Spain Heliport
LECA La Nava - Corral De Ayllon Corral dev Ayllon Castilla y Leon Spain Airport
LECC Cas Curredo Ibiza Island Baleares Spain Heliport
LECH Calamocha Calamocha Aragon Spain Airport
LECI Santa Cilia De Jaca Huesca Aragon Spain Airport
LECJ Castejon de los Monegros Huesca Aragon Spain Airport
LECT El Castano Luciana Castilla-La Mancha Spain Airport
LEDG Direccion General de Trafico Madrid Madrid Spain Heliport
LEDO Hospital Doce de Octubre Madrid Madrid Spain Heliport
LEEL El Musel Gijon Asturias Spain Heliport
LEEM El Manantio Badajoz Extremadura Spain Airport
LEEV E. Castellanos-Villacastin Villacastin Castilla y Leon Spain Airport
LEEX Expo 92 Sevilla Andalucia Spain Heliport
LEFR Fira M2 Barcelona Catalonia Spain Heliport
LEGC Altarejos-Guadalcanal Sevilla Andalucia Spain Airport
LEGD Garidells Tarragona Catalonia Spain Heliport
LEGS Parque De Garraf-Sitges Parque De Garraf-Sitges Catalonia Spain Heliport
LEGU CCX Guadalupe Guadalupe Extremadura Spain Airport
LEHA Hospital Alcorcon Alcorcon Madrid Spain Heliport
LEHB Ciudad Sanitaria y Universitaria de Bellvitge Barcelona Catalonia Spain Heliport
LEHE Helicsa Albacete Castilla-La Mancha Spain Heliport
LEHG Hospital General De Catalunya Barcelona Catalonia Spain Heliport
LEHI Hinojosa del Duque Hinojosa del Duque Andalucia Spain Airport
LEHJ Hospital Universitario Joan XXIII Tarragona Catalonia Spain Heliport
LEHM Hospital General De Manresa Manresa Catalonia Spain Heliport
LEJC Hotel Rey Juan Carlos I Barcelona Catalonia Spain Heliport
LEJT Hospital Doctor Josep Trueta Gerona Catalonia Spain Heliport
LEJU La Juliana Sevilla Andalucia Spain Airport
LELH Alhama De Murcia Canovas Murcia Spain Airport
LELI Linares Linares Andalucia Spain Airport
LELM Almansa Albacete Castilla-La Mancha Spain Airport
LELT Lillo Lillo Castilla-La Mancha Spain Airport
LEMF HEV Mafe - Gibraleon Gibraleon Andalucia Spain Airport
LEMN Heli Montsia - Amposta Tarragona Catalonia Spain Heliport
LEMS Manresa Manresa Catalonia Spain Airport
LEMT Casarrubios Del Monte Toledo Castilla-La Mancha Spain Airport
LEMX La Mancha-Toledo Toledo Castilla-La Mancha Spain Airport
LENH Nou Hospital De Mataro Mataro Catalonia Spain Heliport
LENM Hospital Can Misses Ibiza Island Baleares Spain Heliport
LEOR Parque De Bomberos De Orriols Orriols Catalonia Spain Heliport
LEOT Ontur Ontur Castilla-La Mancha Spain Airport
LEPB Autoridad Portuaria de Barcelona Barcelona Catalonia Spain Heliport
LEPI Casas de los Pinos Cuenca Castilla-La Mancha Spain Airport
LEPR Palma Del Rio Palma del Rio Andalucia Spain Airport
LEPS Mas Passamaner Reus Catalonia Spain Heliport
LEPV Costa Norte-Puerto de Viveiro-Celeiro Vivero Galicia Spain Heliport
LEPY El Portinyol Barcelona Catalonia Spain Heliport
LERA R.A.C.C. Barcelona Catalonia Spain Heliport
LERG Berga Berga Catalonia Spain Heliport
LERL CQM [X] Ciudad Real Central Ciudad Real Castilla-La Mancha Spain Airport
LERV Servei D'Evacuacio Del Circuit De Catalunya Servei D'Evacuacio Del Circuit De Catalunya Catalonia Spain Heliport
LESE San Enrique Almodovar del Campo Castilla-La Mancha Spain Airport
LESG Sangueesa Sangueesa Navarra Spain Airport
LESP Hospital San Pau Barcelona Catalonia Spain Heliport
LESS Sotos Sotos Castilla-La Mancha Spain Airport
LETA Servei Generals Del Circuit De Catalunya Barcelona Catalonia Spain Heliport
LETC Matilla De Los Canos Valladolid Castilla y Leon Spain Airport
LETE Morante Badajoz Extremadura Spain Airport
LETF Tomas Fernandez Espada Villamartin Andalucia Spain Airport
LETM Sant Marti De Sescorts Sant Marti De Sescorts Catalonia Spain Heliport
LETP Santo Tome Del Puerto Segovia Castilla y Leon Spain Airport
LETR Tremp Tremp Catalonia Spain Heliport
LETS Torre Picasso Madrid Madrid Spain Heliport
LETV Tirvia Tirvia Catalonia Spain Heliport
LEUL Ullastrell-Teresa Vila Ullastrell Catalonia Spain Heliport
LEVF Villaframil Lugo Galicia Spain Airport
LEVH Vielha Vielha Catalonia Spain Heliport
LEVI Viso del Marques Viso del Marques Castilla-La Mancha Spain Airport
LEVR Vilaller Vilaller Aragon Spain Heliport
LSMA Alpnach Alpnach Canton of Obwalden Switzerland Airport
LSPM Ambri Ambri Canton of Ticino Switzerland Airport
LSPA Amlikon Amlikon Canton of Thurgau Switzerland Airport
LSZD Ascona Ascona Canton of Ticino Switzerland Airport
LSZE Bad Ragaz Bad Ragaz Canton of St. Gallen Switzerland Airport
LSTB Bellechasse Bellechasse Canton of Fribourg Switzerland Airport
LSZB BRN Bern-Belp Bern Canton of Bern Switzerland Airport
LSGB Bex Bex Canton of Vaud Switzerland Airport
LSZP Biel-Kappelen Biel Canton of Bern Switzerland Airport
LSZF Birrfeld Birrfeld Canton of Aargau Switzerland Airport
LSZC BXO Buochs Buochs Canton of Nidwalden Switzerland Airport
LSZU Buttwil Buttwil Canton of Aargau Switzerland Airport
LSZJ Courtelary Courtelary Canton of Bern Switzerland Airport
LSPD Dittingen Dittingen Canton of Basel-Country Switzerland Airport
LSMD Duebendorf Dubendorf Canton of Zurich Switzerland Airport
LSGE Ecuvillens Ecuvillens Canton of Fribourg Switzerland Airport
LSME EML Emmen Emmen Canton of Lucerne Switzerland Airport
LSZI Fricktal Fricktal Canton of Aargau Switzerland Airport
LSGG GVA Geneva Geneva Canton of Geneva Switzerland Airport
LSZG ZHI Grenchen Grenchen Canton of Solothurn Switzerland Airport
LSGT Gruyeres Gruyeres Canton of Fribourg Switzerland Airport
LSPK Hasenstrick Hasenstrick Canton of Zurich Switzerland Airport
LSZN Hausen Am Albis Hausen Am Albis Canton of Zurich Switzerland Airport
LSMI Interlaken Interlaken Canton of Bern Switzerland Airport
LSPG Kaegiswil Kagiswil Canton of Obwalden Switzerland Airport
LSGP La Cote La Cote Canton of Vaud Switzerland Airport
LSPL ZHW Langenthal Langenthal Canton of Bern Switzerland Airport
LSGL QLS Lausanne Lausanne Canton of Vaud Switzerland Airport
LSGC Les Eplatures Les Eplatures Canton of Neuchatel Switzerland Airport
LSZL ZJI Locarno Locarno Canton of Ticino Switzerland Airport
LSML Lodrino Lodrino Canton of Ticino Switzerland Airport
LSZT Lommis Lommis Canton of Thurgau Switzerland Airport
LSZA LUG Lugano Lugano Canton of Ticino Switzerland Airport
LSZO QLJ Luzern-Beromuenster Lucerne/Luzern Canton of Lucerne Switzerland Airport
LSMM Meiringen Meiringen Canton of Bern Switzerland Airport
LSMF Mollis Mollis Canton of Glarus Switzerland Airport
LSTR Montricher Montricher Canton of Vaud Switzerland Airport
LSTO Motiers Motiers Canton of Neuchatel Switzerland Airport
LSPU Munster Munster Canton of Valais Switzerland Airport
LSGN QNC Neuchatel Neuchatel Canton of Neuchatel Switzerland Airport
LSPO Olten Olten Canton of Solothurn Switzerland Airport
LSMP Payerne Payerne Canton of Fribourg Switzerland Airport
LSZY Porrentruy Porrentruy Canton of Jura Switzerland Airport
LSTA Raron Raron Canton of Valais Switzerland Airport
LSGR Reichenbach Reichenbach Canton of Bern Switzerland Airport
LSGK ZKC Saanen Saanen Canton of Bern Switzerland Airport
LSZS SMV Samedan St. Moritz Canton of Grisons Switzerland Airport
LSZX Schaenis Schaenis Canton of St. Gallen Switzerland Airport
LSPF Schaffhausen Schaffhausen Canton of Schaffhausen Switzerland Airport
LSGS SIR Sion Sion (Sitten) Canton of Valais Switzerland Airport
LSZV Sitterdorf Sitterdorf Canton of Thurgau Switzerland Airport
LSZK Speck Speck Canton of Zurich Switzerland Airport
LSTS St Stephan St.Stephan Canton of Bern Switzerland Airport
LSZR ACH St.gallen-Altenrhein Altenrhein Canton of St. Gallen Switzerland Airport
LSZW ZTK Thun Thun Canton of Bern Switzerland Airport
LSPN Triengen Triengen Canton of Lucerne Switzerland Airport
LSMC Ulrichen Ulrichen Canton of Valais Switzerland Airport
LSPV Wangen-Lachen Wangen-Lachen Canton of Schwyz Switzerland Airport
LSPH Winterthur Winterthur Canton of Zurich Switzerland Airport
LSGY ZLJ Yverdon Les Bains Yverdon Canton of Vaud Switzerland Airport
LSZH ZRH Zurich Zurich Canton of Zurich Switzerland Airport
LSTZ Zweisimmen Zweisimmen Canton of Bern Switzerland Airport
LSHC Collombey Muraz Collombey Muraz Canton of Valais Switzerland Heliport
LSXD Domat Ems Domat Ems Canton of Grisons Switzerland Heliport
LSXE Erstfeld Erstfeld Canton of Uri Switzerland Heliport
LSHG Gampel Gampel Canton of Valais Switzerland Heliport
LSXO Gossau Gossau Canton of St. Gallen Switzerland Heliport
LSHA Gstaad Inn Grund Gstaad Inn Grund Canton of Bern Switzerland Heliport
LSXG Gsteigwiler Gsteigwiler Canton of Bern Switzerland Heliport
LSXH Holziken Holziken Canton of Aargau Switzerland Heliport
LSXY Leysin Leysin Canton of Vaud Switzerland Heliport
LSXP Pfaffnau Pfaffnau Canton of Lucerne Switzerland Heliport
LSXV San Vittore San Vittore Canton of Grisons Switzerland Heliport
LSXS Schindellegi Schindellegi Canton of Schwyz Switzerland Heliport
LSHS Sezegnin Sezegnin Canton of Geneva Switzerland Heliport
LSXT Trogen Trogen Canton of Appenzell Ausserrhoden Switzerland Heliport
LSXU Untervaz Untervaz Canton of Grisons Switzerland Heliport
LSXW Wuerenlingen Wuerenlingen Canton of Aargau Switzerland Heliport
LSEZ Zermatt Zermatt Canton of Valais Switzerland Heliport
LSXV San Vittore San Vittore Canton of Grisons Switzerland Heliport
LSER Raron Raron Canton of Valais Switzerland Heliport
LSXR Lodrino Lodrino Canton of Ticino Switzerland Heliport
LSZQ Bressaucourt Bressaucourt Canton of Jura Switzerland Airport
LTAF ADA Adana Adana Adana Turkey Airport
LTCP ADF Adiyaman Adiyaman Adiyaman Turkey Airport
LTBJ ADB Adnan Menderes Izmir Izmir Turkey Airport
LTAH AFY Afyon Afyon Afyonkarahisar Turkey Airport
LTCO AJI Agri Agri Agri Turkey Airport
LTBT Akhisar Manisa Manisa Turkey Airport
LTAE Akinci Ankara Ankara Turkey Airport
LTBY AOE Anadolu Eskisehir Eskisehir Turkey Airport
LTAI AYT Antalya Antalya Antalya Turkey Airport
LTBF Balikesir Balikesir Balikesir Turkey Airport
LTFD EDO Balikesir Korfez Balikesir Balikesir Turkey Airport
LTBG BZI Bandirma Balikesir Balikesir Turkey Airport
LTCJ BAL Batman Batman Batman Turkey Airport
LTBH CKZ Canakkale Canakkale Canakkale Turkey Airport
LTAY DNZ Cardak Denizli Denizli Turkey Airport
LTFH SSX Carsamba Samsun Samsun Turkey Airport
LTBL IGL Cigli Izmir Izmir Turkey Airport
LTBU TEQ Corlu Tekirdag Tekirdag Turkey Airport
LTBS DLM Dalaman Mugla Mugla Turkey Airport
LTCC DIY Diyarbakir Diyarbakir Diyarbakir Turkey Airport
LTFB IZM Efes Izmir Izmir Turkey Airport
LTCA EZS Elazig Elazig Elazig Turkey Airport
LTAT MLX Erhac Malatya Malatya Turkey Airport
LTAU ASR Erkilet Kayseri Kayseri Turkey Airport
LTCD ERC Erzincan Erzincan Erzincan Turkey Airport
LTCE ERZ Erzurum Erzurum Erzurum Turkey Airport
LTAC ESB Esenboga Ankara Ankara Turkey Airport
LTBI ESK Eskisehir Air Base Eskisehir Eskisehir Turkey Airport
LTAD ANK Etimesgut Ankara Ankara Turkey Airport
LTBK Gaziemir Izmir Izmir Turkey Airport
LTAB Guvercinlik Ankara Ankara Turkey Airport
LT86 Imroz Imroz Canakkale Turkey Airport
LTBV Imsik Imsik Mugla Turkey Airport
LTAG Incirlik Air Base Adana Adana Turkey Airport
LTAK Iskenderun Hatay Hatay Turkey Airport
LTBM Isparta Isparta Isparta Turkey Airport
LTBA IST Istanbul Ataturk Istanbul Istanbul Turkey Airport
LTCN Kahramanmaras Kahramanmaras Kahramanmaras Turkey Airport
LTFA Kaklic Izmir Izmir Turkey Airport
LTAZ Kapadokya Nevsehir Nevsehir Turkey Airport
LTCF KSY Kars Kars Kars Turkey Airport
LTAN KYA Konya Konya Konya Turkey Airport
LTBN Kutahya Kutahya Kutahya Turkey Airport
LTCR MQM Mardin Mardin Mardin Turkey Airport
LTAP MZH Merzifon Amasya Amasya Turkey Airport
LTFE BJV Milas Bodrum Milas Mugla Turkey Airport
LTCK Mus Mus Mus Turkey Airport
LTAJ GZT Oguzeli Gaziantep Gaziantep Turkey Airport
LTFJ SAW Sabiha Gokcen Istanbul/Pendik Istanbul Turkey Airport
LTBX Samandira Istanbul Istanbul Turkey Airport
LTCH URF Sanliurfa Sanliurfa (Form. Urfa) Sanliurfa Turkey Airport
LTCL SXZ Siirt Siirt Siirt Turkey Airport
LTAR VAS Sivas Sivas Sivas Turkey Airport
LTAV Sivrihisar Sivrihisar Eskisehir Turkey Airport
LTFC Suleyman Demirel Isparta Isparta Turkey Airport
LTAW Tokat Tokat Tokat Turkey Airport
LTBQ QST Topel Izmit Kocaeli Turkey Airport
LTCG TZX Trabzon Trabzon Trabzon Turkey Airport
LTAO Tulga Malatya Malatya Turkey Airport
LTBO Usak Usak Usak Turkey Airport
LTCI VAN Van Van Van Turkey Airport
LTBP TYA Yalova Yalova/Asagisoloz Yalova Turkey Airport
LTBR YEI Yenisehir Bursa Bursa Turkey Airport
LTAL KFS Kastamonu Kastamonu Kastamonu Turkey Airport
LTAM [X] Kayseri Develi Kayseri Turkey Airport
LTAQ SSX Samsun Samair Samsun Samsun Turkey Airport
LTAS ONQ Zonguldak Zonguldak Zonguldak Turkey Airport
LTAX [X] Ere?li Erdemir Eregli Zonguldak Turkey Airport
LTBC Alasehir Alasehir Manisa Turkey Airport
LTBD CII Cildir Aydin Aydin Turkey Airport
LTBE BTZ Bursa Bursa Bursa Turkey Airport
LTBW Istanbul Hezarfen Airfield Istanbul Istanbul Turkey Airport
LTBZ [X] Manisa Organize Sanayi Manisa Manisa Turkey Airport
LTCM SIC Sinop Sinop Sinop Turkey Airport
LTCS GNY Sanliurfa GAP Sanliurfa Sanliurfa Turkey Airport
LTDA HTY Hatay Hatay Hatay Turkey Airport
LTFG GZP Gazipasa Gazipasa Antalya Turkey Airport
LTXE Karain Antalya Antalya Turkey Airport
LTCT IGD I?dir Igdir Igdir Turkey Airport
LXGB GIB Gibraltar Gibraltar Gibraltar United Kingdom Airport

The previous list may be incomplete at any given time.
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